So, we have reached the end of my first ever Blogmas! I’m so so so glad that I took part as it’s taught me so much about the world of blogging but also about myself. I’ve learned that I actually have a lot more confidence than I thought I had.

I started this blog in September and I didn’t share it with anyone at first – the thought terrified me. I was scared I would be judged or laughed. Writing the post about my brother (it’s here if you want to give it a read) taught me  to be true to myself and not to be afraid of being judged by other people. The support that I received in response was so overwhelming. In my first ever blog post, I talked about how blogs and youtube channels have helped me in dark and difficult times in my life and that I was hoping to achieve something similar in my own writing, so I was incredibly moved by how many people said that it had helped them.

This little world that I have created also helps me too. I’ve always loved writing and expressing my opinion and being able to do this whenever I want to, about whatever I choose makes me super happy. I’m so glad so many of you have enjoyed my posts and that it continues to help and entertain all you lovely people out there! Your support honestly means the world to me.

To my girl tribe back at uni, thank you all so much for being avid readers and for even sharing them with your friends and family! Benjamin, you absolute star – thank you so much for putting up with my blogging breakdowns and typing tantrums and for helping me plan my posts and for being so supportive with everything that I do!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas a very happy New Year and that you get to spend lots of time with people that you love. Speaking of which I can sense a growing panic in the kitchen as dinner is nearly ready, so I should probably go and assist my parents!

Lots and lots of love N xxxx




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