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I hope you’re all doing well! A while ago I wrote a post about some of my favourite fragrances (click here to read that) and it was really popular so I thought I would do another one. I also thought I would make it summer themed as I feel like my fragrances change every season (anyone else?) and it’s time for an update. However, some of the following are the same as I definitely have some favourites that are here to stay! Therefore, I’ve kept a couple of the descriptions the same but there are new ones too.

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Today’s post is in collaboration with Clive Christian who have the most gorgeous range fragrances! Some of their collections, particularly their Twist Discovery Set, feature the perfect summer perfumes*, with lots of citrus and floral based scents. I really recommend checking out their website, as they have created so many different fragrances and I’m sure lots of you will find one that you love the sound of! One that I particularly love, is their fruity floral fragrance with dark plum, which also features bergamot, black pepper and frankincense – amazing!


Zoella Fragranced Body mist – Let’s Spritz – RRP £8

This is a new favourite of mine. I bought this body mist for the first time towards the end of last year and since then I’ve bought a few bottles, to make sure there’s one wherever I go! It’s definitely up there with my favourite fragrances ever. I love the packaging with the gorgeous lace design on the back and the metallic blue polka dot lid. It’s just so pretty to have on my dressing table. This spray features Raspberry and Cassis making it a gorgeous fresh and fruity spritz. I am a lover of all things berry scented so I was immediately drawn to this after testing it out. It’s so long lasting, I find I can still smell it on me right at the end of the day when I sprayed it ten hours before. Very impressed! I usually buy mine from Superdrug.

UPDATE – I wear this almost every day and I can’t imagine not using this! It’s my go-to fragrance at the moment and I absolutely love it!



Soap and Glory Body Spray – Mist You Madly– RRP £4

I have been loving and using Soap and Glory products for a long time now and their fragrances are to blame for my addiction! I really love this scent, it’s so invigorating and it’s so perfect for a quick spritz during summer! It features bergamot, mandarin and caramon which makes such a beautiful fresh and flirty combo. It also features musk, sandalwood and vanilla which gives it a soft and sweet twist.



Zoella Fragranced Body mist – Gelat’eau– RRP £8

This is just SO GOOD! Firstly, the packaging is so cute and it has it’s own little space on my dressing table. It features Elderflower and Pomegranite which makes for the best fruity fragrance ever! I always seem to go for fruity scents during Summer because it’s around this time of year that I eat lots more fruit and I also want to smell like a fruit salad too. I really recommend grabbing some of this as it’s just so good that my description will not do it justice – you need to sniff it for yourselves!



Shay and Blue – Blood Oranges – £25

This is a new one for me! I love how simple and minimalistic the packaging is, I think it looks so delicate and classy. This beautiful fragrance features an immediate fesh burst of bloog orange segments and juice whilst also blending with hot napa leather, charred woods and amber (WOW). I think the reason that I love this is because it’s so beautifully unique. I’ve never smelt anything like it before and the citrus notes are fantastic for summer! It’s so refreshing and energising, I’m been absolutely loving it at the moment!



Soap and Glory Body Spray – Sugar Crush – £4

I really enjoy using products by Soap and Glory. I love their packaging, their branding (quirky phrases and names) and the quality of their products is always fantastic. If you want to see what my faves are, check out my post, where I review lots of Soap and Glory bits and pieces! This scent is by far my favourite in their entire collection, it’s sweet with a fruity lime twist. It features lemon oil and Elemi oil whilst also including vanilla, sweet lime, ginger and smashed brown sugar. It’s definitely a fragrance for those that like something zingy and refreshing! It lasts so long too, so you don’t have to worry about topping up if you’ve got a busy day ahead of you. This is also the travel mini, so it’s perfect to keep in my bag for on the go spritzing!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my current favourite fragrances! I’ll definitely be writing these posts every season so keep a look out for more when Autumn hits. What are your favourite summer fragrances? Let me know in the comments! I’ve also linked all of my social media below so come and say hi!

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    I love all the zoella fragrances! I can’t wait to try her new botanics range! Great post. I’m back to blogging after taking a break so it would mean a lot if you went to check out my most recent post. Xx

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