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I hope you’re all doing well! Welcome to Blogmas Day 10! In recent years, my mum and I decided to embrace the weird and wonderful when it comes to Christmas tree decorations. We’ve ditched the traditional reds and greens and opted for something a little bolder and I love it! Today I’m going to be sharing what’s on my tree in 2019 with you. I’ve linked all of the items that I could plus I’ve provided some alternatives too!

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I was originally inspired by a rainbow tree that had been styled by the Christmas geniuses at John Lewis. Essentially, it’s still your average green tree but the decorations move through a spectrum of colours from top to bottom, creating a beautiful rainbow! So we started collecting bright and colourful decorations to help bring our tree to life.

I can’t remember where this little guy was from but he’s absolutely adorable!

Not on the High Street – Sausage Dog Bauble – £8.99

Talking Tables – French Bulldog Bauble – £8

How flipping cute is this little guy? I love having a bright pop of yellow on our tree!

Sass & Belle – Ducky Hanging Decoration – £4

I think this little snowman is probably one of the more “traditional” decorations in our collection. He looks like those classic glass ones that you’d find at your grandparents! I love his little face and the tiny gingerbread man in his hands *awww*.

Etsy – Snowman Twins – £12.99

We bought this decoration because it reminded us of my brother who was a Leo! He actually had a little teddy bear (a lion) called Leo that he had in his bed with him every night. This bauble originally came from John Lewis but Paperchase have a really similar one. They always have an incredible range of quirky decorations available at Christmas. I’ve tagged some of my favourite animal shaped baubles below – some of them are amazing!

John Lewis – Lion Bauble£8

John Lewis – Hen Bauble – £7

John Lewis – Owl Bauble£8

John Lewis – Chameleon Bauble£12

Sass and Belle – Zebra Head Bauble£10

Sass and Belle – Leopard Bauble – £10

Paperchase – Panda Holding Presents Bauble – £8

My mum is responsible for sourcing this masterpiece! It’s just the right amount of bulky too, it fills any gap! I love the detailing of the snow and the windows. To be honest, I think this just fuels my addiction to buying miniature objects …

North Pole Christmas Shop – Christmas House Bauble – £19

Of course, we have an ice cream truck on our Christmas tree … not weird at all. It’s so retro though, I love it! I can’t seem to find it online, but I have found some similar options:

Paperchase – Ice Cream£8

Baking Time Club – Ice Cream Truck£10.99

Baking Time Club – Neapolitan Ice Cream – £7.50

The most festive little guy ever! I like that he resembles the classic Santa Claus that you see in books as a child – he’s so sweet!

John Lewis – Santa Bauble £6

John Lewis – Skiing Santa – £6

How cool is this? I never knew we needed a hippo on our tree until we had one! I love that her little tutu sticks out and that she has some feathers coming from her hat!

Asda – Ballerina Hippo – £3

If you read my post about my favourite Christmas decorations, you’ll know why I love this one so much! He’s adorable! I found him in Homesense earlier this year. They have SO many decorations at the moment, I might have to browse for some more to add to our collection!

This is another one of my favourite decorations. It looks good enough to eat! I cannot, for the life of me, remember where it came from so I’ve linked some alternatives below:

Baking Time Club – Candy Floss Machine – £9

I mean, look at it. You need it in your life, don’t lie to yourself.

Sass and Belle – Pug Bauble – £8.50

You’ve got to have a candy cane in there somewhere – real or glass!

Baking Time Club – Candy Cane – £2.50

How gorgeous is this? He fits in nicely within our orange section! I didn’t even know sea life baubles were a thing?! I’ve linked some of my favourites below:

Paperchase – Seahorse – £8

Paperchase – Narwal Bauble – £8

Another miniature that I’m totally obsessed with! This is what I think my gingerbread houses will look like, when in reality the walls are falling down and the windows are dribbling onto the table…

Ohh Deer – Gingerbread House – £12.50

Baking Time Club – Gingerbread House – £5

John Lewis – Log Cabin Bauble – £8

This funky (do people say that anymore?) decoration was originally from John Lewis but sadly it isn’t available this year, I’ve linked their telephone box bauble below as it’s equally as gorgeous!

John Lewis – Telephone Box – £5

Did you know you can get all the ingredients of a full english in bauble form for your tree? Neither did I. I’ve linked some of my favourites foodie decorations below:

Baking Time Club – Hotdog Bauble – £9

John Lewis – Turkey Dish – £10

Paperchase – Aubergine Bauble – £5

Paperchase – Pizza Bauble – £6

Paperchase – Peanut Butter Bauble – £8

Paperchase – Sandwich Bauble – £5

What theme have you gone for this year? Do you prefer traditional decorations or do you like to mix it up with a bit of everything? Let me know in the comments!

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