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I hope you’re all doing well! Welcome to Blogmas Day 3! Today’s post is all about the apps that I’ve been loving throughout 2018. I actually wrote one last year, and since then I’ve been trying out lots of different things and I have a few more favourites to share with you! All of the apps that I’ve included are ones that I consider to be complete game changes and I can’t imagine doing what I do without them.



Instagram stories started out to be fairly unpopular, as most people were just sticking with Snapchat. However, now, everyone is using them! As someone that works with social media every day, I’m always looking at ways to reach out to people that view my content. Typically, I like to use engaging language and high quality photography. Although I was doing this on my Instagram stories, I was getting bored of the same old features and ending up with the same sort of “homemade” look to all of my photography. That’s when I discovered Unfold! The app offers simple but elegant templates to curate your Instagram Story exactly the way that you want to. You can use it for photos, videos and even boomerangs! My stories now look so much more professional and well laid-out – I’ve even noticed a spike in engagement on my profile! The app is free to use however there is an option to buy some of their premium collections to give yourself some more templates to get busy with!



This is probably my most used app of 2018 – I use it every single day without fail. Since becoming a blogger, I have recognised the importance of using Instagram to share my content. Not only this, but how important it is to keep it looking professional and organised. I started to use themes this year and with that came the stress of planning what photo to upload next. What would happen if I uploaded a photo and it didn’t look right or fit in? That’s where Preview comes in. This wonderful app allows you to plan your dream feed before anything goes live. You can shift the photos around to get them in the perfect position and schedule them to go up whenever suits you. You can also add hashtags to any of your images as well as being able to upload straight to Instagram without any fuss. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this has helped me, plus I now have a feed that I’m proud of. This is the kind of app that once you start using, you can’t understand how you used to function without it.



I’d heard so much about this app and so I finally caved in to the curiosity to download it. I’m glad I did as I use it all the time and find it so helpful! I’m a student in my final year with a busy timetable, I also post twice a week on my blog. This means that I hardly have time for dinner most days, let alone promoting the things that I write. Buffer allows you to pre-write all of your tweets and schedule them to go up whilst you’re going about your day as usual. It means I don’t have to find the time to sit and compose tweets as it’s already doing it for me! It’s made me a lot less stressed, as it’s taken one less thing of my plate. You can also sync it to other social media accounts too – it doesn’t have to be twitter.



My boyfriend Kindly bought me the hp Sprocket for Christmas a couple of years ago and I’m so glad he did as I love it! The Sprocket is a wireless pocket-sized printer that doesn’t require ink or any lengthy printing sessions – just an app! The app lets you choose exactly what you want to print from any of your devices, all in a couple of taps. It also has lots of editing features that allow you to add overlays, stickers and filters for any last minute touch-ups. You can even connect it to your Instagram account to print directly from your feed! Obviously you need the Sprocket to use the app, so I’m aware lots of you won’t find this useful, but if you’re considering getting one, or even asking for it for Christmas, you can see that it’s a really handy little system to have for on-the-go use! I love that I can print instantly wherever I am, it’s definitely encouraged me to be more spontaneous and to create a memory out of every day.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I usually stick to lifestyle and beauty on my blog, but occasionally it’s nice to talk about something else! I’m always interested to know what apps everyone is using and whether I’m missing out on any! Be sure to let me know in the comments what your favourites are!

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