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I hope you’re all doing well! I’m back with another review of a product in Makeup Revolution’s Forever Flawless range; the Haunted House Palette! As soon as I saw that this was being released, I practically threw myself into Superdrug to get my hands on it! I love Halloween so a spooky themed palette is just too good to resist. Let’s see what I thought of it shall we?

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Made from tin, the packaging is the same as the other palettes in the Forever Flawless range. I just love the design with the creepy mansion and the moon, it looks amazing. I also love the raised metallic red font on the front too! How much is it? The Haunted House Palette retails at £10 which is a great price for 18 eyeshadows! Where can you buy it? You can get hold of the Optimum Palette from Makeup Revolution’s website itself or through Superdrug (which does student discount and has a point system too).


Inside the palette, there are 18 eyeshadows: including mattes, shimmers and pressed glitter, as well as a generously sized mirror. One of my favourite things about these palettes is that every shade is individually named INSIDE the palette, with no flimsy plastic sheet in sight! It makes life so much easier when writing reviews and recommending shades to people. In terms of the colour scheme, the palette features lots of warm toned hues to create smoky eye looks for some Autumn and Halloween glam. There’s such a variety of shades from pops of bright red and orange to dark and rich browns – not forgetting the beautiful golds and coppers that this palette has to offer!


Attic – Pink-gold duochrome pressed glitter – This shade looked as if it was going to be a blinding shimmer but it’s actually a pressed glitter. It does take a little bit of work to get an intense colour payoff but it’s totally worth it. It works better when applied over a primer. I like to use this on top of the shade “Motel” as it blends so beautifully

Motel – Matte bright pink – I wasn’t expecting to see a bright pop of pink in this palette and I wasn’t sure if it worked with the theme. However, as it turns out it’s one of my favourite shades that they’ve done. Ever! It’s so pigmented, just look at that swatch! It’s also so easy to blend, the formula is honestly giving high-end brands a reason to get back in the labs.

Decrepit – Matte grey/brown with a hint of purple – This shade was so hard to explain hence the length of my description! It’s such a unique shade, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before. It has a beautiful mixture of grey, brown and purple hues. The formula is also beautifully buttery, it’s so easy to blend. I can see myself using this to create a lot of smoky eye looks.

Peril – Matte pastel pink – This shade is so flipping dreamy. This is the perfect pink for me and it works so well when layered with “Attic” or “Demonic”. It’s like working with velvet, it’s so easy to blend. It’s a huge yes from me!

Survival – Matte mulberry/wine purple – Another triumph! I’ve been using this shade a lot. It’s a formula that I hope Makeup Revolution sticks to as it’s just the right amount of pigmentation yet the shadows are still really easy to blend. I’ve been using this in my crease along with “Peril” – a combination I fully recommend!

Demonic – Pink/copper shimmer – Dude. This shade is on another level. It’s blindingly good! I barely have to touch it to pick up the pigment and colour payoff is unreal! I don’t mean to be dramatic but this has got to be one of the best shimmers that they’ve done. It has a foil-like texture in that it feels so silky smooth and almost looks wet when applied. I would buy this shade as a single over and over again!

2nd Row Swatches

Petrify – Matte brown with purple undertones – This shade is another quirky one. It’s not quite a purple and it’s not quite a brown, it’s somewhere in-between! It works perfectly in this palette and can definitely be used to create smoky eye looks. It works so beautifully with “Demonic” and “Phobia”.

Phobia – Purple-red duochrome pressed glitter – Here we have another gorgeous pressed glitter! Don’t expect it to be immediately blinding, it will take some patience to build up on its own. I personally think it’s much easier to work with pressed glitters on top of a primer and other eyeshadows. I love that when it catches the light, the red really shows. It’s such a great shade for this time of year.

Creepy – Silver shimmer – This is another unbelievably pigmented shimmer shade. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Imagine this being at the centre of a halo eye look. Good grief.

Monster – Burnt orange – This is the perfect autumnal shade. It’s serving me all kinds of orange/red eye makeup look inspiration! I have absolutely loved using this as one of my day-to-day eyeshadows over the last few of weeks. I have green eyes so anything orange makes them pop! It’s a pressed pigment so the formula is slightly more stubborn to work with compared to the rest of the mattes in the palette. This isn’t an issue for me as it’s still so easy to build and blend.

Phantom – Pearly white shimmer – I thought this was going to be a pressed glitter when I touched it as it just didn’t feel as smooth and buttery as the other shadows in the palette. It turns out that it’s not! It’s actually a shimmer and it’s super pigmented! This is another shade that will look beautiful as an inner corner highlight!

Creak – Copper brown shimmer – Another perfect shade for this season! I can imagine all of the gorgeous soft glam looks that people will be creating with this shade! It’s literally Autumn in a square. If you love the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, this shade will be right up your street!


Nightmare – Matte black – Excuse me Makeup Revolution, since when did you nail the matte black formula? I cannot believe how pigmented this shade is! I’m so used to swatching black eyeshadows only to find them really patchy or chalky. This is such a staple for a Halloween palette. I can see lots of people using it to create dramatic smoky looks too! I’ve been wearing it along my lower lash-line and my eyes have never looked bigger or brighter!

Psycho – Silver shimmer – Mindblown! This is such an amazing shade. Everybody needs a pigmented gold shimmer in their collection and here you have the perfect example! It’s not too orange and not too cool-toned . – it’s perfect. This is another shade that I would stock up on if it was available as a single pan!

Terror – Matte warm chocolate brown – This is another staple for any makeup lover. So many looks can be created using a chocolate brown shade; soft glam, smoky eyes, natural every day looks – the list goes on! It’s smooth, pigmented and goes so well with so many other shades in the palette.

Lucifer – Matte bright orange – The perfect pumpkin orange! Despite how bright it is, this shade really works with the theme of the palette. It’s the perfect transition shade to use with “Terror” or “Monster”. It has the same velvety formula as the other mattes in the palette.

Undead – Light brown shimmer – I love this shade! It’s not warm-toned like most of the other shimmers in the palette so it transitions nicely into some silvers and whites like “Creepy” and “Phantom”. It’s nice to see some less “in your face” shimmers here too because not everyone wants to go crazy with their lids!

Buried Alive – Red-copper shimmer – This shade is out of this world. The pigmentation of it literally made me gasp out loud. I’m so impressed with this one! I’ve been wearing this in the outer corners of my eyes with “Terror” and “Monster” and it never fails to impress! So many people have asked me what I’m wearing and it’s this marvellous creation right here!


I can’t actually think of anything that I dislike about this palette. Firstly, for £10 you’re getting a palette that looks and feels at twice the price. I love the colour scheme. At first the bright pops of colour didn’t make sense but after swatching them, I can imagine people creating some incredible Halloween makeup looks with them. The rest of the palette is absolutely perfect for Autumn too, there’s every shade you could possibly need to create a warm smoky eye. If you’re into your reds, browns and purples this is definitely the palette for you. The formula of the matte shades has absolutely blown me away. I was not expecting them to be so pigmented. Honestly, it feels like I’m working with a high-end palette. The shimmers and the duochromes are equally as beautiful and they work even better with a good primer and a wet brush. The packaging is gorgeous too. The design is so original and I think it will be really popular amongst the Halloween lovers! It also feels like a high quality palette as it’s not made from cheap and flimsy plastic.

Get the Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Haunted House Palette here

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