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Today I’m reviewing some of the products within the Natural Collection range! I have such a soft spot for this brand as it was the only makeup I used when I was younger. It was actually the first brand that I ever tried! I started wearing very very light makeup (we’re talking basically might as well not be on my face) when I was about 12 for discos and parties. My mum would apply it and she would often use their lip glosses and lipsticks on me when we went on holiday so I could feel dressy and grown-up (lol) and so I thought I would relive some of my fond memories and also see what they currently have to offer!

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Whilst I was visiting Bath with my boyfriend (click to read my post about our trip here), I managed to pick up these bits and pieces from the range! I love the simplistic packaging – it kind of gives me Topshop Makeup vibes what with the capital letters and the plain colours (love it). I tried to grab a good variety of products whilst also getting things I know that I will use so I hope this gives you some idea of what to expect from Natural Collection.

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First up is their Bronzing powder! It’s a lightly tinted powder with a subtle shimmer which I actually really like as I think it makes me look healthier. I tend to go for shimmery products when the sun starts to come out because when they catch the light it can look so pretty and they give off a gorgeous natural glow. This isn’t the most pigmented bronzer in the world and I wouldn’t expect it to be however I think I actually prefer that as it’s not too intense and it makes it easier to build up. It’s also enriched with camomile to help soothe and protect!


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I love a good peachy blusher and this ticks all the right boxes! It gives a subtle hint of colour to my skin and isn’t too intense so it’s perfect for more natural looks. It’s super easy to blend and build up (if necessary) as well. I love how delicate and subtle it is and I cannot wait to use it during Summer. It also contains camomile to help sooth and protect your skin.


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I’ve been using these glosses for YEARS now and I honestly think they’re fab. I very rarely wear glosses as I prefer a matte look but whenever I need some extra moisture, I turn to these straight away! This was actually the first shade of their tinted lip balms that I ever used and I love the subtle pop of pink that it gives my lips. If you’re looking for something lightweight and really subtle, I’d definitely recommend trying these out!



I tend to go through phases of wearing liquid eyeliner. Recently I’ve been loving a more natural look but I know there will come a time when I need that extra something to make my eyes pop! When it comes to eyeliners, I like something that is really easy to apply and allows me to be really precise when I want to do a winged look. The brush is so tiny it’s perfect! I love using this to perfect my wings and also it’s smudge proof so what more could you want?


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I really wanted to try this because anything compact that has multiple products in is just such a winner in my eyes. I love being able to carry less and more at the same time! This little due contains a silky matte bronzer as well as a shimmering highlighter to give you a pop of colour and glow when you need it! The bronzer was much more pigmented than I expected but it’s definitely not too intense and can be built up if necessary. The highlighter was really pigmented however and it creates a lovely and natural looking shimmer to my complexion. For less than £3 you can’t go wrong really!


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Unfortunately I can’t find links for either of the lip balms but I’m sure they still have them in store! I love using this shade to add a coral/nude gloss to my lips – particularly when I don’t fancy having anything intense or pigmented. Plus, they feel so nice and moisturising too so they’re lovely when you have dry lips that need repairing!

Overall, I actually really like these products. I like that they’re very focused on a natural look which is pretty hard to find these days. I also like that the packaging is simplistic and not too cluttered. I really like Natural Collection anyway because they offer such fantastic products for extremely good prices and it’s perfect for those that don’t want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for some good makeup. They also offer lots of shades, which means there are lots of options when choosing what would suit you best. I would really recommend trying these products – and the rest of the range, out! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media which I’ve linked below as I’d love it if you came and said hi!

N xxxx


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    • Nina Louise

      Aw thank you gorgeous! They’re definitely underrated so I’m not surprised you’d never heard of them before – they’re fab! I love the gloss too it’s sooo nice x

  1. The Frugal Frenchie

    I’ve always been a fan of the Natural Collection! Especially when I was younger, they’re just so budget friendly!
    Their lipglosses are definitely my favourite of their products xx

    • Nina Louise

      Me too! It was my go-to when I was a little girl, I used to love that I could buy it with my pocket money and I could get so much with it too! Their glosses are my favourite too, I love how many colours are available! xx

  2. txylortxylor

    I used to use this brand so much when I was in early highschool – like you it was pretty much my first makeup and I loved it back then, looks like they have some really nice newer products now though!! May have to give them a try! Great review 🙂 xx

    • Nina Louise

      Me too! It was my first ever makeup and I have such fond memories of it! They do have some great products out now so it’s definitely worth having a look! Thank you xx

  3. Bexa

    I remember buying Natural Collection when I was younger, it’s always been such a great makeup range! 💖 I love their simple and stylish designs and everything is so affordable 😍. I’m going to have to check out their newer products, thanks for the recommendations and great review Nina 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    • Nina Louise

      Me too! I’ve always loved their products and the range that they offer is amazing for the price too! Aw thank you gorgeous xx

  4. andthenzen

    I’m a big fan of Natural Collection and I love how affordable they are as a brand.. 😍 Their Brow Gel is a staple in my makeup collection, I would highly recommend it! 🙊

  5. Helen

    Oo I like the look of the duo – great for your handbag or travelling. I also love the price point of natural collection, so budget friendly 🙂

  6. Rachael

    I really like their bronzer and use it quite often, it’s quite sparkly! The eyeliner looks good, but I’m so rubbish at putting it on that I have to use the pens.

    • Nina Louise

      I’ve been using their bronzer every day, I absolutely love it! I get what you mean, it can be tricky to apply it neatly x

  7. Em

    Really enjoyed this review! Like you I started my journey into make up with some natural collection bits and kind of forgot about it somewhere along the line! Will have to revisit it and try some of these out! X

    • Nina Louise

      Yeah I have so many memories with this brand! I just love their products and I’m definitely going to buy some more bits x

  8. Yaya

    I never used their products because I had the preconceived notion that they would be too light and not pigmented and more for a teen audience. I really like the bronzer and the duo they do look lovely so will definitely give them a try.

    • Nina Louise

      I have to say, their bronzer is actually quite pigmented! I’ve been using it every day and their eyeliner too! I really recommend it as they’re perfect for natural looks and they can be built up x

  9. The diary of Ellie

    I used to love this brand at the start of high school and i loved the tinted lip balm, the products look like they’ve not changed much but even back then they were alright for basic makeup and very cheap too!

    • Nina Louise

      Yeah I think they’re perfect if you just want something that does the job or if you’re just starting out! They have such a great variety that everyone can find something they like x

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