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I hope you’re all doing well! Welcome to Blogmas Day 11! Today’s post is all about my little trip to Oxford last weekend, where I checked out their Christmas Market. In between eating the world’s largest hotdog and following the smell of fresh fudge like a woman possessed, I managed to get a few snaps that I would love to share with you! Granted, it’s not my best work but that’s mainly because I was too busy taking it all in with my eyes and not my screen. Sometimes it’s nicer to be in the moment, especially when surrounded by such festivity! That being said, I hope you can still get an idea of what to expect if you’re planning on visiting.

The market itself is located on Broad Street in the city centre, you can’t miss it with those brightly coloured buildings! Make sure you pack in some sightseeing on the way as the buildings in Oxford are truly beautiful, particularly the university campus. It looks like something out of a movie . – which is most likely why so many Harry Potter scenes were shot there!

Like most Christmas markets, this one is made up of lots of little wooden huts selling all kinds of things! There’s certainly no shortage of things to nibble on whilst you browse, from freshly cooked crepes through to a taste of the Mediterranean, there’s something for everyone! This stall in particular, hosted by the wonderful Columbia Coffee Roasters, was all about coffee and it smelt amazing. Not only did they serve hot and steamy cups of the stuff but they also sold it in bulk so that you could give it to the coffee loves in your life for Christmas – or keep it for yourself…

These jams and chutneys were honestly some of the best that I’ve tried! I sampled the passion fruit jam and it was incredible – I might have gone back for seconds (don’t worry I didn’t double dip). I noticed a Pina Colada one too which is

As usual, I was hypnotised by the bright and colourful confectionary stall, from Liquorice World, and I ended up buying a liquorice cable (strawberry obviously). They’re my absolute favourite of all the sweets so it would be rude not to. There were so many flavours too! I have to admit I was rather curious as to what the salted one tasted like..?

There’s nothing more festive than dried orange slices at Christmas! Look at these decorative handing of dried fruits. There were all kinds of different combinations to make your home smell and look amazing. I love how vibrant and colourful they are! If like me, you can’t be bothered to make them yourself, this is such a fab idea. They’d look fabulous in a porch or by the fire.

This stall, full to the brim with incredible decorations from Amica! I’ve never been so excited to see a dog made out of felt, not to mention there was every breed imaginable! I’m pretty sure only dogs would’ve been able to hear my high-pitched squeals when I spotted this place actually…I’m a sucker for decorations.

I don’t want to eat Christmas pudding but I will happily hang them on my tree by the dozen. How cute are these little decorations? The detail is amazing! You can get them here if like me, you’d rather look and not touch…

Yes, that is indeed a Brussels sprout hanging from the sky. Yes, you absolutely do need it in your life and you can buy it here. Thank me later fellow Christmas lovers.

You can find this little festive Labrador on their website, here! Can we take a minute to take in the fact that he’s wearing a hat and a scarf? I can’t cope! I need them all.

This was one of my favourite to look at, hosted by Just Stars! I absolutely love the idea of giving someone one of these for Christmas. They’re just so special and unique. I love that there are so many different colours to choose from so you can really personalise how yours looks.

These decorations are absolutely adorable! Sadly, I can’t find links to these exact ones online but they were from The Tollhouse Country Crafts stall if you happen to be passing! They had so many gorgeous products, they’re absolutely worth checking out.

This was my favourite stall! As you probably all know, I’m a beauty lover. I’m like Gollum when soaps and skincare are in sight. Iuvo Skincare had the most amazing range, all of which smelt incredible. It was like stopping by at a spa!

I picked up some of these great little reusable cotton pads! Gone are the days of buying those awful non-biodegradable multi-packs. If you haven’t made the change already, get on board! They came in lovely little bags which would also make lovely gifts paired with a cleanser or a bar of soap.

If you’re in need of a wreath, there are plenty to be found at the Oxford Christmas Market! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue-themed wreath, let alone one that has feathers in it!

I couldn’t not get a photo of these little guys. At the time, I was most amused by the way that their beards were flapping about in the wind! I’m all about the Scandinavian vibes at Christmas so gonks (yep that’s genuinely what they’re called) will always make an appearance in my house in December.

Are you going to a Christmas market or have you already been? What’s the best Christmas market that you’ve been to? Let me know in the comments!

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