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I hope you’re all doing well! Today, I’m reviewing one of the latest additions to the Makeup Revolution family. The Forever Flawless range was released a few weeks ago and I’ve been putting the palettes too the test ever since. I thought I would review the one that caught my eye first; The Optimum Palette! As usual, I’ve included lots of photos and swatches to help you make your mind up – be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

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I was immediately impressed with this packaging. It’s different from their usual style, this time made from tin, it feels more sturdy and luxurious than some of their other palettes. I’m a huge fan of all things marble so the palette’s exterior had me ready to purchase before I even know what was inside. I also love the rose gold raised font too, it looks so classy! How much is it? The Optimum Palette retails at £10 which is a bargain and a half for 18 eyeshadows. Where can you buy it? You can get hold of the Optimum Palette from Makeup Revolution’s website itself or through Superdrug (which does student discount and has a point system too)


As you can see, Makeup Revolution have been generous with just about everything in this palette, there’s 18 shades: 10 shimmers and 8 mattes, as well as a generously sized mirror. Can we also appreciate that each shade is individually named INSIDE the palette, with no flimsy plastic sheet in sight! It makes life so much easier when writing reviews and recommending shades to people. In terms of the colour scheme, is anyone else getting some strong ABH Subculture vibes? I just love the rusty, retro look, I feel like it’s almost mid-century modern with the occasional pop of bright colour too – right up my street!


PeakChampagne shimmer – This is perhaps the shade that I use the most. It is the PERFECT inner corner highlight and it also looks stunning under the brows too. It’s really pigmented and looks even brighter when applied wet.

WarriorGrey shimmer with khaki undertones – This is such an unusual shade, I can’t quite work out whether or not its more grey or more green. However, the combination is so unique! I love using this on the outer corners, paired with some other brighter silver shades. Again, it’s really pigmented and feels very smooth and buttery.

PerfectMatte light beige – I love using this as a transition shade along with some other neutral or earthy toned shadows. It’s great for creating the base for smokey a smokey eye look too. It’s pigmented and applies really well.

ParallelLilac shimmer – This shade really caught my eye amongst the other shadows in the palette. It’s so bright and sparkly! I love using this with some pinks and burgundy shadows – it works really well with some shades from the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette (I’ve reviewed that here).

FlawlessMedium warm-toned matte brown – It swatched ever so slightly patchy and on the eye it doesn’t look as dark as it does in the pan, however, it’s easy to build up if necessary.

MineralGold/grey shimmer – This is another shade that is just so unique. It’s a combination of gold and grey but I also think there’s a tiny bit of green in there too. It’s buttery and soft, just like the other shimmers in the palette.


PrimeMatte light beige – This shade is very similar to “Perfect” in the first row. I can’t help but feel like it could have featured a totally different shade instead, so that we wouldn’t have an almost duplicate shade. However, it’s equally as buildable, pigmented, smooth and buttery to apply.

Fighter Deep matte turquoise – I was excited for this shade until I swatched it. The colour payoff is disappointing, it’s patchy and it also stains too. I doubt I will be using this shade that much, unless it’s along the lower lash line.

Advantage – – I’m still not over how pigmented this shade is. I use this all the time, as I love creating warm-toned looks. It’s just one of those shades that makes you say “wow” every single time you use it. It’s so silky smooth and buttery too.

GreatestBlue/green shimmer – It looks more green in the pan than it does on the eye however, I like this shade a lot. I don’t usually go for blues but this is just so pretty. Its pigmentation is very impressive, it’s another one of those buttery smooth shimmers that Makeup Revolution have absolutely smashed.

OutstandingSilver shimmer – Ironically, the name isn’t fitting for this shade. I find that it has quite a chalky/powdery consistency which can make it quite hard to apply and sometimes it can look patchy. It’s stunning when it’s on, it’s just I wish it was easier to get it on my lid! Other than that, I really like this shade, I don’t own anything quite like it either. It’s quite fun to pop in the inner corners too.

OnyxMatte black – This is the one shade that I am the most disappointed with in the palette. The colour payoff just isn’t there and it’s very patchy. I’ve found some use for it by building it up to create a smokey look but it takes a bit of time to do that. If it was more pigmented, it would be a great shade. It’s always useful to have a matte black shade in a palette but only if they’re done right.


ChoiceRose/copper shimmer – I absolutely love this shade. It’s stunning! It’s pigmented, easy to apply and looks even better when applied wet. I love applying it with “Peak” for a strawberries ands cream style look – I literally can’t stop using it. I also like using it with my Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette as it goes really well with some of the matte pinks.

Own Plum purple/red – This shade is super pretty. It can be a bit chalky in consistency but once applied it can blend out beautifully. It looks stunning paired with “Choice”. I’ve always liked shades like this, I think they bring out the green in my eyes more than other colours do.

EnergyDark gold shimmer – This is your classic gold, that you probably already own, but will always need more of. I use shades like this all the time, it goes with so many other colours and always makes a boring look turn into something glam and sparkly. Again, this is a really pigmented shade, it’s buttery and smooth and also when applied wet, stands out even more.

CapitalMatte orange/terracotta brown – I use these terracotta type shades all the time. They’re my go to for putting in the crease so I know I’ll get plenty of use out of “Capital” all year round. It also works beautifully with some of the shimmers shades in the palette like; “Energy” and “Advantage”. It’s very smooth and easy to blend out too.

MaximumDeep matte navy – I’ve found I has a lot of build-up in the pan and it can look quite patchy on so it needs a few applications to make I opaque. I’m not too sure if I will use this shade all that much. If it was more pigmented, I’d be using it a lot more.

UnmatchedBrown shimmer with red/pink shift – I never usually use brown shimmers, I’m more of a champagne or gold kind of girl but “Unmatched” has actually been a shade that I’m using a lot. I like using it in my outer corners and along the lower lash line. It’s creamy and buttery and looks beautiful on its own as well as when applied wet.


For £10, I think we’re onto a bargain here folks. You can often get Makeup Revolution products on offer at Superdrug too – not forgetting the points system or the student discount! If you’re into rusty tones and bold shimmers, this is a palette that will fit very well in your makeup collection. I have to say that the formula of the shimmer shades is incredible. Every single shimmer is buttery, creamy and pigmented! They easily give high-end brands a run for their money. I love the colour scheme, it’s quirky and different from your usual gold/brown/neutrals palettes. I like that there’s something for everyone: those that want to play it safe and those that want to be bold and try something new. The packaging is lovely too, it feels much higher quality than the usual plastic that you find in the drugstore. Thanks to the generously sized mirror, it’s super easy to travel with and although sturdy, the palette feels lightweight and easy to carry around.

The one thing that I’m not so impressed with is the formula of the matte shades. It seems to be quite hit and miss, some are perfect and some are chalky and patchy. I’m not sure why that’s the case but then again, this is a drugstore brand and the palette itself is fairly cheap so I can’t expect unbelievable results every time. That being said, only a few of the matte shades are like that, the rest are fine, plus those that are patchy or chalky, can still be worn but it takes patience to build them up and apply them.

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