December has arrived! I still don’t know how it’s rolled around so quickly, I feel like I blinked and half of the year has been and gone. Christmas can be quite a stressful, there’s so much to organise – buying presents for family and arranging where to place the twiglets on the snack table is already enough to deal with let alone finding and putting up a tree. When it comes to getting your home festive, it can be another added stress, especially when you consider how expensive decorations can be. However, do not fear, I can show you how to buy and decorate a tree for exactly £30.50 and I can assure you it won’t look like the homemade disaster you’re probably picturing.

So here we have it, people, the answer is an artificial tree. (I’ll get it out the way now) A warning for those out there that buy real Christmas trees religiously every year. Although a real fir tree is apparently the epitome of festivity, in my opinion, it’s a nightmare. The thought of finding the right one, paying a small fortune and being able to bring it home, clean up after it and then do the same thing year after year just isn’t an appealing prospect. So I personally feel artificial trees are the way forward, as you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg and it isn’t so high maintenance. Also, even if you do buy a more pricey artificial tree, it’s reusable so you get your money’s worth year after year. Back at home, my family has used the same one since I was a toddler and it looks just as good! You have to tweak the branches and fill any gaps with decorations but that’s super easy.

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Believe it or not, this tree is from Tesco, and only cost £20. I share a flat with my boyfriend so we split the cost, so technically it only cost a tenner which if I may say so myself is a pretty good deal. I literally typed into google “artificial tree” and it was one of the first ones listed. There were some different heights and some were pre-lit however we knew 6ft was just about right and we were able to buy fairy lights cheaply elsewhere. It was so simple to set up and only took about ten minutes! The gold beaded tree garland came from Poundworld and cost £2. The red and gold tinsel cost £1 and this came from Poundland (what a surprise).

In terms of decorations practically everywhere sells them now not just trusty John Lewis and M&S. I found some amazing decorations in pound shops (what a surprise, they really should sponsor me). Even Primark is selling some fabulous decorations in all sorts of colours. We decided to make the colour theme gold and red, as we wanted it to warm up our living room. We decided to mainly focus on baubles as the larger ones can really make a statement and the smaller ones are perfect for filling any areas looking a bit sparse.

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So from left to right,
24 x Gold baubles £1.50
8 x Red baubles £1
24 x Red baubles £1.50
(Front/Centre) 18 x Mini gold baubles £1
BeFunky Collage-4
18PK of felt hanging decorations £1.50
I don’t believe the job is done without adding some of these to my tree, I feel like they’re so traditional and sweet I definitely couldn’t miss them out, this pack of 12 cost £1!

So in total, we paid £30.50 (£15.25 each) for a tree and all of the decorations (74 baubles, garland, tinsel and hanging decorations) which will all be ready again for us next year! Which goes to show how much you can get with your money even when budgets are tight with Christmas getting closer. I hope this was interesting to my fellow bargain hunters out there and helped save those struggling with any last minute Christmas decoration buying!

N xxxx

    • Nina Louise

      We both had a long debate about whether to go for blue and silver or red and gold and I think we made the right choice! It really warms up the room, red and gold are such Christmas colours. Maybe try some red statement baubles? x

    • Nina Louise

      Tell me about it! I knew if we put our minds to it we could find something affordable and honestly poundshops are the place to go for seasonal decor, they aren’t as tacky as you would think! Glad it helped you out x

  1. Joanna Davis

    I agree with you, having a real Christmas tree is not only a hassle but it is also very bad for the environment. A tree should be left to grow outside, on the mountains, not cut off and brought into a house for a week, until it dies… you did a great job decorating your artificial one on a budget!

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