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I have been a Zoella lover since I was around 13/14 years old. I used to read her blog and then I got really into her Youtube videos. I used to watch them religiously every day, some even twice! I have always admired her approach to mental health and her bubbly personality always cheers me up. Find her blog here, and click here for her Youtube channel! When I found out a couple of years ago that she was starting a beauty range (as well as a fab lifestyle range too) I was SO excited.

Her collections have been pun-tastic and if you know Zoe Sugg, you’ll know she loves a good old pun in all areas of life, so I wasn’t surprised to find that the 2017 Christmas range was called ‘Snowella’! I was extremely excited for this range. I remember watching her video where she introduced all of the products (you can watch it here) and I literally wanted everything that I saw. I was so tempted throughout most of December to grab these bits however I knew it would be available after Christmas too (when the sales hit), so I waited. I hate to be that person but I honestly can’t resist a bargain and there’s something way more satisfying about waiting to buy a product and when you finally get to, it’s cheaper than it was originally! So without further ado, let’s take a look…

SNOWELLA - YOU'RE CRACKERS.jpg1. You’re Cracking Giftset– £14*

*£4.99 in Superdrug now

I immediately wanted this because of the packaging, I mean it’s a flipping giant cracker with copper writing on it – come on?! Zoe definitely knew what she was doing with the packaging in this range actually, as it’s all so pretty and matching and it definitely makes you want it all so many marketing points to her for that one! First in the set, is the Snow Silky Body Lotion (100ml) and the Snow Fresh Body Wash (100ml) which both contain softening Peony, brightening Winter Cranberry and soothing Mint (similar to most of the products in the range). I like the packaging for these two, they have a matte finish plus there’s copper involved as well so I mean… Finally we’ve got the Winter Wonder Hand Handcream (90ml), which I originally thought was in a metal tube (like the body shop ones I already own) so I was kind of dreading using it as it would resemble a dried prune after the first squeeze. It turned out to be a plastic tube with a copper finish so I no longer have to lose any sleep over damaging the packaging (yes I am that sad). My skin is also as dry as sand paper during Winter so I do love a good handbag sized handcream and this is idea for on the go moisturising.


2. Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers – £6*

*£1.99 in Superdrug now or £4 at Feel Unique

MORE COPPER PACKAGING – YES PLEASE. Within this set, you get two giant bath fizzers with giant snowflakes on them. These are filled with blue iridescent glitter so they look stunning in the bath and on your skin when you get out! The fizzers are loaded with Cocoa Butter, softening Peony, brightening Winter Cranberry and soothing Mint. They smell so fresh so I love using them for baths in the morning to wake me up.

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3. Snow’ella Body Mist 100ml – £14*

*£4.99 in Superdrug now

I included the miniature body mist too, which comes as part of the All Four You giftset (I got this for my birthday). The larger bottle is available on it’s own with a gorgeous white pom pom attached. It’s definitely a bottle to have on show as it looks so luxe and delicate. I’m dreading the day this runs out! It’s the same scent as the rest of the products in the range, Winter Cranberry, Mint and Peony. Also, the reindeer is from Tiger for anyone eyeing him up.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset4. Merry & Bright Bubble Bath – £10*

*£2.99 in Superdrug now

The Merry & Bright Bubble Bath comes in a huge 490ml glass bottle. You get SO much product plus it’s absolutely beautiful and looks so pretty on the side in my bathroom. The bubble bath has a slight shimmer to it which I love and it also creates the best bubbles for a relaxing pamper night in! It comes with a pom pom hair tie, which I actually use if I want my hair out my face in the bath or when I’m using a face mask. I will definitely be reusing this bottle after I’m finished with the product! This is also in the Snow’ella scent.

SNOWELLA - BATH DUO.jpg5. Brew Me A Bath Bath Teabags & Splash Of Milk Bath Milk Powder – £12*

*£3.99 in Superdrug now or £8.40 on Feel Unique

So up first we have the Brew Me A Bath Bath Tea Bags, which I was most excited about, I think bath tea bags are such a cool concept. You get 8 x 20g bags which I think is great value for money (eight baths worth).  The teabags look like they’re real, except they are filled with pink powder and there’s a cute little Z on the tag. I leave them under the tap and the powder dissolves, adding some moisture to the water but also creating some bubbles.

The Splash Of Milk Bath Milk Powder contains four 40g sachets of powder. I wish it contained more as I absolutely love this product! Empty your sachet under warm running water for a milky white moisturising bath.



*£2.99 in Superdrug now or

I love this set as it comes with two products that are perfect for pampering yourself.

First, we have the Snow Polished Body Polish (100ml). I have to admit, I don’t actually use body polishes anywhere near the amount that I should. When I do use them, my skin feels incredible and always smells so lovely for hours afterwards. I like the fact that this body polish is foaming too, so it doesn’t feel to harsh on the skin like some of the others I have tried.

Snow Smooth Body Butter (100ml) I absolutely love this product. My skin also loves it too as it’s just so moisturising and I smell amazing for hours!


*£1.99 in Superdrug now or £4.80 from Feel Unique

I picked up one of these even though it also came in the You’re Cracking set because during Winter I get through hand cream like it’s air so I thought I would stock up before I have to say goodbye to this range.

This range is absolutely gorgeous, the packaging ticks all the aesthetic boxes for me with lots of copper, grey and pink (matching everything in my bedroom to be honest) and I just love the wide range of products. This is definitely my favourite range so far, I’m super impressed. I have to say though, some of these products were quite pricey to begin with (those are the prices I’ve written by every product above) and had there not been a sale, I probably wouldn’t have bought them. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good products or aren’t worth trying out, it just depends on your budget I guess. Let me know what you guys think of these products if you have tried them!

N xxxx


*Anything marked with an “*” are either sponsored or affiliate links, however all opinions are my own

  1. nerdoverseas

    Before reading this I wasn’t too sure if I was going to buy something from this range – I think I prefered the scent of the one that was in stores last year. However, seeing your thoughts and how much you like it (and given the fact it’s now on sale haha), I am now seriously considering buying the body polish & butter! Thanks x

    • Nina Louise

      I only have the spray from last year’s range and I wish I had bought some of the products! I have grown to love this scent too though, it’s less sickly sweet. The sales are super tempting aren’t they! Let me know if you get anything hun x

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