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I hope you’re all doing well! Ladies and gents, we are gathered here today, to witness the beauty that is the Naked Cherry Palette! Urban Decay’s Naked palettes have always been popular in the beauty community and every time a new one is released, we all go nuts. When we heard about the potential release of a cherry themed palette, we all nearly lost our s#!t. For a start, I love all things cherry! Whether that’s the fruit, the scent or the colour – I’m obsessed. In fact, I was so keen that I ordered the palette during the early release period!

 I wanted to review it straight away, so waiting for Blogmas wasn’t easy! I’m glad I did though, as I’m sure lots of you will be adding this to your Christmas lists or buying it for someone special! They’d definitely have to be special considering that the palette retails at a whopping £42, which is actually £3 more expensive than the other Naked palettes. Naturally, I assumed that the Naked Cherry would be as close to perfection as possible, otherwise why charge such a high price? Am I right people?

The packaging is stunning! It’s almost the same as the Naked Heat Palette; a glossy plastic exterior with “Naked” embossed on the front. The crimson compact is a beautiful addition to any makeup collection. Not to sound incredibly boring, but I actually prefer the plastic packaging compared to the velvet exterior that certain brands *cough ABH* go for, as they get dirty so quickly! It’s nice to have palettes that are easy to clean, that don’t look gross after a few uses. I love the use of the cherry images too! Inside there’s a full size-mirror, perfect for on-the-go use! The palette also comes with a double-ended brush, which isn’t my favourite, but I have others that I can use instead, so I’m not hugely bothered by this. One end is fab for precision but the other is quite rigid and isn’t great for blending. Next time, I’m hoping for something fluffier! I know this sounds fussy but it actually makes blending a heck of a lot easier, especially for those of us that haven’t got all day to sit and buff shadows into perfection. Apparently, the palette is subtly scented of cherries … all I’m getting is a hint of plastic and a clay-like smell. I’m kind of gutted that they didn’t follow in the sweetly scented footsteps of Too Faced and make this a cherry scent-sation (sorry, I had to). It would’ve been a nice touch, you know?

The Naked Cherry Palette features 12 all-new cherry-hued shades. The range of shades included are fantastic; a gradient ranging from natural neutrals through to dark, rich berry tones. There’s a brilliant balance of mattes (7) and shimmers (5) which is something I always look for when purchasing new palettes. I once (accidentally) bought a palette that only had mattes in it and I’ve never been so disappointed in my life, I could only create basic looks that had no glam (worst nightmare) and it totally limited what I could do with it. There’s so much creativity to be had with the Naked Cherry Palette and I can see lots of amazing looks being created. If you want to add a subtle shimmer you can, but if you want to create a dark and smouldering look, you can do that too, the choice is yours! Top tip: if you’re ever unsure of where to start with a new palette, look up what others are doing on Pinterest and you’ll find plenty of inspiration there!

Hot Spot Pale ivory matte – I was actually so surprised at how pigmented this one was! It swatched beautifully with only a tiny bit of fallout.

CautionMatte peachy beige – This shade literally couldn’t be a better match to my skin-tone! I’ll definitely be using this as a base before applying anything else as it’s PERFECT. It’s also surprisingly pigmented too although it does feel a tiny bit powdery.

Bang BangMetallic pink-coral with gold shift – I was so excited about this shade when I first saw it. It was quite dusty so I’d say a little bit goes a long way with this one. It’s so pigmented already but I noticed a huge difference when I applied it with a wet brush. It’s literally the perfect sparkly pink!

FeelzDusty warm rose matte – In terms of coverage, it wasn’t quite as pigmented as the first two shades in the palette, so I was a little disappointed when I swatched it. However it can be intensified with a primer! I feel like it could have been better though, which isn’t much fun to say after I’ve paid this much money…

Juicy Matte, soft & warm peach/coral – I really love using shades like this in Spring, when all of the flowers are out and everything is looking much brighter and prettier! Is it just me that tries to tie their makeup in with the seasons or…? It’s somewhat semi-opaque, and it took a bit of work to get it all the way there, however because it’s so pretty, I’m up for using it with primers to get the most out of it!

Turn OnSoft metallic rose pink– This is what I’m talking about people! I absolutely LOVE this shade. It’s pretty, it’s pigmented and it’s rose gold – what more could you want? It looks so bright and shiny on the lid and adds a touch glam to any look in seconds. However, I’m not sure what I’m going to say when someone asks what I’m wearing in public – “oh it’s just turn on on my lids, orgasm on my cheeks and a few coats of better than sex on my lashes”. If you want to get everything you can out of this shade, apply it with a wet brush or finger – trust me!

AmbitiousMetallic Rusty-copper shimmer – I was kind of disappointed with this one. It looks very pretty when applied carefully, however if you’re wanting to go all out on the lid, it seems to lose it’s shine and becomes quite dull after a while. I’m not sure whether or not that’s intentional but I’m not the biggest fan. I tend to use a very thin layer of it to try and keep it subtle and sparkly.

BingMatte muted pink-mauve – I really like this shade! The coverage is amazing and what I’d hoped all of the mattes in the palette would be like. It feels very smooth and buttery and is incredibly easy to blend. More like this please Urban Decay!

Devilish Pink-plum matte with warm undertones – I found this one a bit patchy and I’m not sure why, given how nice the formula of Bing was. I’m usually able to increase it’s opacity by using a primer and layering it slightly, so I still enjoy using it.

Young Love Metallic magenta/cranberry pink – Isn’t it beautiful? Another formula that I absolutely love! I like that it’s cool toned too, as it means I can combine it with purples and blues for an icier look this Winter. When applied dry, the sparkle seems to fade much faster but if I apply it wet, it looks amazing for hours!

Drunk DialMetallic Burgundy Plum – I love using this shade in the outer corners of my lids, especially when I want to darken a look and add some drama. It’s pigmented and the colour payoff is amazing. It’s also so creamy and buttery to blend out – another formula I am a huge fan of! Again, it loses it’s sheen after a while so I always apply it wet.

PrivacyMatte Deep reddish-brown – I always hope for a dark brown shade in every palette because let’s be honest, we’d be lost without them. They’re key for making smokey eyes in seconds and they’re perfect for defining any look. I’d describe it as semi-opaque, you can see in the swatches it was slightly patchy, but all it takes is a little more work than usual and it looks gorgeous as a result. Sometimes it can sheer out slightly after a few hours so I’d recommend applying it with a tiny bit of a pigmented black shade in order to keep it looking dark and dramatic for as long as possible!

So, what do I think?

In terms of what I didn’t like, my main concerns are around the formulas and the price tag. A few of the matte shades required a fair bit of building and I noticed a few of the shimmers tended to sheer out after application. This isn’t the end of the world, it’s just a tiny bit annoying. I think the price tag is excessive. I’m all for brands trying new things and learning from their mistakes, but if a price tag as hefty as £42 is going to be justified, I’d expect everything to be near enough perfect. Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m paying this much, I don’t really want to have anything bad to say about it. It makes me wince a little when I think of what else I could spend my money on *bank account cries in the distance*.

That being said, I think Urban Decay are onto something special! I like that they’re beginning to create palettes based on a particular themes – we got the beautiful oranges and browns in the Naked Heat and now we have the pinks and plums in the Naked Cherry! It makes me excited for what they will release next. I actually like this palette a lot, despite the fact that I think there’s a few improvements to be made. I love the shades, the colours, the packaging and the theme – it has a lot going for it! I love the balance between mattes and shimmer and I think that the palette is going to be loved by those that are just starting out as well as the experienced MUAs out there. It oozes creativity and I can’t wait to see what people are doing with it! Would I recommend this palette? Yes definitely! But only if you’re happy to use lots of wet brushes and primers! If you love cherries, all things pink and purple – go for it!

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What do you think of the Naked Cherry Palette? Be sure to let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on my socials!

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  1. jazminheavenblog

    Ah bang bang & bing look like perfect shades! When this palette released I wasn’t all that excited or drawn to it, but seeing your swatches I really want it! They look better swatched than in the pan in my opinion x

    • Nina Louise

      They’re stunning aren’t they?! Oooh I’m glad I’ve helped you make up your mind! I sometimes feel like seeing swatches can be such a game changer!

  2. Denise H

    I am such a pink and purple girl so I think this palette would be great to have in my collection! I don’t mind using primers and wet brushes that much either when I know it’s a palette I would like. My God, You’ve sold it so well 🙈 hehe

    • Nina Louise

      Me too! I love pinks and purples – I pretty much use them every day! I tend to use wet brushes with a lot of my shimmer shadows anyway as it always makes them better! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Laura

    I got this palette recently and I love it. I personally adore how all the shades go together, so it’s easy to put together a cohesive eyeshadow look. In terms of it not smelling like cherries, I’m personally glad. I hate the smell of cherries personally 🙂
    Laura /

    • Nina Louise

      I guess I’m just a huge fan of cherry scented products so I wouldn’t have minded! I can see why some wouldn’t fancy it though!

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