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How are you doing? I’m currently ignoring the fact that I need to be packing for a holiday that I’m going on in less than 24 hours. I’m going to Mallorca with my boyfriend and his best friends (another couple). We’ve only been on family holidays together so I’m excited to be going away with just him. I’ve also never been to Mallorca so I’m looking forward to exploring a new place. I plan on sunbathing as much as possible and topping up my tan so that during Autumn I don’t look like a ghost (although I could make that work for Halloween).

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This is a paid collaboration, however all opinions are my own!

Today’s post is another collaboration with MOPBOX, a new makeup-only subscription box, here in the UK! I’m a makeup addict so this is exactly the kind of subscription that I need in my life. Subscriptions are open on the first of every month and stay open until the 28th (unless the boxes all sell out) and your box is then shipped around the 30th via Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For postal service. You can choose from three different subscriptions; monthly, 3 months or 6 months. If you sign up for 3 or 6 months, you pay monthly with a saving, instead of an upfront payment, however, cancellation is at the end of your plan if you choose to subscribe to either one of these!


Each box features a stylised makeup-look to create and it also includes the makeup, tools and brushes to help you do it! There’s also a magazine inside, with a step-by-step guide showing you exactly what to do. I think these boxes will be so inspiring for any budding makeup artists or for anyone looking to boost their confidence in order to express themselves through makeup!


Monthly Subscription – £24/month

3 Month Subscription – £23/month

6 Month Subscription – £22/month


Last month’s box was amazing. I was extremely impressed with the products that were included. The sizes were all very generous and the brands were all great too. One of my pet peeves with most beauty subscription boxes is how reluctant most of them are to include decent sized products. I would happily pay more per month to receive normal sized beauty products than tiny little ones that I can’t really test properly. From what I’ve seen, the boxes from the last two months (August and September) are definitely worth the money.




This month’s theme is focused on creating a glowing makeup look – perfect for the last stretch of summer! I love using products that make my skin look radiant as I use lots of liquid products and I don’t really like to  have a matte face. I am still haunted by the days where I wore so much powder that I probably looked like a cake (year 8 throwback). Just like last month, we received another lovely magazine which provides information about every product including their RRPs (I find this info helpful when working out if I am getting my money’s worth). There is also a step-by-step guide, teaching you how to create this month’s look, featuring tips and tricks from industry professionals! Just by flicking through the magazine, you can tell that that MOPBOX is different from the rest.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Phase Zero – Metal Foil Eyeshadow in “Gold Roses” – RRP £4.75

I practically jumped for joy when I discovered that this product was included in my September box. I love anything gold and when it comes to eyeshadow, it’s a staple in my makeup bag. I always go for a shimmery base, whether I wanted one or not, it just seems to happen every time. The texture of this foil shadow is difficult to explain. It reminds me of the Kylie Cosmetics Wet Set – it’s kind of springy and wet and it applies so smoothly as a result. Swatching it was a piece of cake as it’s so pigmented! I always worry with cream shadows whether or not they will take a lot of blending however this one takes seconds. The quicker you work, the easier that it blends out! It’s even better on the eyes as it stays put for hours when applied properly (using last month’s MOPBOX brush). Although we received it in a Summer box, it will be amazing to work with during Autumn with warm orange and red shades.


Elizabeth Arden – Maximum Volume Mascara in “Black 01” – RRP £22

I was shocked that they included such a high end product in this month’s box. The mascara itself nearly costs as much as the whole box – wow?! I’m always changing my mascaras up as I have extremely boring lashes that just go in a straight line unless forced (anyone else?). This product actually works for me which is very rare! I love how well it separates my lashes and makes them look much longer – another rare find for me! Normally I don’t like to spend too much on mascaras however this one is clearly worth the money.

Processed with VSCO with 6 presetIMG_8936.jpg

Model Co – Highlighting Trio – £16

Well, you know me and my cream products – I’m obsessed! I just love radiant and glowing makeup looks and this is the kind of product that I search high and low for. The fact that three shades are included in one little pot is perfect for saving space in your makeup bag plus I can see myself using all three to contour, highlight and as a blusher too! The formula is so creamy and smooth, it’s so easy to apply over foundation and it also blends really easily too. I’m also a huge fan of Model Co’s products anyway so I knew that it was going to be good before I’d even opened it!


So Susan – Haute Light Pencil – RRP £15

Sometimes I find that using black eyeliner can just be too much and it makes me look terrifying. I’ve been looking for a good white or cream liner for ages to try and brighten my eyes instead and all of a sudden this one arrived! Last month we received a So Susan palette and it was great quality so I had my hopes up for this product. So far, it’s living up to my expectations and it’s been a staple in my makeup bag since I received it! I absolutely love it. Don’t worry about it being dramatic either, it’s very natural and creamy rather than white so you won’t look crazy. My eyes are the one thing that I actually like about my face so I love using products that enhance them and make them stand out more. This pencil is an absolute yes from me!

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NYX – Lip Lingerie in “Bedtime Flirt” & “Push-Up” – RRP £7

I’ve been debating about buying these for such a long time. I’ve only heard good things but I just couldn’t make my mind up as there are so many shades available! I was so happy to receive these two minis in this month’s box as it gave me a chance to properly test them out. I tend to wear reds at this time of year but I wear nudes a lot too so I can definitely make these shades work! They swatched beautifully and they lasted a long time – I carried on with my day as usual and they were still there when I was getting into bed! I’m so impressed with the formula and the staying power! I love that we received two in this box as well!

Processed with VSCO with 6 presetProcessed with VSCO with 6 preset

Sunkissed – Hello Sunshine Powder – RRP £3.99

My skin is normally somewhere on the darker side of pale (not white and not quite olive) and I tan very easily so I always use warm shades when it comes to contouring or bronzing products. I just find that cool toned shades look awful on me! Typically, I also go for bronzers with a slight shimmer to them however this one is matte so I’m interested to see what I can do with it. Also, how generous is this pan? It’s HUGE! This is what I mean, you really do get your money’s worth with MOPBOX! Even though this bronzer only retails at a few pounds, it just goes to show that subscription boxes don’t always have to include sample sizes.


Bourjois – Khol and Contour 16hr Pencil – RRP £4.99

Although I mentioned previously that I don’t always like to use black eyeliners, when I need to add some drama to my makeup looks, this is the kind of product that I look for! I’ve always loved Bourjois (I’ve been using their foundation for over 7 years now) so I was keen to try this pencil out as I knew the quality would be good. I was right! It’s pigmented and easy to apply. It’s the kind of product that can turn any daytime look into a night-time look in seconds! When they say “16H” – they mean it! It’s so long-lasting and it’s smudge proof so whether you’re sobbing in the toilet with your pals or you’re dancing the night away on the sweaty dance floor, this pencil has got your back!

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

MOPBOX – Powder Brush – RRP £16

I just can’t get over the quality of the MOPBOX makeup brushes. This month we received a large powder brush – perfect for setting powder or bronzer! It’s so soft and you can tell that it’s high quality too just by the weight of it. I’m so impressed with this brush and I’ve been using last month’s almost every day, more than some of my high-end brushes! I’m really excited to see what other brushes we will receive!

Overall, this was another fantastic box. There isn’t a single thing I would change or improve here – everything is amazing. It’s very rare that I don’t have something negative to say about a subscription box as there’s usually something that doesn’t suit me etc. but in this case, I have nothing but praise! MOPBOX is just ticking every box for me. I understand that some of you may be thinking well if she’s being paid to write this post, she’s probably biased. Well if you’ve read my disclaimer page, I wouldn’t recommend anything to you unless I would buy it myself. So regardless of the fact that this is a collaboration, I would subscribe to MOPBOX anyway if I wasn’t working with them. If you’re looking for a new beauty subscription or you want to become more familiar with makeup and how to use it in different ways, this is definitely the box for you! What do you think of these products? Do you have any suggestions for how they could improve or anything that you really love? Let me know in the comments! I’ve included all of my social media below so be sure to come and say hey!



N xxxx

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