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I hope you’re all doing well! I’m currently writing this in Majorca! I’ve spent the last few days soaking up the sun and floating in a ring in the sea (it’s a hard life but someone has to do it). I’m flying home in two days, so I’m sure the holiday blues will kick in when I have to go back to university for my third year! That’s going to be the worst wake up call EVER. One thing that I’m sure will get me through, is the Makeup Revolution Cotton Candy Chocolate Palette, which I’m going to be reviewing today!

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The Cotton Candy Palette is part of the I Heart Makeup chocolate bar series, Read my reviews of the Mint Chocolate Bar Palette & Golden Bar Palette if you want to know more about the range. This palette retails at £8.99 and you can grab it on the Makeup Revolution website or from Superdrug.


Just like the other palettes in the range, it’s designed to look like a chocolate bar. It’s clear to see that it was influenced by candy-floss with that pretty baby pink and cream colour scheme. The one thing I’m not a huge fan of, is how chunky the palette actually is. I appreciate the creativity but I find it difficult to store. I use a filing system and these palettes take up a lot of room.


The Cotton Candy Palette contains 18 shades; 14 shimmers and metallics and 4 mattes. I wish there had been a bit more variety. The best thing about having a palette that contains a bit of everything is you can rely on it to create lots of looks on its own. I will definitely need to reach for other palettes to create more looks. It’s a shame as there’s so much space inside the palette. I think it could have been split more evenly. Most of the shades are neutrals and pinks which is ideal if you like playing around with those colours. There’s also a good variety of warm and cool toned shades. Also, it’s scented people! We’re not talking Willy Wonka’s factory, it’s kind of a fake chocolate smell, but it’s nice! I hate when eyeshadows smell of chemicals so this makes for a nice change.


Topped A champagne gold metallic – Quite powdery but when applied carefully it looks great! 

CarnivalA light rose gold metallic – Not that pigmented but it is buildable and it looks gorgeous on! It’s such a pretty shade for Autumn. I love using bronze shades, particularly pinky ones! 

EnjoyA taupe matte – My least favourite shade in the palette! As you might be able to see from the swatches, it’s patchy and it took a lot of effort to get any pay off. Ironically I didn’t exactly enjoy it! 

Fancy – A light copper satin – Similar soft feel to Carnival however this one has more pink in it. It’s quite subtle at first but it’s also buildable and it’s a lovely shade for the inner part of the lid.

FairgroundA matte taupe with a gold shimmer – I’m slightly disappointed with this matte shade too! It’s not very pigmented and it takes a while to build it up

SweetheartA burgundy red satin – I love this shade! It’s so pretty and it will look so stunning during Autumn and Winter along with some other warm toned shadows. It also feels silky soft and applies beautifully.


Made To ShareA warm light brown matte – This matte is much more pigmented than the others and I actually quite like it! I can use it as a transition shade but other than that I probably won’t use it all that much.

Fairy FlossA pastel pink shimmer – It’s quite similar to the shade Topped in that it’s powdery and glittery at first but when applied bit by bit and with a wet brush, it looks gorgeous! I love wearing pinks so I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this one!

StrawberryA pink metallic – My favourite shade in the palette! It’s nicely pigmented and it’s just as good as some of my more expensive metallics! 

CloudsA silver-grey metallic – I don’t actually own a good silver metallic shade and I’ve been looking for one for ages so I was happy to find this one inside the palette! It’s slightly chalky but it still looks lovely on! 

Spun SugarWarm rose metallic – I love this shade! It’s pigmented and easy to apply (especially with a wet brush) and I can see myself using this one a lot! I love that it has a pink shift to it, it looks so elegant and pretty! It’s a more subtle pink than the shade “strawberry”. 

Sweet Tooth Cream metallic shimmer – Annoyingly, this is also quite powdery and glittery so the fallout is a bit annoying but I still use it to glam up my makeup looks! I think they just need to work on their shimer formula a little bit more. 


Pretty In PastelMetallic pastel purple – My second favourite shade in the palette! Look how pigmented it is, it’s ridiculous. I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this shade in particular, especially when the weather starts compliment these colours a bit more in Spring!

ConfectionLight metallic bronze with a white Shift – This is such a stunning shade! I love anything champagne coloured as I find these shades are the most flattering on me. I tend to wear metallic shades like this every day paired with a neutral matte.

So SweetA light pink metallic with a white shift – I would have liked this to be slightly more pigmented, it’s just not quite bold enough for me.

Treat For YouDeep cinnamon matte – This is the kind of shade that I wear every day. It’s perfect for depending the crease. It was slightly patchy when swatched but on the eyes, it looks flawless.

Puff Deep muted purple with pale pink shift – Although I’m a fan of warm toned makeup looks, every now and again I like to experiment with pinks and purples. I can see myself using this to create some berry toned smokey eye looks all year round. Imagine this with the shade Strawberry and Fairy Floss.

DreamsDeep copper metallic with a slight shimmer – I bloody love this shade. It’s the perfect copper and you know me and my bronze eyeshadows – I can’t get enough of them. It’s pigmented, buttery and it can work with so many different looks.


In terms of things that I don’t like, I think there could have been more matte shades. There needs to be more of a variety, perhaps some darker and lighter. When it comes to creating makeup looks, I tend to use the palettes that have the most in them, that way I don’t have to reach for anything else. If I’m travelling, I can pack lightly. It’s just so much easier to be creative! We definitely could have had some fun, bright colours in there. Perhaps some pinks and purplest to fit with the theme? I might sound picky but it would have made such a difference!

That being said, this palette only costs £8.99. Given that it contains a whopping 18 shades and I like nearly all of them, it’s really great value. Even though I think it could be improved, I really like the design, the colour theme and the formula of most of the shades. I love the packaging but it I think it would be slightly better if it was bit less bulky and chunky. That won’t stop me from buying more of these palettes though!

What do you think of this palette? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow my socials – come and say hey!

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  1. Joy

    the packaging is really pretty but like you said, I wish there were more matte shades, this palette is not versatile enough! great review xx

    • Nina Louise

      It’s frustrating isn’t it? I like a good mixture of mattes and shimmers in my eyeshadow palettes! Thank you for reading lovely x

  2. tralisty

    I love that there’s so many shimmer shades in one palette, but it does mean that you have to take a couple of palettes with you…
    But those shades are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!

    Naomi | tralisty.com

    • Nina Louise

      Yeah it’s just one of those things that I find a bit annoying. I already pack way too much in my suitcase, let alone in my makeup bag! They are pretty shades though so I think with a bit of tweaking it could easily be one of my favourite palettes!

    • Nina Louise

      The chocolate bar palette range from makeup revolution offers a lot of alternatives to high end brands so it’s definitely worth checking out all of their options! There’s so many to choose from now!

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