This year I have really enjoyed listening to and discovering new podcasts. For anyone unsure of what I mean, a podcast is a digital audio file that’s available on the Internet that you can download on your phone/computer/tablet and many other devices. Usually, they’ll be available as a series that you can subscribe to. It’s kind of like an audio-Netflix. They’re so simple and easy to use, especially on the train, whilst walking into town or even to fall asleep to.

I thought I would share some of my favourites with you!


My Dad Wrote A PornoJamie Morton reads a chapter a week from the erotic novels that his 60-year-old father has written. His friends James Cooper and Radio 1‘s Alice Levine join him. If the thought of your parents even thinking about sex is enough to make you shudder this podcast takes the humiliation one step further. In each episode, Jamie expresses his feelings about his father’s erotic fiction saga, Belinda Blinked. His father, Rocky Flintstone (yes that is his pen name) shares the lecherous adventures of Belinda Blumenthal, a pots and pans saleswoman (the most random career title I’ve ever heard). This podcast is truly the funniest thing I have ever listened to, it actually makes me laugh out loud in public. There’s currently 3 series available, however, we were treated to, “My Dad Wrote A Christmas Porno 2” which has just been dropped, apparently involving a festive skiing trip. There’s laughing fits, confusion, and of course an understandable amount of ranting from Jamie. The three fabulously witty millennials are currently on tour and you can grab yourself tickets here!

Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 “The Now Show”Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis along with many other guests treat us to hysterical comedy sketches and satirical commentary galore. This is another podcast that has me laughing out loud. I love the intelligent nature of the jokes and the speediness of each comedy sketch, it’s like being at a live show. The hosts frequently poke fun at politicians and celebrities, making it relatable, relevant and topical.



At Home With… – This is one of my favourite podcasts to chill out and listen to. It’s hosted by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton, two lifestyle content creators, and together they visit the homes of people they admire. Each episode is recorded in a different person’s home, where you get to find out all sorts about them and what inspired them to design their home the way that they did. Some people that they have featured in the podcast include Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Liz Earle, and Giovanna Fletcher!


Ted Talks Daily Every weekday, this podcast delivers the most fascinating ideas on absolutely every subject imaginable. I’ve heard talks about Architecture, 10 Ways to have a better conversation and artificial intelligence! The talks are usually given by the world’s foremost thinkers and opinion leaders. You find yourself learning about things you never even knew existed on your everyday commute. It’s such a fantastic idea, I strongly recommend giving this one a go.

Desert Island Discs  Kirsty Young asks her guests to choose, 8 tracks, a book, and a luxury, what would they take to a desert island? Some of this podcasts fabulous guests include Ed Sheeran, David Beckham, Sue Perkins and Bruce Springsteen. Kirsty talks to her guests about their lives and what the reasons are behind their musical, literary and luxury selections. I love this podcast as it gives you a bit of detail behind the public personas and a chance to find something out that you didn’t already know.

Stuff You Should Know Hosts Chuck (Charles Bryant) and Josh Clark explore a vast range of topics, from how population works to how much money there is in the world. It’s a fascinating listen and I would strongly recommend giving it a go as you can learn so much in such a short space of time! Not only does this wonderful podcast give you creative conversation starters, it also gives you an insight into how the world works.

Do let me know if you also enjoy any of these podcasts or if you have any other suggests for me as I’m always looking for something new to listen to!

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