So, I have always loved reading blog posts and watching youtube videos where people talk about the apps they love to use. I thought I would share something similar with you, as I seem to have accumulated quite the collection of apps on my phone!


BeFunky Collage-23

I’ve used this app since I got an iPhone years ago, it’s definitely my favourite. I use it to edit my photos before uploading them to Instagram, as the VSCO allows you to upload straight from the app which is super handy. I also use it before I put pictures into my blog posts. You can upload images straight from your camera roll and edit them using different filters and by adjusting the brightness and exposure etc. VSCO also lets you create a profile within the app, which allows you to upload photos for others in the community to see. You can also see what others have managed to create using the amazing filters that VSCO provides. You can download some of the presets for free and you can also buy packs of them which I have done and found to be really worth the money! These filters get permanently added to your collection. It’s such a great app for editing your own work and looking at what others have been able to do with the app. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys editing photography or being creative in their spare time.



So this app is technically a game and it is truly the most addictive thing on earth. There’s something so therapeutic about it. The aim is to design the interior of the rooms given to you in challenges, and the higher you score the more rewards you win as a result. You can buy new items for your game that actually exist in the real world, so if something takes your fancy, you can also buy it in real life. There are new releases of furniture in the in-game shop every single day. There’s also the option to view other peoples designs and vote for your favourites to earn some of the in-game currency. It’s a great game for anyone that loves interior design and it never gets old due to its frequent updates and makeovers. The company that created the game, Crowdstar Inc, also have a game that’s extremely similar but focuses on fashion, called Covet Fashion, which I also play!


21 buttons is such a unique app, it feels like one of those things you would have described as your dream app a few years ago, but it seemed impossible at the time, but it’s here and it’s brilliant. 21 buttons allows you to view a never-ending feed, full of fashion trends tailored specifically to your taste. You can view other people’s outfits and save them in ‘wishlist’ style folders. You can even share your own outfits, tagging each individual item and wait for it…you can earn money doing so! You earn a small commission every time someone purchases an item that you’ve provided a link for. Great idea, right? You can withdraw the money from your balance every time it reaches £10, which can add up quicker than you think if you upload frequently. I would love it if you could follow me on 21 Buttons: ninalouise



The best way to describe Day One is that it’s like a diary. Day by day you can write about what you get up to and add photos. It’s a great way to store loads of memories for a rainy day when you feel like reminiscing. I’ve been using this since summer and it’s so nice to have all my memories in one place. I’m looking forward to spending part of New Year’s Day going back over what I have been up to this year! I would recommend this to anyone that never gets round to using a diary (me) as you’re likely to have your phone on you anyway and it’s quick and easy to do.



So I’m sure lots of you are familiar with the super speedy and quirky recipe videos that have been circulating Facebook, however, if you aren’t, this app shall reveal all! Tasty is basically a recipe bank (1700+ recipes) all on your phone, with all of the handy little videos available at one tap of your thumb. The videos demonstrate how to make a delicious meal ingredient by ingredient, which just makes life that little bit easier. You can filter what recipes you’re looking for with options like “weeknight” or “under 30 minutes”! There are literally HUNDREDS of recipes to choose from so you’re bound to find something that suits you and to top it all off, it’s FREE!



My boyfriend and I started scrapbooking when we got together and we like to print photos out and make pages representing special days or date nights we’ve had so we can look back on a year’s worth of us! I originally used to go to Boots, plug my phone in and print a load of photos out and I would pay the price they were charging as I didn’t know where else I could get photos printed for any cheaper. I ended up paying £20 for 40 photos! I then found FreePrints and it changed my life. Every month, the app gives you 45 free photos to print out and you only pay for the delivery. If you want or need to print more than 45 photos, you will then be charged based on how many extra prints you pick. You can edit and adjust the photos before they arrive (crop etc) and then you’re done! Just like that and no it’s not too good to be true!



Polyvore is such a great app. It’s still fairly new to me so I’m still figuring bits and bobs out BUT so far so good! You can keep on top of the latest trends in the fashion world, search for specific items that you’re interested in and create sets for other users to find and like. You can share your sets on social media too so others can see your creations! It’s great for getting outfit inspiration too, I really love seeing what other people have come up with. It’s also free!



Influenster is an app that allows you to review products, read what other people have to say and also, receive some fantastic products from brands. When you create an account, you can connect Influenster to your various social media platforms. The app then calculates how many people you can reach and then brands may or may not see you aa suitable influencer to publicly review their products. It may sound easy but you really have to work hard when reviewing products and making sure you build up a following in order to get noticed. However, the app is great just for finding reviews and checking out the latest products in the beauty community. There’s even a whole community of people reviewing food! There’s something for everyone and of course, it’s free! I would recommend this to bloggers as it’s a great way to review bits and pieces within a huge community.

I would love to know what apps you guys use and love, I’m always looking for something new to try!

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  1. Sarah Bailey

    I have to admit I don’t have that many apps on my phone, I stupidly got an iPhone with no much storage and I really struggle to have room for everything I need, but one day I will upgrade and get to play and check out some of these!

  2. Jazz

    Love VSCO! You know I used to be massive on using Polyvore’s site back in 2009 – all the cool kids did it when it was just starting out!

    I’m currently loving Choices which is a story app where you decide what happens, etc. (The Royal Romance is just too cute) and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

  3. Joanna Davis

    I love Tasty, I always start watching a video on Facebook and half an hour later I am still watching related videos and planning my weekly meals because of it. I had no idea that they have an app as well. I will definitely look into it.

  4. Helen

    A few of these apps I already use and love. Day One sounds a lovely app, I think i’ll download that and like you fill it up for a year and look back through it next new year. Free Prints sounds great for me (I’m a scrapbooker too) so I’ll get that as well.

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