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I’m back with a new Interior Trends post and today we’re talking about Geometric designs that seem to be popping up everywhere. I have always enjoyed looking at anything abstract or geometric. My mum and I once spent a whole summer holiday photocopying those mandalas you can get in adult colouring books and then we would trace them onto watercolour paper and paint them! We created some amazing paintings – remind me to do a post about these at some point! Anyway, I have been noticing so many geometric prints and even furniture that I just have to share with you! Also, If you want a fashion version of this series, let me know as I’m wanting to do something in that area, probably a couple of “trends” posts per month?

Anyway, bring on the hexagons and triangles (nerdiest thing I’ve said? Yep)

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In terms of shapes, it’s definitely the year of the hexagon or triangle, they’re absolutely EVERYWHERE. Whether it’s in terms of shelving, rugs, wallpaper or mugs, every homeware and interior company seems to have caught onto this trend. If you were hoping to protect your bank account and run away, you’ve got no chance I’m afraid. Blocks and pops of colour are also everywhere at the moment. I’m a sucker for contrast/colour block t-shirts and jumpers so I absolutely love that it’s also coming into the fashion world too.

1000117352_mainDunelm – Geo Charcoal Bath Mat

I absolutely love this bath mat from Dunelm. I pretty much always love their homeware collections but this one is so me! Although the design is bold the colour scheme is quite subtle, so it could work anywhere. I like my bathroom to be a relaxing place, so had it included any more colours, it might have been a bit too much – I don’t want to get dizzy on my way out of the shower. Also I was expecting it to cost more than £14?! Yes Dunelm, I appreciate this! Continuing with the nerd talk, there’s also matching towels available which is perfect if you want to deck out your bathroom with a fresh set of decor!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 19.08.13.png

Swoon – Kay Side Table

Another one of my favourite places to stalk the latest trends in the interior design world, is the Swoon website! I love this table! The hexagon-shaped surface and the legs make it so quirky and different. It’s quite pricey but it’s just so nice to look at I had to include it! I also just love the marble as it makes the whole table look so luxury. I reckon there are some cheaper alternatives are available too, let me know if you find any!


Made – Sienna Marble Coasters

I LOVE these. Again, the marble makes them look so luxe and glamorous. I think they could jazz up any coffee table in seconds! If you don’t fancy them for your own home, they’d make a lovely gift for any marble addicts (me) and for £12, that’s ideal for a Secret Santa or as a small gift for someone that’s just moved into a new home!


Waitrose Garden – Geo Tealight Holders 

I used to avoid Waitrose like the plague when I started university. I made the assumption that it only sold ridiculously expensive products that I couldn’t afford so I just never gave it a chance. I decided to have a look the other day and I’m so glad I did as I discovered that this wasn’t the case at all! How gorgeous are these tealight holders? Plus they’re only £10! I love that they’re different to the typical flat ones that you find everywhere – they offer a bit of texture! I also love that they can be used in the garden too, because they would look beautiful on a summer’s evening if you were having a BBQ or cocktail evening.


Hay – Kaleido Hexagon Tray – Medium – Peach

I really love these trays by Hay. Not only do I love the shape but I love that they’ve chosen to combine lots of them by slotting smaller ones inside of bigger ones (check out the link below to see what I mean) and there’s literally LOADS of shapes, sizes and colours available for you to play around with. These trays aren’t that expensive either which I was happy to see as I don’t want to spam you with super pricey things in these posts! I just find things like this, particularly when they’re block colours, so satisfying to look at, they’re perfect for all the little bits I seem to collect on tables and in the corners of every room.


Kimono Cushion Pink Red Hexagon Design By Hunted and Stuffed on

Although this is extremely expensive for a cushion, I think it captures this trend perfectly: hexagons and bold colours. I LOVE it. I think it looks so luxury and would add such an great pop of colour to any living space. It would definitely stand out amongst an all white/cream themed interior. It is rather pricey, but it’s great for inspiration and I’m sure you could find something similar at a much cheaper cost.


Dunelm – Elements Jaxson Reversible Navy Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set

I own lots of Dunelm bedding and I’m always looking at their new sets. I particularly love their brushed cotton sets for Winter. Their Elements collection is definitely for anyone that loves Scandi vibes (me) and they have a huge range of products available in this range so definitely check it out if it sounds like your thing. This bedding set is so  fun and I love the pops of mustard/yellow mixed with the grey and dark blue. I love the pattern as well and the abstract design definitely caught my eye!


Geometric Triangles Drum Lampshade – Minted

I love this bright and contrasting colour scheme and the triangle pattern is fab too. I think it’s got some kind of retro vibes to it, especially within a mid-century modern interior. I also love that it’s reasonably priced too as sometimes buying individual lamps with nice designs on them can be really expensive!


Amazon – Thumbs Up Diamond Glass

Amazon have definitely picked up on the geometric trend by supplying these gorgeous glasses. I really like the minimalist style of them, transparent but geometrically shaped. I think they look really sophisticated and luxe. They remind me of the terrariums everywhere seems to be selling and creating at the moment. These would definitely be my “posh” glasses for a dinner party! They’d also be a lovely house warming gift too!

Right I’m going to stop here before I become addicted to all things geometric! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think of this series so far! Also, if you’ve found anything that you think deserves some attention, feel free to comment or let me know!

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