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I hope you’re all doing well! Welcome to Blogmas Day 3! Over the years, Urban Decay have launched many a palette. In more recent years, we were treated to the Naked Heat (2017) and the Naked Cherry (2018), both of which practically caused the beauty community to lose their minds with excitement and hysteria. This summer, they released The Naked Honey Palette, the latest and permanent addition to the series! I near enough collapsed when I saw how beautiful that this palette was. I’ve had it in my makeup collection since September but I wanted to save my review for Blogmas as I feel like it would make the perfect Christmas gift!

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With a glossy plastic exterior, the packaging is the same as the other palettes in the Naked range. It’s not made from flimsy or cheap plastic either, it feels study, heavy and luxurious! The design is stunning, with what seems like a pool of honey on the front, behind gorgeous gold font. It’s simple, yet effective. How much is it? The Naked Honey Palette retails at £42. Which is their most expensive palette , given that it contains less product per pan than most of Urban Decay’s palettes, I’m expecting great things…Where can you buy it? You can get hold of the palette from Urban Decay’s website itself, or through various other retailers such as John Lewis, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.


Inside the palette, there are 12 eyeshadows: including mattes, shimmers and metallics, as well as a generously sized mirror! Sticking with the honey theme, each shade has it’s own name – my favourite being “Golden”! In terms of the colour scheme, the palette features a variety of neutral shades, including “classic golds, warm ambers and rich chocolate browns”. It’s the perfect palette to create some natural glam as well as bold, statement looks.

First six shades swatched (Flyby – Golden)


FlybyPale beige with satin finish – This formula is absolute goals. It’s literally the perfect base shade for me; it’s slightly shimmery but still has great coverage.

SweetPeachy matte – This is another great versatile neutral shade. I can see myself using this to transition into darker shades a lot. It doesn’t have the sheen as “Flyby” but the formula is still beautifully soft.

SwarmLight orange with yellow undertones and matte finish– This is the kind of shade that I wear on a daily basis. They can be used to create simple and natural looks as well as warm-toned glam. It’s very pigmented and really easy to blend too.

AmberRich amber/copper with metallic finish- This is one of those magical shades that can take a look from daytime to night-time in seconds. It adds such a gorgeous sparkle to my makeup. Amber is super pigmented yet it’s a total dream to blend. It doesn’t fade quickly either!

KeeperLight-medium brown with orange undertones and matte finishh – This is another daily must-have shade for me. I love creating natural warm-toned looks so I know I’ll get plenty of use use out of Keeper. It has the same fluffy and smooth texture as Sweet and Swarm.

GoldenBright, warm gold with metallic finish– Good grief. This is by far, my favourite shade in this palette. If I could bathe in it, I actually would. I’ve never known pigmentation quite like it and it has the most beautiful, sparkling finish to it. It barely takes a swipe for your lids to be glistening! There’s the tiniest bit of fallout but quite frankly, I couldn’t care less. It’s my new go-to!

Last six shades swatched (Honey – Sting)


HoneyBright gold with yellow undertones and metallic finish – This shade isn’t as outrageous as Golden, but it’s still gorgeous. It has a slightly firmer texture to it, however it does still apply smoothly and there is very little fallout. It’s perfect for anyone that prefers to use a cooler-toned gold on their eyes.

QueenMedium brown with gold and bronze reflects – I like that this shade isn’t just a brown (it’s an M&S brown…such a dad joke I’m sorry) it has some olive undertones and some flecks of gold in it that make it more interesting. As you can see the pigmentation is fabulous!

HiveMedium warm brown with warm undertones and matte finish – Another daily shade for me. I use shades like this all the time in my crease and along my lower lashline. The formula is really soft and easy to blend.

DripMedium brown with red undertones and matte finish – This shade looks so good when blended with some lighter shades like Hive or Swarm. I can imagine this will be a really popular shade for creating looks with this Autumn.

Hbic – Medium copper with warm undertones and a metallic finish – I just feel good when I’m wearing this shade. It’s not as intense as “Golden” but it still packs a lot of punch and it looks a lot brighter when applied with a wet brush.

Sting – Dark brown with warm, purple undertones – This matte was the tiniest bit patchy but then again, that could be down to my poor swatching skills. It adds some dark drama to my eye looks, which is perfect for nights out. I like that it’s easy to blend as I don’t suit the panda look.


This has got to be my favourite palette from Urban Decay so far. Yes it’s pricey but in my opinion, it’s worth it for the quality of the shades inside. I love the colour scheme, it’s a great palette if you’re needing some warm-toned shades in your collection. It’s going to be so popular during Autumn, I can’t wait to see what people create with this palette! There’s a great variety of shades too, I like that I can play it safe or go all out with them. In terms of formula, they’ve nailed it. I was quite literally gobsmacked when I swatched “Golden”, it took me a few minutes to recover. I’ve received so many compliments when I wear that shade – I feel good wearing this palette! The packaging looks so luxurious, it definitely stands out in my collection. I absolutely recommend trying this palette!

Get the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette here

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  1. Cassie Mayers

    I love Urban Decay! I think that the colours really are different from one to the next. Love this palette, some lovely gold colours which I suit.

    • Nina Louise

      They’re perfect for a natural look as well as something more glamorous – it’s so versatile! I can see it being an everyday palette for a lot of people.

  2. Joanna

    I do like Urban Decay a lot! I have the classic Naked palette, which I don’t think is available on the market anymore. These colors make me think of it, as they are similar. I would buy it when mine finishes.

    • Nina Louise

      Yeah I believe they’ve stopped selling that one which is a shame as I never tried it! There’s definitely some similar shades I agree, maybe it’s a new dupe with a twist?

  3. Rhian Westbury

    These types of shades are some of my favourites and I love the look of this pallette. But I have so many palettes already that I couldn’t justify buying a new one while I am saving x

  4. Natasha Mairs - Serenity You

    I really love the colours in this palette! Probably my favourite of their so far. Never owned one though, to expensive for me

    • Nina Louise

      It’s very pricey however after using these shades I can honestly say it’s worth it – in my opinion! It’s definitely a real treat.

  5. Mellissa Williams

    I do love Urban Decay palettes so I am glad to see such beautiful shades in this one! It looks great and although it is a little more expensive for less product than other UD products, I still think they’re a really affordable item

    • Nina Louise

      It’s a really beautiful palette! I like to save up for them (or put them on my Christmas list) as they’re rather pricey but the quality is always worth it!

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