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I hope you’re all doing well! I’m just about ready to relax this weekend after a really busy week. I’ve been blogging all day every day and I finally feel much more on top of things now! I’m back with another review and this time I’m reviewing one of the coolest skincare products that I’ve ever seen; Beauty Papier’s Daisy Toner.

Beauty Papier, are a fairly new-ish brand that uses lots of natural ingredients to bring luxurious products to our skin. They currently only have two products available to purchase on their website; the Daisy Toner and Blotting paper so I’m really excited to see what else they come up with!

The Daisy Toner (200g) retails at £25, which is rather pricey, especially for what could potentially be a daily product. However, it is fancier than your average toner and it definitely feels more luxurious. Inspired by traditional herbal medicine, the Daisy Toner is infused with real chrysanthemum flowers. I love how you can literally see the ingredients floating around inside the bottle, it looks so natural and delicate. The petals have infused the toner with the most gorgeous and refreshing scent – it literally smells like a breath of fresh air in there.

The Daisy Toner purifies, hydrates and softens skin without having any drying effects. I hate skincare that dries out my skin so this product quickly became a favourite of mine. The toner can be used both morning and evening, however, I like to use mine first thing as it really wakes me up and preps my skin for the day. It’s also alcohol and paraben free.

Let’s talk results because I have definitely noticed a big difference. My skin looks brighter and feels softer. I’m currently doing everything I can to keep my skin hydrated, especially since we’re transitioning into a colder season. I don’t want my tan to go anywhere fast either! This toner has helped so much when it comes to hydration. It’s kept my skin glowing for weeks! It’s not just me that’s noticing a difference either, I’ve even received a few compliments about how good my skin looks. I will definitely be using this more often!


Overall, I think this is a great toner. It hydrates, it brightens and it softens the skin all whilst smelling incredible too. It’s very natural and free from alcohol and parabens. The only issue I have is with the price. However, I understand that it’s a rather quirky and luxurious product so I wouldn’t expect it to be cheap. If you have the budget for it, it’s worth trying! If not, there are so many different toners out there that you can also put to the test. My current favourite is the infamous Pixi Glow Tonic, which I’ve reviewed here! I’ve put links to all of my social media down below and I’d love it if you would come and say hi!

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