Before I begin, I just want to say a massive thank you for the support you have given me for my last post, it’s been so overwhelming.  I can’t explain how much it meant to me to receive messages and comments from people I’ve known for years and also people I’ve never met saying how much the post helped them or how it had opened their eyes which was exactly my intention. Once again, thank you so so much x

My MAC lipstick collection has grown a fair bit this year and I thought I would share my favourite lippies with you! Arguably, MAC’s lipsticks are what they are most well known for and that’s how I was drawn in. They usually retail at around the £15 mark which can be pricey for some so I will also be doing a drugstore favourites post for Blogmas so some more affordable alternatives will be included within that! However, I would really recommend keeping an eye on the MAC sales as they sometimes sell amazing products at reduced prices and they go really quickly!


This is my favourite lipstick. It’s matte and it’s nude – what more could a girl want?! I always say I’m going to wear more red lipstick every year but it never happens, I always drift back towards more neutral tones. I’m not sure when the craze for this shade started but I totally understand why now! Velvet Teddy is a deep-toned beige and is one of the best nude matte lipsticks that I have ever tried. It stays on for hours and dries smoothly without completely drying me out. I wear this pretty much every day.


This is one of two darker lipsticks that I wear and I’m not sure you could even call this “dark” actually. I would describe the shade as a warm coral. This lipstick has the most beautiful semi-sheer and almost wet look finish to it which normally I wouldn’t opt for but I’ve really warmed to it! It makes my lips look super smooth and dewy which is great for when I feel like a prune during winter! I was lucky enough to grab this in the Black Friday sale for roughly £11. It’s unfortunately not available to buy online anymore but they could bring it back, you never know!


I also bought Muscu-linity in the Black Friday sale hence why it looks so shiny and new! It’s a muted beige-brown and because it’s one of MAC’s lustre lipsticks, it has a gorgeous natural sheen to it. Although it’s not as pigmented as some of my other lipsticks, it’s definitely buildable if you want more coverage. It doesn’t stay on as long as a matte lipstick either, however, as it’s not your typical ‘high-maintenance’ colour, it’s easy to quickly top up on when you’re on the go. Unfortunately, this is also not available online.


This was actually my first MAC lipstick, kindly bought for me by my boyfriend as a gift to cheer me up and that, it certainly did! Taupe is a warm brown shade and it’s in the MAC matte lipstick range. It’s a gorgeous nude that I found to be perfect for autumn. It’s really pigmented and long lasting which I also love if I’m wearing it on a night out.


Spirit is a pinky-warm brown with a satin finish. It’s rich in colour and dries semi-matte and still leaves my lips feeling moisturised. I love wearing this colour during the sunnier months for a less intense and more natural look.


Mocha is a peachy-brown shade and I absolutely love it. It’s probably my second favourite lipstick that I own. The pinky undertones make it a more healthy looking nude shade in the sense that it doesn’t wash me out. I also think that it’s a shade that can be worn all year round as it’s hydrating for Winter and gives a gorgeous dewy look for Summer!


Diva is a pretty bold choice for me as it is an intense reddish-burgundy. Surprise surprise, it’s another matte lipstick! I originally thought it would make me look washed out, however with a bit of bronzer and blush, I’m good to go. It’s such a great shade for Autumn and Winter.

I’ve always enjoyed being nosey and seeing what other people have in their makeup bags etc or what collections they own so I thought why not try a post of that kind myself? I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’m sure in a years time, I will have added a few more to the collection so another post may be necessary! Let me know what MAC lipsticks you swear by in the comments as I’m always looking for an excuse to get some more!

N xxxx

  1. thefodfather

    I’m always looking for great gift ideas so that I can be a good husband or help my teenage daughters think I can bee slightly cool, these are great. I love stumbling across new things I would never have thought of for myself.

  2. Joanna Davis

    I love the nude matte one, Velvet Teddy. The color is so beautiful and it suits you very well. I like Diva as well, it’s very bold.

  3. Jen

    You have some great shades, I can see why you are a fan. I don’t own any MAC lipsticks, so I cannot recommend any, sorry. I often struggle to find a shade of any lipstick that suites me.

  4. emilyrobxrts

    I haven’t bought a MAC lipstick in a while but after reading this I’m kinda craving a new one. Diva and satin are two thatve been on my wish list for a while now. Loved this post and wishing you all the best for 2018 X

  5. dizemtekin

    I’m loving your collection!! Also I love the heart shaped swatches too, it’s so cute!

    This is an amazing post!!

    I’ve posted a blog comparing MAC with its dupe which I think you’ll enjoy!! So feel free to have a look! 💕

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