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I hope you’re all doing well! Today’s post is all about hair products. I have to admit, up until halfway through university I pretty much ignored the whole haircare thing. Obviously, I washed it regularly and occasionally spritzed it with heat protectant when I remembered. Other than that, I barely knew anything about how to look after it properly and I very rarely invested in new hair products. One afternoon I was doing my usual lap of my local TK Maxx when I realised that they weren’t just selling shampoos and conditioner. There were hundreds of serums, masks, sprays and treatments too! I grabbed a few bits to get me started and since then, I’ve never looked back!

I thought it would be a nice idea to share my current favourite hair products with you! As usual, if you have any suggestions, go ahead and tell me in the comments – I love hearing about your favourites too! I’ve also written a post about some of my favourite face masks – check that out too!

*This post contains gifted products and affiliate links

Herbal Essences – Daily Detox Conditioners

I usually try be as sensible as possible with shampoo and conditioner and go for products that actually work and don’t just smell good . These do both! They smell absolutely incredible and they keep my hair really healthy. The Crimson Orange & Mint conditioner works on making your hair look fuller whilst the Golden Raspberry & Mint conditioner works on giving your hair a deep cleanse. I also use the shampoos in the range too and my hair has never looked or felt better!

This hair mask was gifted to me

Lee Stafford – Cactus Crush MUCHo Moisture Mask*

I love a hair mask but this has got to be one of the best that I’ve tried. The Lee Stafford MUCHo Moisture Mask provides “instant and long lasting hydration to quench hair’s thirst”. I like to curl and straighten my hair a lot which means the ends of my hair can often feel quite dry. This mask has not only helped my split ends but it has made all of my hair look glossy and healthy again! It’s the perfect mask for anyone that wants to give their hair the moisture boost that it needs.

Schwarzkopf – Gliss Shine Tonic

The Schwarzkopf Shine Tonic has been one of my favourite hair products for a couple of years now. It’s basically a spray that adds a shimmering shine to your hair in just one spritz. I like to use it right after I’ve straightened my hair to give it a sleek and shiny finish. It literally completes the look for me. I don’t go anywhere without this stuff! Also, it smells amazing too.

Pantene: Repair and Protect

The Panetene Repair and Protect Dry Oil was something I discovered earlier this year. I’d heard a bit about hair oils before, but I just couldn’t shake the whole greasy strands thing from my mind (thanks but no thanks). That was certainly enough to put me off for a while. However, after I’d done some research, I realised that some oils don’t actually leave any residue. I decided to invest in this little bottle of goodness and I’m so glad I did! I apply three pumps of oil to the middle of my hair down to my roots. It dries without a trace! No stickiness whatsoever! My hair looks so much healthier which is absolutely down to this stuff.

This spray was gifted to me

Lee Stafford – Cactus Crush THirsty SPRay

The Lee Stafford THirsty SPRay has been a real saviour for my hair. As I’ve mentioned, I use a lot of heated tools so I’m always looking for products to keep the ends of my hair hydrated. This spray contains cactus, wild lime and kalahari melon oil to give hair a moisture boost and that, it absolutely does! My hair no longer looks dehydrated thanks to this stuff. It made for the perfect holiday companion after my hair had been exposed to a lot of chlorine and sunshine. It’s also really lightweight and can be applied to wet hair – no oiliness. It also smells absolutely flipping delicious. You know those products that you can still smell hours later? This is one of those!

What are your favourite hair products? Let me know in the comments! I’ve put links to all of my social media down below and I’d love it if you would come and say hi!

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