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I hope you’re all doing well! I decided to treat myself to a mooch around my local Primark as it had been far too long and I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms. Of course, I was met with fast fashion and the latest beauty trends at unbelievable prices, ah the wonderfully worrying world of “How did they produce this that quickly?” and “Why is everything so cheap?”. There’s nothing quite like it. Speaking of Primark Beauty, if you haven’t already read it, I reviewed their ‘Nudes’ makeup range a while ago, and people still seem to be enjoying it! Give it a read if you want to find out a bit more about Primark’s makeup – who knows, you might even need a new setting spray to keep it all in place…

Whilst rummaging through what was left of the makeup section following an arrival of several heavily made up little girls (I’m not sure how to feel about this, given their makeup looked better than I could ever aspire mine to be… SOS) I stumbled across a new range of prepping and setting sprays. I’ve always been a sceptic when it comes to these. They’ve always been raved about in the beauty community, Urban Decay’s “All-Nighter”, being one of the best (and most expensive) sellers. I was never sure if they were worth investing in so, I decided to take the plunge! There were a few to choose from, Matte, Hydrate and finally, the one I chose, Glow.

According to Primark, Glow is a setting spray, infused with Vitamin B5, illuminating pearls and Aloe Vera. I liked the sound of this because I tend to go for a dewy look, I’m not a matte kind of girl and this seemed to tick all of the boxes. Not only does it claim to hold makeup in place, but it leaves your skin looking fresh with a healthy and radiant glow. It retails at £4 for a 110ml bottle, which I think is incredible value! If this turns out to work as well as some of those high-end setting sprays on the market, I think Primark are onto something. Also, I wouldn’t have to worry about using it every day, as it’s cheap to replace and purchase on a regular basis. I actually really like the packaging too, it’s nothing out of the ordinary but for £4, I wasn’t expecting it to be made of gold either. I’m getting some NARS vibes with that font too- anyone else?

So, how well does it work? I swatched some eyeshadow on my hand and then gave it a spritz of Glow. Firstly, I noticed that it did take a while to dry – roughly two-three minutes and that’s with lots of wafting, fanning and blowing too. Once it had dried, it felt quite tacky on the skin which had me worried at first but after a while it felt smooth and almost like it wasn’t there at all. I tried to smudge my eyeshadow but it was going absolutely nowhere. The tiniest bit of product shifted but 99% of it remained exactly where I had put it. It also has a fresh and pleasant scent, I was kind of expecting to be knocked out by chemicals! Nobody wants to leave the house smelling like a scientific experiment so it’s nice that they’ve paid attention to this detail.

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting it to be that good, and I have to admit, it’s giving the likes of Urban Decay a run for their money. I cannot recommend this setting spray enough, for the price, the look and the quality – it’s absolutely worth trying out. Don’t forget, if Glow doesn’t sound appealing to you, there’s two other sprays in the range. If you’d like me to review the others, let me know and I’ll test them out! What do you think of setting sprays? Do you have any favourites? Have you tried Primark’s new range? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. notsofab1

    Really amazing review! Thank you for you honesty! I’m really looking forward to buying this setting spray now!
    Also, these photos look great, well done.
    Best wishes, xx

    • Nina Louise

      Thank you! It’s a great setting spray – I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it! I’m so glad you liked the photos and the review!

    • Nina Louise

      There are some great products to be discovered! Check out my other review of their Nudes collection if you’re interested in the makeup that they sell! x

  2. V.

    What a bargain! I may give it a go:) Also, I don’t know why everyone loves All nighter from Urban decay. It sucks, it does nothing and it stinks. Absolutely not worth it.

    • Nina Louise

      I know, right? I don’t get the hype! It’s too expensive for what it is and clearly, you don’t need to be spending that much for the results that you want…Primark all the way!

  3. Rochelle

    I’ve been a bit scared to try a setting spray since I tried the NYX one -it sucks, but this looks promising. Maybe I’ll pick it up

    Chelle | www chellebelle2016.blogspot.co.uk

    • Nina Louise

      Setting sprays can be so hit and miss, can’t they? I really recommend giving this one a try though. It might also be worth considering the other setting sprays in the range too!

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