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I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve been settling back into university for my second term and let me tell you, it’s not much fun preparing to graduate. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel but I have a lot of things to do to get there! I’m working on my dissertation whilst also running my own study – is this what adult studenting feels like? If so, I think I’ll go back to first year if you don’t mind. I’m back and blogging though and that means I have a new monthly favourites for you! Can you believe it’s already time for this? January has already been and gone and of course, that means I have some new things to share with you.

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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Blue Algae Blemish Rescue Face Mask

This. Mask. Is. Amazing. I don’t know what I used to do without it to be honest. Every time I have a spot attempting to get it’s own postcode, I apply a layer of this and within a day or so it’s completely gone! It smells amazing, it’s not too expensive and it’s effective – the perfect combination, right? I’ve written a post called 5 Face Masks That You Need in Your Life, so be sure to give it a read!

Makeup Revolution – Eye Glisten Foil & Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadows

Even though it’s only January, this is already one of my favourite makeup releases of 2019. These are the Eye Glisten – Foil & Shimmer Liquid Eyeshadows from Makeup Revolution! They’re just so pretty and sparkly, I can’t stop using them. I really hope we get some more shades at some point because I need more immediately, if not sooner. I’ve actually written a review of all five shades so be sure to check that out if these make you feel all weird and tingly too.

Peppermint Tea

I grew up drinking normal tea, hot chocolate and Earl Grey and that is IT. Like the true brit that I am I never dreamed of venturing beyond the realms of the average steamy beverage until I discovered peppermint tea. If someone had mentioned it to me a few months back, I would’ve said “I’ll pass thanks” but now, I can’t stop drinking it. It’s probably the healthiest addiction that I have, in comparison to The Sims and chicken nuggets. It’s just so refreshing and it’s perfect for drinking after dinner. It’s also my go-to when I have a stomach ache or if I’m feeling anxious! The fact that it only costs 75p for 40 bags at Aldi, makes it even more tempting.

Afterspa – Facial Scrubber

This is the ultimate skincare assistant. I always make sure I take my makeup off before I go to sleep but sometimes I just cannot be bothered to do it properly. You know when you’re so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open? That’s where this comes in handy because it does the work for you! It removes dead skin cells, dirt and impurities which is exactly what I need whilst my skin is having its annual January crisis. I actually received it in my January Birchbox and you can read my review of it here.

Thermal Water Bottle

I noticed that the rest of the world has slowly becoming obsessed with these “Chilly’s” bottles and the only thing stopping me from joining them was the hefty price tag. As much as I’d like to carry my tea out and about with me, there’s no way I’m paying £30 to do so. I started looking around to find a cheaper alternative and voila! That’s where the love of my life, T.K. Maxx saved the day. I was on my way to the till after my weekly trip to the store (yep I know, I’m absolutely wild) when I saw an entire shelf of these bottles and they only cost £7.99! Due to my love of animal prints, I went for a snakeskin design and I practically skipped home to start using it. Since then, I’ve been using this bottle almost every day, to take hot drinks to university with me. Typically, I’ll have peppermint tea or lemon and ginger but since my boyfriend has kindly given me his cold, I’ve been taking Lemsip in recently. It’s the perfect cold weather companion! In summer, it’ll be great for keeping drinks cold too.

I Heart Revolution – Bronze & Shimmer

Ladies and gents, say hello to my little friend, the Bronze and Shimmer duo from Makeup Revolution. I have quite the collection of highlighters and bronzers ranging from Benefit to Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay to Too Faced and yet this still comes first, every time. To make it even better, it only costs £6! I’ve written an entire post all about it here, so check it out if you’re interested! This monthly favourites is going to seem like one big plug of my own content but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, sorry not sorry!

Image Source – Netflix


This series is so good! I finished it in two days because I just couldn’t stop watching! It follows a teenage boy with a mother that is a sex therapist (awkward) whilst we attempts to start a sex clinic at his high school. It’s quirky, hilarious and different from most of the other gloomy serial killer documentaries that I spend most of my time watching. There’s talk of a second series too! I love how they’ve made it timeless, with a mixup of the retro and the modern, whilst also featuring elements of British and American culture. It sparked debate on social media, as nobody could work out when or where it was set!

There we have it, my January favourites! What have you been loving over the last few weeks? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out my social media – I’ve linked it all below!

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    I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I binged it so quickly and I’m already desperate for a second season! I love their whole range of masks, my favourite is definitely this one though! x

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