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Of course, your girl has been exploring the Christmas sales. I recently posted a few of my finds from Zoella Beauty and KIKO too if you’re interested! I haven’t been looking in The Body Shop that much actually, I used to love their products and somehow I just forgot about them. I went in for a snoop around when I went to Bath (here’s my post on that too) and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve always loved how great their products are and where they stand on animal testing (here’s their page on being cruelty free). They have SO many products and there’s absolutely loads of different scents too. They now sell cosmetics and skincare as well as bath and shower goodies. I have heard amazing things about their makeup so I may have to test these out for myself! Let’s take a look at what I did pick up from their Christmas sale.

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No, I didn’t go crazy, but I did get some amazing goodies and they were on sale so it would’ve been rude to walk away empty handed! Can we talk about these scents too? Frosted Berries is my kind of scent for Christmas. I absolutely love anything that smells fruity or like berries so this was an immediate yes from me. I’ve never known anything to be Vanilla Chai scented before so I was definitely curious about this one. It smells HEAVENLY. Even if you aren’t going to buy this, please just go and give it a sniff because my GOD it’s just too good!

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Okay so this was £2.50. WHAT?! Yep that’s right, it really was that cheap. The Frosted Berries Shower Gel comes in a 250ml plastic bottle and has a gorgeous little wreath design on it too (festive points are to be given for this, it’s so cute). This shower gel smells absolutely unreal. It’s fragranced with Red Berries, Vanilla and Cranberry so it’s super rich and fresh smelling. I love how it leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling amazing for hours. You can get it here!

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Of course, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on the Frosted Berries Hand Cream too. This also smells incredible and you get 30ml of product, perfectly sized for your handbag! This also only cost £2.50 which is such a bargain. At first I was worried it was going to be one of those metal tubes that look like scrunched up tissue after the first use but it’s actually made of plastic so it won’t look gross. It’s also fragranced with Vanilla and Red Berries, but it’s especially enriched with Cranberry Seed Oil from North America. It’s a gel-cream formula so it really keeps your hands hydrated and soft. It doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy either which is a yes from me. I love it! Grab it here if you’re interested.

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The Vanilla Chai Shower Gel also comes in a 250ml plastic bottle and has another cute little wreath design on it, I’m loving the festive vibes from these products. This is also priced at an extremely reasonable £2.50. It’s enriched with Vanilla extract and is fragranced with Vanilla (surprise surprise) and spiced up with Cardamon and Star Anise. I love the scent of this as it combines a buttery sweet fragrance with spices which I think is so perfect for the Winter months! Again, this shower gel lathers beautifully and leaves my skin feeling so soft. I really recommend this one, you can get it here!

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Guess what I picked up next? Yep, the matching hand cream. If you know me you’ll know I like sets so this was impossible to resist. If I love the shower gel, I’m obviously going to love the same scent for on the go use right? The Vanilla Chai Hand Cream comes in a 250ml squeezy tube, ideal for travelling with. Ten points if you can guess the price of this one too…yep, £2.50! The smell of this just makes me feel warm and cosy, do you know what I mean? It reminds me of being under a throw on the sofa with a warm drink. It’s also made from vanilla and spices so it’s the perfect festive scent in my opinion! It’s the same gel formula as the other hand cream, meaning it leaves your hands feeling super soft and hydrated and of course, smelling bloody great too. If you like the sound of this, you can grab it here!

The Body Shop had lots of products on sale and another scent in the Christmas range that caught my attention was called Frosted Plum, which you can check out here. Their Christmas range is still available on their website here, and I’m sure is still available in some stores around the country too. Let me know what you guys think of The Body Shop or if any of you have tried their Christmas products out too!

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