You guys seemed to enjoy reading my review of Tam Beauty’s I Heart Revolution Golden Bar palette so I thought I would take a look at another in the collection. If you don’t already know about Tam Beauty, I’ve written about them before in some other reviews that I will link below! Long story short they’re  cruelty free and based in the UK. They’re kind of an umbrella brand for Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup, Freedom and some others too. Today I’m testing out the Mint Chocolate palette, also from Tam Beauty’s I Heart Makeup brand. Enjoy!



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Processed with VSCO with c2 presetThe Mint Chocolate palette, like the others in the collection, features the amazing chocolate bar packaging, this time with a fluorescent light green and a dark brown base. Immediately this was a throwback for me! As a little girl I always used to get mint choc chip ice cream, it was my absolute favourite – the colours are spot on. It will cost you £8.99 – or in other words, a bargain.

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Processed with VSCO with c2 presetA lot of people have said this palette is very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette (I’ve also reviewed this) with it’s autumnal selection of shades, oranges, coppers and reds galore! I wish I had been using this through October/November as the colours are perfect for that time of year. The palette is mainly muted and warm however, there’s also some pops of colour, a bright yellow and a shimmery green. The palette includes 9 foils/shimmers and 7 mattes. I think it’s such a unique combination of colours which makes me even more excited to mess around with it. It seems there was an attempt to make it smell of peppermint but it actually kind of smells medicinal. Don’t worry though, it’s not really strong it’s just when you stick your nose in up close.


So here’s the first row…

  • Sugarcoated: A light champagne-gold foil/shimmer – Perfect for halo looks or inner corners. It’s super creamy but it takes a couple of goes to pick up a lot of pigment.
  • Engaged: A prosecco meets brown foil/shimmer – Super pretty and pigmented. It was easy to pick this one up and swatch it. I reckon this would look lovely all over the lid.
  • Tea: A pink-brown matte – I use this as a transition shade as it’s so simple and blends beautifully. It’s creamy and although subtle, it’s buildable.
  • Lust: A blue to brown foil/shimmer – This might be my favourite shade in the palette, it’s so unique and I’ve never owned a shadow like this (it really reminds me of the shade ‘Petrol‘ in the Soph x Palette which I reviewed a couple of days ago if you fancy having a peek)
  • Poison Ivy: A dark forest green matte – This is the shade I’m most disappointed with. It’s very patchy (you can see if you look closely in the photo) and I struggled to swatch it let alone blend it on my lids. It’s definitely buildable you just have to put some more work into this one.


The second row…

  • Secret: A rich warm brown matte – I love this shade, it’s really creamy feeling and it is great for warm smokey eye looks which I do all the time.
    Worlds Apart: A red matte with pink and purple undertones – This one felt slightly more chalky but it still swatched well after I applied a couple of layers. I would most likely use this for autumnal looks but probably for festive ones too as it’s so rich and warm.
  • Distorted: A copper foil/shimmer with orange undertones – I am a sucker for anything gold or copper and this immediately lured me in.  The quality of this shade, keeping in mind it’s in a palette sold in drugstores, is INSANE. It’s so pigmented and gorgeously creamy.
  • Rivals: An emerald green foil/shimmer – This shadow isn’t as creamy as Distorted and it’s slightly chalky/powdery feeling but it’s so pigmented and it still applies and blends really well. It’s the perfect shimmery green for festive makeup looks as there’s definitely some flecks of gold in it too!
  • Interupted: A cup of tea brown/nude matte – (Yes it’s spelt without a double ‘r’ so I’m not sure if this is a typo on the palette or intentional) So far I’ve used this as a transition shade in the crease or as a base for other shadows. It’s very soft and creamy feeling and it’s buildable too if you want it to stand out a little bit more. It’s just a bit too similar to my skin tone so it doesn’t show up that much on me.

Compromise: A brown foil/shimmer – At first I didn’t find this to be that pigmented but after another layer it was gorgeous. The texture was creamy as well which I love as it just makes applying and blending so much easier. I like that this is a warm toned shimmer too – right up my street!

The third and final row…

  • Awaken: A dark chocolate brown matte – Just like Poison Ivy I found this to be quite patchy but after a little bit more work it was okay. It’s warm toned too which I’m all about.
  • Disturbance: A bright yellow-gold foil/shimmer – Super pigmented and such a cool unique shade, I’ve never owned a bright yellow before either so I’m going to enjoy experimenting with this.
  • Commotion: A turquoise blue foil/shimmer – Turquoise is my favourite colour anyway so I immediately fell in love with this shade when I saw it.
  • High Standards: A champagne-pink nude foil/shimmer – Another pigmented shadow, perfect for halo looks and inner corner highlights. It’s so delicate and pretty looking.

Confession: A pinky-white matte – I’ve been using this as a base after I apply primer/concealer to my lid as it just doesn’t show up that well on me. However, it definitely brightens up my eyes no matter what I’m using it for.

In conclusion, it’s a great palette for the amount that you pay. No, not all of the shades are perfect in one swatch but it is after all, £8.99 so I can understand why this isn’t the case. However, every shade is buildable and can be as intense as you want it to be which makes up for any initial patchiness or lack of immediate pigment. I love the mix of shimmers and mattes which means I can take this palette anywhere and use it for a whole look on it’s own and the inclusion of a massive mirror helps with making it really travel-friendly too. I would recommend this palette to anyone looking to experiment with some coloured eyeshadows or if you would use this kind of palette every day. It’s only £8.99 so if you reckon it’s your kind of thing it’s not a terrifyingly priced product. If you already have this or are planning on buying it, let me know where you stand as I would love to know.



N xxxx

  1. Alix

    Wow this palette looks amazing! I haven’t been brave enough to use colours like green or yellow, I might experiment one day with this palette! Love your swatches as well xx

      • Lori

        I can’t figure out how to comment, but I was planning to get this palette next week and now I’m totally sold on it. This is an excellent review. I read tons of makeup blogs, and this is the best blog I’ve found. I’m definitely subscribing.

      • Nina Louise

        Aw thank you! That means so so much to me 🤗 it’s such a fab palette! x

  2. Sarah Bailey

    Now that is one gorgeous looking palette, I have to admit I wasn’t sure what sort of colours to expect but they are all so nice. Definitely, something that is completely wearable.

  3. rhianwestbury

    Lovely shades and I can see why it gets compared to the ABH palette. I love the packaging, esp as mint chocolate chip is also my favourite ice cream x

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