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I’m super excited for this post as I’m reviewing the new Soph X Revolution palette and her new lipsticks! I ordered them as soon as they were released as I just knew they would all be amazing. I’m also a huge fan of Sophie and her channel so I was more than happy to support her with this! Some of you may have read my review of her first palette but if you haven’t you can read that here. Either way, I’m too excited to keep talking any longer so bring on the review!

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Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

The packaging is pretty much a the opposite version of her first palete, this time with the case being rose gold and the palette itself being a matte nude/pink shade. It retails at £10 (wow)  The lipsticks are also a new addition to this collaboration – I totally wasn’t expecting these! There are three in total, all creamy satin nudes and they retail at £4 each.

Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review, Swatches and Photos
Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

This packaging, as you probably know is just SO ME! I absolutely love anything rose gold, so I’m considering framing it to be honest. It’s so pretty and sleek looking that I can’t wait to put it on my dressing table so I can see it every day! I love that she’s been able to create a second palette and I would honestly keep buying them if she brought out another ten. Soph said she wanted to create something that could be the “extra spice” in someone’s makeup collection and I reckon she’s done just that. I can see myself using this palette every day and it just stands out from everything else I own.

Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

So this palette features 18 shades and JUST LOOK AT THEM – I cannot get over how stunning these colours are and there’s such a great variety! Soph picked every shade and named them herself! I love that each shade means something different to her and that the whole palette is a reflection of her personality. There’s a mixture of 6 shimmers and 12 mattes in this palette so there’s plenty to choose from! Compared to her previous palette, it’s definitely a bit more bold and vibrant however it still has a very generously sized mirror! Can we also talk about that fact that she definitely took on board our feedback and added labels to each shade within the palette! I love that, as I’m forever losing those plastic sheets that come with the names on.

Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review, Swatches and Photos
  • Every Day – A duo-chrome pale purple with a white/iridescent shift – Super pigmented and creamy
  • Running Late – A matte orange with a light brown undertone – My kind of transition shade
  • Infinity – A silver/metallic shimmer – WOW, this is so pigmented and buttery 
  • Cheesecake – A matte chesnut brown with red undertones – A great shade for a smokey eye
  • Cookie Dough – A matte soft/light brown – Another good one for transitioning 
  • Dreams – A warm copper shimmer – So creamy and smooth, extremely pigmented

Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review, Swatches and Photos
  • Vitamin C – A bright matte yellow – The only shade I’m disappointed with, I just found this was too patchy and the colour pay off wasn’t great
  • Sweet n Sour – A warm matte orange  – I can’t wait to use this for summery makeup looks
  • Twenty One – A cherry pink with red undertones – I’ve never used a more pigmented pink/red, this is incredible
  • Romance – A rich burgundy shimmer with a pink shift – I think I’m in love, this might well be my favourite shade in the palette
  • Enchanted – A matte purple with red wine-type undertones – This is such an interesting shade, it kind of reminds me of “Rowdy” in the Subculture palette!
  • Lakes – A matte olive/khaki green – Given that 90% of my wardrobe is khaki this is bound to come in handy

Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette Review, Swatches and Photos
  • Brownies – A very deep brown with purple undertones – Again, this was a tad patchy but with a few layers it builds up
  • Chocolate Orange  A warm brown with red undertones – I love shades like this for every day simple looks
  • Mulled Wine – A matte Ribena Purple – This shade is so vibrant and bright, it’s such a great shade for anyone into bold looks (aka me most of the time) 
  • LA Sun – A bright gold shimmer – Bloomin’ heck these shimmers are all just incredible, this one in particular is something else!
  • Aurora – An olive/khaki shimmer – It’s like shrek met a disco ball, I am loving this shade however it wasn’t as creamy as the other shimmers in the palette, it took a few swatches
  • Reputation – A matte charcoal black – I’m so glad she included a matte black shade again as I don’t own one and I always seem to end up needing it! It’s also great for really dramatic looks too!

Soph x Revolution Lipstick Review, Swatches & Photos

So, there’s three gorgeous nude shades in this collection. From top to bottom we have, Syrup, Fudge and CakeBelow, I’ve reviewed them all separately so keep scrolling!


SyrupThis is the kind of nude that most people could pull off. It’s a very simple brown nude, which typically I would run away from but I because of the creamy satin texture and finish, I’m absolutely loving it! I love that it’s so soft and silky on the lips too, as I hate anything drying and sometimes pale nudes can have “foundation lip” look to them which is a no from me but this bad boy is a 10/10 on that front.

Check out the shade Syrup here

Soph x Revolution Fudge Lipstick Review, Swatches & Photos
Soph x Revolution Fudge Lipstick Review, Swatches & Photos

Fudge – This is a darker nude to Syrup and I was originally kind of terrified of this shade as it looked so so dark. However, upon trying it on it didn’t swatch that way whatsoever! It actually came up on me as a kind of dark orange nude which I really like! I’d suggest swatching it before buying it just to double check it’s what you think it is as it will probably look very different on different skintones! Either way I love it and I reckon I will be wearing this shade A LOT during Autumn.

Check out the shade Fudge here

Soph x Revolution Fudge Lipstick Review, Swatches & Photos
Soph x Revolution Cake Lipstick Review, Swatches & Photos

Cake – This is by FAR my absolute favourite lipstick in the collection. It’s pretty much  your basic pink nude. I can tell this will be an everyday product for me and I actually prefer it to a majority of my high-end lipsticks which is crazy considering I only paid £4 for it?! It’s kind of giving me Velvet Teddy vibes, anyone else?

Check out the shade Cake here

Overall, I am EXTREMELY impressed with this collection. Soph has given us another fantastic palette along with three beautiful nude lippies. Firstly, the palette is an absolute dream. There are some things that I would change however, like the pigmentation of Vitamin C and Aurora as I think they could both be even better. That being said, the other 16 shades are honestly very very good. The quality of the packaging is also amazing. The shimmers are so buttery and creamy and the mattes are super easy to blend out. I would easily pay £20 for this palette let alone the £10 that it actually retails at (wowza). The lipsticks are equally as fabulous too. I don’t know what they used to make them but I’ve never used anything that buttery or creamy before and there’s just no going back now! It’s safe to say that I am now a brown lippie convert. I would really recommend trying these out!

I really hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful as I know lots of people are deciding what they want to order from this collection!

N xxxx

  1. Joy

    I cannot believe this palette retails for 10 pounds only, it’s so cheap yet the shades are so stunning and the formula sounds amazing too. The lipsticks look soooo creamy, I really want to try them out!! Great post love xx

    • Nina Louise

      I know! It’s such good value and the quality of some of the shades are that of higher end palettes! I love the lipsticks so much, I’m converted to a satin finish lover! Thank you gorgeous xx

    • Nina Louise

      Holy pigment is my new favourite phrase haha! It sums up his palette so well, it’s just so pigmented I didn’t expect that whatsoever! Cake is my fave! Aww thank you lovely xx

    • Nina Louise

      I absolutely love their eyeshadows! They’re really upping their game and like you said the packaging is just gorgeous!

    • Nina Louise

      I know! I love using pinks but usually they can be quite patchy and it’s so hit and miss! That shade is definitely a new favourite of mine 🌸

    • Nina Louise

      It’s a beautiful collection – I use the lipsticks all the time! I’d recommend checking out their new lipsticks in the Makeup Revolution Pro range!

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