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I hope you’re all doing well. I’m officially free from university life for another few months and I couldn’t be happier about it! Second year was incredibly challenging for so many reasons so I’m relieved to have a break to recharge before my final year.

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Today’s post is in collaboration with Studio Arntzen, which is run by an incredible lighting designer, Paula Arntzen. Studio Arntzen caught my eye because Paula has combined a mixture of technology with design and the outcome is just so breathtaking and unique that these products need to be talked about! Not only is the lighting incredible but the website itself is so quirky and creative and it really reflects the style of Studio Arntzen. Lots of you might be thinking okay so why are you talking to us about lighting on your blog Nina? Lots of you will know about my brother Ben and for those that don’t he was disabled and this meant that anything stimulating for his senses was really important. We were always buying him bright coloured lights and toys and most of the facilities that he had access to (schools and playgrounds etc.) had lots of these objects too. These were enviroments that were so rich in sensory stimulation that you felt happy as soon as you walked in. There would be music playing, fiber optic lights, bubble tubes and ball pits and these environments became part of our lifestyle. As a result of this, it’s always been important to me to surround myself with colour and light and Studio Arntzen offers just that! I know that I would’ve practically jumped for joy if I’d discovered this a few years ago and I definitely would have invested in something like this for Ben as it would have made him so happy.




“Pleasure begins as soon as you enter the light- filled space”

Paula’s Paper Process is a series that really caught my eye. Inspired by fireworks, these handmade lights are created with fluorescent paint and exposed with black light which causes the whole thing to light up as opposed to just the light bulb. I really like that Paula studied paper and its characteristics in order to create this collection, it shows how much thought goes into her lighting design.The colours are just breathtaking and I love the way that they make an ordinary space seem to magical and vibrant. It definitely makes a change from the simple yellow or white lighting that most people tend to go for. If I had seen these a few years ago, without a doubt, I would’ve bought them for my brother as they would have been perfect!



“La Couronne, ‘the crown’ is an airy chandelier designed from two pieces copper foil material.”

This chanedlier is designed with reflective vertical strips which allow for the colour and dimension of the lamp to be displayed. Paula chose this shape as it resembled that of chandeliers often found in palaces. There’s something so grand and elegant about this however the reflective copper strips give the design a modern twist, making it an amazing piece for home or office enviroments. It looks so different to typical lighting that is on display in stores and homes that you can’t help but be fascinated by the design. It’s the kind of thing that you could buy knowing nobody you know would have anything similar!



“Working within a process to create three-dimensional volumes of two-dimensional sheet material is such a beautiful and poetic process.”

These lights were designed with geometric imagery in mind and by folding strips in two places, the Trias was created! It’s a small pendant light with a triangular shape that makes for the perfect down light. I love how they were displayed in this photo – they look so unique and quirky. For those that aren’t too fused about the bright and vibrant lights that Paula has designed, these would probably be more suited to your taste!

You can buy these wonderful creations and more from the Studio Arntzen’s design light shop. It’s clear that Paula has eye for design and her lighting reflects this with style and impact. Although I usually write about beauty, lifestyle and fashion, there was a point in my life where investing in sensory stimulation was really important. In my opinion, surrounding myself with colour and light makes a huge difference to how I feel and it can really transform the space that you’re in. I really hope that you enjoyed this post and that you feel as inspired as I do by these wonderful products! Let me know in the comments what you think of Studio Arntzen and whether or not it’s your kind of thing. As usual, all my social media is linked below so come and say hi!


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 This post is sponsored which means it contains sponsored links however all opinions, as usual, are completely my own.

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