After the huge success of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, (take a look at my review) everyone was expecting great things when it’s “sister” the Subculture palette was released. The palette sparked lots of debate within the beauty community. There was lots of discussion surrounding the choice of colours, as they are pretty bold. I managed to convince myself that I can rock shades like this but I can understand why some people were terrified when they saw a mustard yellow.

I decided that I had to try this controversial product for myself and I bought myself the Subculture palette during summer, as I was wearing lots of bold eye looks during these months and thought this palette would be perfect for just that! It retails at £43 on their website *distant screams from my bank account* The packaging is made from a beautifully soft and a flocked teal coloured, crushed velvet material which definitely makes it feel more expensive, almost identical to the MR palette. There are 14 shades (11 mattes and 2 metallics and 2 duo chromes) A majority of the shades are warm and muted with some retro 70s vibes (YES PLEASE). When looking at the shadows all together, it reminds me of mid-century modern interiors, I LOVE IT. The shades are also quite grungy and autumnal in that there are some mustard yellows and khaki greens with some coppers and golds too.

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  • Axis – “Ultra matte sage green” Teal/Turquoise has always been my favourite colour so I was delighted to see this shade in the palette. I love it, it’s an unusual colour and it’s just SO pigmented. I wouldn’t recommend going in too hard with your brush as you might look like you have a black eye (been there, done that unfortunately) If you do anything but tap it lightly, you could probably paint a picture with the amount of shadow you will pick up so be careful!
  • Mercury – “Ultra Matte Slate Grey” I was a bit disappointed when I saw this shade as it just looked so dull compared to the others. However when I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a cool toned grey with what I reckon to be lilac undertones (see picture with flash) and it looks super pretty in the crease when blended out.
  • All Star – “Ultra Matte Vintage Wine” I love a good plum coloured eyeshadow. I have green eyes so pinks and purples really make them pop. I love using this in the crease as it’s so pigmented yet blends out so beautifully.
  • Adorn – “Metallic Bronze” This could be my favourite shade. It’s SO pretty and when it catches the light it’s absolutely stunning. It’s so rich in pigment and looks even better when a setting spray is used.
  • Destiny – “Ultra Matte Sage Green” I LOVE this shade, it’s a dark khaki green which is one of my favourite colours. Surprisingly it applies with very little fall out if you’re gentle when you apply it. I love using this in my outer corner for added intensity. I do find if you pack too much on however, it can become quite patchy when blending it out so apply sparingly. I would say that is the case with most dark matte shadows though, it’s all in the blending!
  • Dawn – “Ultra Matte Sand” I actually really like this shade even though it’s pretty simple. It has subtle muted peach undertones which make it a nice shadow to use for a more natural look. I use this as a transition shade most of the time as it blends like a dream.
  • Cube – “Duo Chrome Pink Pearl” My least favourite shade. It’s just not pigmented enough for me. At first I thought it looked gorgeous but upon using it I just got a sort of weak pink sheen. It seems to have a sort of skin on it that means it’s quite chalky too. I would’ve preferred just a plain pearly white shade so I could at least use it for inner corner highlight or on my brown bone.

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  • Rowdy“Ultra Matte Blackened Purple” I love using this shade to smoke out different looks, it can change up your makeup 0-100 real quick, from a study session in the library to GET ME TO DA CLUB.
  • EdgeUltra Matte Gold Mustard” I was originally terrified to touch this, I mean, it’s a YELLOW. However, I really enjoy using it now. I love the colour anyway so I just braved it and it’s not too bad! It’s nice to put in the inner part of the lid and it’s easy to blend into a darker shade (I’ve used New Wave to warm it up in the outer corner of the lid)
  • Untamed“Ultra Matte Tarnished Green” This is a smokey green with undertones of turquoise/teal and is lighter than axis but still just as pigmented. SO pretty.
  • New Wave – “Ultra-matte citron orange” I was also kind of scared to use this shadow but it’s truly gorgeous. At first, I thought it was another yellow but it’s actually a warm matte orange shade. I used this lots during summer to create warm toned looks which it was PERFECT for!
  • Fudge“Ultra Matte Warm Bronze” I love using this for smokey eye looks. It adds that extra bit of drama to your lid. It’s a warm brown with red undertones.
  • Electric“Duo Chrome Lime-Gold” This is such a unique shadow. It’s so quirky and looks great on a night out but I actually wear it during the day too. It’s mainly gold however it has gorgeous flecks of green that jump out at you when it catches the light.
  • Roxy“Ultra Matte Muted Coral” I love this shade, it’s such a pretty colour to use as a transition shade in the crease or as a base on your lid. It’s actually a great shade for summer as it’s got some flirty pink/ apricot undertones that really compliment green/blue eyes.

    Here are some looks that I’ve managed to create with this palette (apologies in advance, I’m no expert)


I don’t think there’s a problem with fallout or kick back if you’re gentle with the shadows. I would say all but one of the shades (cube) are nicely pigmented. I would strongly suggest just lightly tapping the shadows as opposed to swirling your brush around the pans as this picks up a small amount of colour that you can blend easily and build up if you want more of a bold look. I would also suggest using a setting spray with the metallic shades in the palette, to make them hella sparkly – the difference is amazing! I wouldn’t recommend this palette to those that enjoy the safety of neutral toned shadows. I would say it’s a palette for the more experimental individuals out there however some shades, for example Electric, Fudge and Adorn could be used to make a really pretty more “natural” look but if there’s only a few shades in here that take your fancy, it’s probably not worth paying the hefty price.


I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know in the comments what you think about this palette or if you’ve found any great dupes!

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    I still haven’t even got modern renaissance and that’s my next purchase. I’m not sure how much I’d use the shades in this palette x

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