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I hope you’re all doing well! Since I’ve come back from university, I’ve been struggling a bit with figuring out how best to spend my time. I’ve got a LOT of tidying and organising to do, I need to build on my social life a bit more and also keep my blog and social media up and running. When I think about everything that I need to do, it’s hard to stay motivated so I’ve been looking for ways to keep upbeat and motivated whilst I’m tackling these tasks. I’ve always enjoyed listening to podcasts whilst I go about my day as they can be playing in the background and I can crack on with other things in the meantime. I’ve been particularly loving and appreciating the funnier podcasts out there recently and I thought I would share a list of my favourites with you!

I’ve actually written a post about some of my favourite podcasts here if you’re interested!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Oh my god this is so funny. I don’t think I’d ever experienced a full on laughing fit on my own before I’d listened to this. It often has me wheezing in public and crying with laughter on public transport. It’s just flipping brilliant. I’ve actually already mentioned this particular podcast before on my blog (here) which has in fact (claim to fame) been praised by the porno author himself! The podcast features a guy called Jamie Morton, who’s father (pen name being Rocky Flintstone) happens to have written a porno series called Belinda Blinked (totally normal). He sits down with his friends Alice Levine and James Cooper and they read and analyse a chapter of the porno every week. The writing itself is hilariously bad, but the content will have you in pain from laughing so hard. They often have celebrities as guests on the podcast, including Elijah Wood, Daisy Ridley and Michael Sheen. Take my word for it, it’s the funniest podcast out there.

Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed

This is just brilliant and I’m actually listening to it whilst I’m writing this! It features Chris and Rosie Ramsey, the most down to earth couple ever. Every week, they discuss the things that they find most annoying about each other, the pains of parenting and they answer questions from the public and from celebrities too! It’s just so human and relatable. This podcast is my favourite thing to listen to when I’m cleaning or when I’m getting things done around the house. It’s SO good and has me laughing like a weirdo to myself every week. They both have those kind of laughs that are incredibly contagious and you cannot help but start cackling along too. Chris is currently on Strictly Come Dancing too!

No Such Thing as a Fish

If you love the comedy show Qi, you will absolutely LOVE this podcast. Every week, the writers from the show all sit down together to share the best facts they’ve found out. Of course, just like the show, there’s no shortage of witty banter here. Not only do I love this podcast because it’s funny but I love that I actually learn something from each episode! I doubt I can use most of these facts in daily conversation but that’s besides the point… you never know when you’ll need to let someone know that in the time it takes to listen to the Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), the International Space Station travels 500 miles, then 500 more. Pub quizzes I’m coming for you…

What podcasts do you listen to? Have you listened to any of these before? Let me know in the comments! I’ve put links to all of my social media down below and I’d love it if you would come and say hi!

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