Today I’m talking about one of my favourite beauty brands, Soap and Glory. Given that Christmas is fast approaching, I couldn’t think of a better time to let you all know what this fabulous brand has in stock, just in time for some last minute buying of stocking fillers. Soap and Glory always have the most gorgeous gift sets at this time of year too which make perfect Christmas presents!

I have always been sucked in by anything pink or gimmicky, let alone an entire wall of it (in some boots stores – SOS from my bank account). That’s how I got into Soap and Glory products, I was lured in by their gorgeous packaging. When I first noticed Soap and Glory’s products in my local Boots store, they were mainly selling body lotions and hand lotions. The range is now absolutely huge compared to what it was a few years ago and I couldn’t be happier about this!

Over the years I have developed a strong love for all things Soap and Glory and I thought I would share my favourite products with you!

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Let’s talk moisturisers…

VSCO Cam-2-1.jpgArguably, Soap and Glory are most well known for their body lotions and rightly so! I absolutely love covering myself in moisturisers, especially at this time of year. I always feel so smooth and soft and I smell bloody fab after using these products.

The Righteous Butter Body Lotion (travel size) – £2.50 – This is probably Soap and Glory’s most well-known scent, with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. It smells so good. On the back of the tube, you are asked to “Butter the devil you know” (typical puns from Soap and Glory) and especially pay attention to rougher spots. I love keeping this in my bag and suitcase for whenever I travel or stay anywhere. It makes me feel so pampered and leaves me soft and moisturised.

Hand Food Hand Cream (travel size) – £2.50 – Another of their legendary products, the Hand Food hand cream is one of my favourites. During Winter I get particularly dry hands so I absolutely love keeping this in my bag for on the go use. The hand cream contains Shea Butter and Macadamia oil AND marshmallow (gasp) it smells incredible. It’s fragranced with Soap and Glory’s signature scent of Rose and bergamot. Unlike lots of hand creams that I’ve tried before now, it isn’t sticky or greasy – which is a must for me in glove wearing season.

Hand Food Hand Cream Pump – £7 – Although having the travel size version of this gorgeous hand cream is perfect for on the go, I do like to keep the pump one in my bathroom for more heavy duty use. Again it’s fragranced with rose and bergamot (heaven on earth).

Heel Genius Foot Cream – £5.50 – I used to dance pretty much every day of the week and with that came gross feet. I was in desperate need of moisture and this became my solution! It features orange and lemon fruit acid, bilberry, menthol, macadamia oil, glycerin and allantoin which is the perfect combo for tackling feet as dry as sandpaper. Try it, your feet will thank you later!

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream – £10 – Sugar Crush is my absolute FAVOURITE scent by Soap and Glory. This body lotion is fragranced with lime oil, kiwi juice water, and lime tree blossom extract which makes it perfect for waking you up in the morning as it’s just so refreshing and zingy. I tend to slather this on after a shower or a bath and it keeps me feeling soft and smooth for the rest of the day. Of course, it’s loaded with moisturising sweet almond oil and coconut oil and shea and cocoa butter. You also get a generous amount of product and for £10 I think that’s a great deal.

Moving on to my favourite bath and shower goodies…

VSCO Cam-1-9.jpgClean On Me Shower Gel – £6.50 – I usually have a bottle of this in stock somewhere in my bathroom. I just love the clean and fresh scent of this shower gel, which contains mandarin peel extract. It smells divine and it makes me feel so pampered and silky soft after my shower. You can smell it on your skin hours later which is a bonus plus £6.50 is such a great price for a huge 500ml bottle – go grab it!


(They’ve actually changed the name of this) to Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub – £7 – It smells so fresh and clean! This scrub is so creamy and thick and it’s packed with scrubbing beads so that you can exfoliate to your heart’s desire.


VSCO Cam-2-6.jpgThe Rushower Scentsational Dry Shampoo – £4 – My mum gave me this for my birthday and I am so glad that she did, it’s a lifesaver! I usually Batiste’s dry shampoos, however, I have always hated how rough they make my hair feel and how difficult they are to blend out into my hair without it looking like I’ve gone grey or I’ve got suspiciously widespread dandruff. Rushower, leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and it blends into my roots like a dream, absorbing any gross oils with it. It also smells incredible with mandarin, rose and bergamot – erm yes please? You can smell it for hours after you sprayed it as well, which I love.

VSCO Cam-3-2.jpgSugar Crush Body Spray – £4 – I was so happy when Soap and Glory created this spray as it’s already my favourite scent that they’ve done. It’s fragranced with lemon oil and Elemi oil which I find to be so refreshing in the morning before I go to university. There’s also elements of vanilla, ginger, sweet lime and smashed brown sugar which is simply a drool-worthy combination. It’s like they bottled happiness. Go and have a sniff and let me know if you love it as much as I do!

VSCO Cam-1-10.jpgNo Clogs Allowed – £11.50 – No apologies for the well-loved appearance of this one – I just love it so much. It’s perfect for a pamper night once a week (I mean I have one every day if possible, oops) when your skin needs resurrecting. I always apply it in my problem areas (on my face of course) and I let it do its thing for about 10-15 minutes. I have definitely noticed a huge difference after using this mask. I have tried all kinds in my time yet this one just continues to impress me.

 If you haven’t tried anything out by Soap and Glory yet, I honestly can’t recommend their products highly enough! Not only are all of the products of such high quality but the packaging that they come in is simply gorgeous and are usually a glimpse at their fab sense of humour with gimmicky names and play on words. All of the scents are amazing too, I am yet to dislike one! Usually, around this time of year, there are lots of offers on their products, so stock up now! Let me know if you have any Soap and Glory favourites too, I’m always looking for an excuse to buy more of their products!

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  1. Nicole

    I’ve never tried anything from this brand before but I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about it and this post was very iformative, I might have to try out some of these products.

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