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Ohh Deer, a company I have SO much love for, was founded in order to allow illustrators and artists to showcase their work and find people that would be interested in buying their designs. The company sells the most amazing quirky and arty products – I simply can’t get enough. I love the fact that Ohh Deer offers artists the opportunity to get noticed and therefore get something back for all their hard work that otherwise we might not have seen. Some of their clients include Paperchase, ASOS, John Lewis and Oliver Bonas (my all-time favourite shop) and some of their collections have been specifically designed for the Tate Galleries and the Science Museum!


Ohh Deer decided to create a monthly subscription service for stationery addicts, such as myself called, PapergangEach month you will receive a box filled with brilliant papery goodies and desk accessories. Some examples are notebooks, greeting cards, wrapping paper and art prints. It costs £10.95 and then a £2.95 for shipping which in my opinion, after receiving their boxes, is a great deal. Every box has a different design and theme by a different artist and for every 4 boxes, 1 tree is planted in partnership with the fantastic charity, Tree aid. To find out more about their connection with this charity here.

I am a huge stationary addict and this subscription box is probably my favourite out of the many I am a part of. I always look forward to opening my box every month and using all my new bits and pieces! Most of the products you receive are exclusive the Papergang subscribers for a while before they get sold in Ohh Deer’s shop.


This month’s box is all about bullet journalling. If you’re unsure what I mean by this, it’s basically a journal that you can create completely on your own. The idea is that you decide what the pages contain, the layout, the colour scheme, everything is up to you. I started bullet journalling a few years ago and I really enjoy it. If you want a post about my journals do let me know as I will happily do monthly spread posts if you’re interested. This month’s box was designed by Ohh Deer and although it is based on a concept that I love, I absolutely hate the colour. I usually love my Papergang boxes but this one hurts my eyes a bit! I’m all about neon colours in my pencil case and occasionally the odd item of clothing but when I realised neon pink was the theme, I felt a little disappointed. However, when you sign up for a subscription service, you can’t expect every month to be perfect for you  – this could be somebody’s dream box!


Now, I do have to say that Papergang work at an odd pace. When you receive one month’s box, you’ll receive a calendar (in advance) for a different month, which can throw you off a bit. I think they do this in order to make sure if your box arrives late, you get a calendar you can still definitely use regardless of when you receive it. However, it’s nice to always have one ready to put on my desk when it’s needed! I like to prop these on a little stand on my desk to add a cute pop of colour to the corner of my room. I like that this calendar has the key/important dates of April as I tend to forget these!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

fullsizeoutput_77.jpegA5 BULLET JOURNAL – RRP £6.95

I actually quite like this even though it’s very pink. I tend to use dotted journals anyway as I find them easier to work with and to keep everything neat and spaced out so I was more than happy to add this to my collection. I will definitely be using it! Unfortunately, I can’t find this exact journal on their website but they do have some other lovely designs so be sure to check them out!


A57EA9B8-483D-4FE7-81F8-E413792087B8.JPGNEON RULER – RRP £2.95

Right I have to say that I just don’t really use rulers. I already have one and I barely use it apart from underlining the occasionally word in my bullet journal or creating margins so I don’t really need another one however it’s cute and I guess I can find a purpose for it. I would have preferred a highlighter or a pen – something I need lots of as I get through them so quickly.


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Processed with VSCO with c1 presetNEON ZIP BAG – RRP £3.95

Again, it’s neon pink so hmmmm but I’m always needing places to store all my scrapbook materials in and all of my bullet journalling supplies so I don’t really mind this one – I know I’ll find a use for it. I also like that it’s pretty big too so I can fit loads in it.

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Processed with VSCO with c1 presetNEON PACK OF 3 PENCILS – RRP £2.95

I wasn’t sure how I would use these at first as they’re pretty crazy colours but actually they double up as highlighters. I will definitely be using these as highlighters as they’re so much thinner than the ones that I use currently so they take up far less room in my pencil case!


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset1 X STICKERS – RRP £3.95

I am an avid sticker collector. I use them in all of my notebooks, journals and scrapbooks to make the pages more colourful and fun! I was obviously thrilled to discover these stickers as I know I will use them all. I particularly like that there’s little  weather symbols and the “To Do” stickers as I reckon I’ll use those in my bullet journal.


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Processed with VSCO with c1 presetGREETING CARD – RRP £2.50

I really love receiving cards in my monthly boxes from Papergang as I like having lots of cards in stock ready to give to people at short notice or for birthdays and events etc. I also happen to know the perfect person to give this card to so I’m excited to get this off into the post! The cards in my Papergang boxes have always been really nice quality and everyone always asks “ooh where did you get this card?!”

So, in conclusion, the box is still of fantastic quality and value for money however I just don’t like neon pink so it just wasn’t for me this month. Even if I haven’t enjoyed some items, it’s still full of lovely bits and pieces and I could even re-gift them if necessary! I still recommend this subscription to all my fellow stationery lovers out there. You’re guaranteed to get nice items regardless of your preferences and I think that says enough about how the company work. I also really like the fact that Ohh Deer are constantly promoting the work of other artists and I think it’s a fantastic platform for those wanting to get noticed! This box values at £23.25 and considering I paid £13.90 (monthly subscription fee and postage) That’s pretty good value.

If you would like to subscribe, my invite is here

If you want to know any more about Ohh Deer, click here!

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  1. The Ditsy Explorer

    This is such a cute idea!
    I’ve been interested in starting a bullet journal for a while now, but I find sometimes it’s quite scary to start. A blog post on it would be great! I’d be really interested to see how you do yours.

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