Tam Beauty are the company that own Freedom, Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup. They’re cruelty free and are based in Britain. You’ll most likely spot their products in your local Superdrug store. I’ve reviewed their Golden Bar palette if you fancy taking a look. When I heard that Soph was collaborating with Tam Beauty’s brand Makeup Revolution to create a palette, I nearly passed out. I have watched Sophie’s videos for years now and she’s come so far I’m so proud to be a subscriber of hers. She is a Youtuber who is known as ‘Sophdoesnails’. She’s extremely down to earth and she’s soooo good at eye makeup looks. She also reviews the latest products in the beauty world, trying out all kinds of brands – affordable and expensive.   I highly recommend that you go and check out her channel here. She also made an announcement video where she goes through each of the shades and explains her choices and reasoning behind the names and colours.

I’ve only just managed to get my hands on this palette so I thought a review was well overdue.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetLet’s talk about this packaging. It’s a super pretty pastel pink colour that Soph actually designed herself. She’s very artistic (and extremely talented) and she actually painted the watercolour design that features on the packaging. I am loving the rose gold splatters and writing on it too (right up my street as you probably know). I will definitely be keeping the palette in it’s box as it’s just too pretty to throw away.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe actual palette itself is a matte nude, pastel peach colour with more rose gold lettering on it. It’s slim and lightweight and it’s also got a very generously sized mirror making it a brilliant palette to travel with or for on the go use.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

726DF6D3-AA23-4550-AE78-BA1AC869FB8F.JPGUpon opening the palette you are greeted by 24 pans, 14 of which are matte shadows and 10 are shimmers. As you can see the palette includes a fantastic mix of shades giving you so many  options when it comes to creating looks for every day or even looks for all out glam. There’s rich shimmers, bright pops of colour and even a matte black! What more could you need?! The shadows are all pigmented and buildable so you can be more subtle or go full on. I use a primer to ensure they wear all day long so I would recommend doing the same as you really get the most out of the shades. I would also recommend that you do your eyes before doing the rest of your face as I never learn and get a heavy dusting of shimmer all over my foundation covered cheeks – No thanks.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

  • Penguin: A matte white – Quite powdery but is super pigmented for a white shadow.
  • Pancakes: A light neutral beige- Pretty accurate name for the colour actually, it’s a fab transition shade as well.
  • Fairy Lights: A white-gold shimmer – It’s not the most intense shadow in the palette but it’s still buildable and looks lovely for inner corner highlights or on the brown bone.
  • Pink Champagne: A pale pink shimmer – Again this isn’t very intense but it’s certainly buildable and looks so pretty on the inner part of the lid or even all over it.
  • Iced Coffee: A matte warm tan/neutral – Another perfect name. It really does look like the colour of iced coffee. I love using this to warm up the crease as a transition shade.
  • Cuppa Tea: A medium matte warm brown – I also love using this shade to warm up my eyeshadow looks.


  • Grow Old: A coppery-gold shimmer – This is so beautifully pigmented, I love it! I use this shadow all the time, it’s so warm and pretty.
  • Sparks Fly: A gold shimmer – The perfect gold shadow, it’s a must in any collection. It’s so pigmented and looks so gorgeous on the lids when the light catches it. I love using this for halo looks too.
  • Smokey Bronze: A dark smokey bronze metallic shimmer – You know me, I love anything bronze so I really enjoy using this shade. It’s great for smoking out shimmery looks.
  • Mixed Berries: A purple berry-toned shimmer – I’ve always loved using fun and bold colours within my every day makeup looks, so I was so happy to see this shade included in the palette. It’s also super pigmented too!
  • Tiramisu: A neutral matte medium brown – Again a great shadow for the crease as a transition shade. I also enjoy using this for more natural makeup looks too as it’s not too intense and can be blended out very easily.
  • Peaches: A warm matte peach – This is so creamy and pigmented. I love how rich and warm this shade is too. I can’t wait to use this in summer when I’m creating more orangey/gold looks.


Cloudberry: A matte light orange – This definitely has some subtle shimmer to it. It’s so pigmented and gorgeous I’m so happy this shade was included! Again, this will be perfect for warm toned looks in summer. I love that she named this because of the Moomin books too!

Pumpkin: A matte orange with red undertones – This shade surprised me so much when I swatched it. It’s so creamy and it’s extremely pigmented, I barely had to press on the pan to pick up what I did.

Pine Tree: An emerald green metallic shimmer – I can’t get over this shade. I am a lover of all things green and khaki as it’s a colour that seems compliment my skin tone so I was so excited about this colour being in the palette. It’s so unique and different from anything else that I have. I have really enjoyed using this for festive looks as it’s the perfect Christmas green in my opinion. It was the tiniest bit chalky to swatch but this didn’t cause any issues when applying.

Petrol: An iridescent metallic blue shimmer with brown undertones – I was really intrigued by this shade as I originally thought it was a blue shimmer. It’s actually a blue to brown shimmer. I was so surprised at how creamy feeling this shadow was. This is so unique, I’ve never owned an eyeshadow like this before!

Pug: A matte grey-brown taupe – Another shade that’s perfect for using in the crease or as a transition shade.

Danger: A red matte – I am a sucker for warm toned shadows so this is right up my street.


  • Strawberry Sweets: A matte warm strawberry pink – This is such a stunning shade. I like using this for my more bold coloured looks.
  • Festive Flame: Metallic red with orange undertones – Again this is a shade that’s so perfect for festive makeup looks. 
  • Copper Coin: A true copper metallic shimmer with orange undertones – I LOVE THIS SHADE. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so pigmented for a drugstore shadow. Yes Soph!
  • Mugcake: A dark neutral matte brown – I have been using this to darken my outer v and it works a treat. It’s also warm toned which I am all about.
  • Rosewood: A dark cool toned brown with pink and purple undertones – I enjoy using this when I want a more cool toned but dark look.

Nightmare: A matte black – Finally a black shadow included in a colourful palette! It’s so fab for adding some drama to my eye looks. Perfect for a dark and dramatic smokey eye.

In conclusion, this palette is absolutely worth buying. For the price and the range of shades it’s just such good value. There’s so many different shades for every kind of look that you could wish to create and because there’s a mixture of mattes and shimmers you can create looks using only this palette. Some of the shades require a couple of layers to build up the colour payoff but of course, this is more than okay for a drugstore palette that only costs £10. I am so impressed that this was created by Soph and it’s the first thing she’s created – what an achievement! You can get the palette from Superdrug in stores and online and on Tam Beauty’s website.

I will be reviewing her highlighter palette soon so keep an eye out for that! If you’ve tried either of Soph’s products I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Bronia

    I saw Sophie’s initial video about her palette but I haven’t been able to make my mind up as to whether I want to buy it yet. Some of the shades are gorgeous though, yours is the first review I’ve seen that has swatches and it’s so helpful seeing the actual colours. I’m looking forward to your review of her highlight palette!

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