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I hope you’re all doing well! Welcome to Blogmas Day 1! I’m so excited to share all of my Christmas content with you up until Christmas Eve! Before we get stuck in, I have a something exciting to share with you!

Not only have my blogging bestie Becca and I got some more Christmas blog content for you this year, but we’re also doing a photo challenge over on Instagram called “#xmas12in12”. We will be posting a festive photo every day for the first 12 days of December and we would absolutely love you to join in! Check out my instagram post to see the twelve themes that we’ll be following each day! Don’t forget to use our hashtag and tag us in all of your photos if you participate – we don’t want to miss them!

Now, onto today’s blog post! Becca and I have created another tag; The Christmas Day Tag! It features 10 questions all about the big day and we would LOVE it if you could answer them too! If you do decide to take part, make sure you link us and send it to us so that we can have a look! If you fancy, you can also take part in our other tag; The Cracking Christmas Tag too! Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

What time do you wake up?

I used to get up at the crack of dawn to attack my stocking first thing in the morning. Now, I still get up reasonably early but that’s usually because I’m so excited to give everyone my presents. I do my Christmas shopping really on in the year so it feels like I have to wait forever to be able to give them! I can honestly relate to that little boy in the John Lewis Christmas ad! I’ll probably be up and ready to go at about 8:30/9 o’clock.

Where will you be spending the day?

I try to alternate where I spend it each year! I’ll either be at my mum’s, my dad’s or my boyfriend’s. This year, I’ll be spending it at home with my mum!

What will you be wearing?

I will definitely be wearing something comfy and cosy. Last year I bought the softest onesie on the planet so I’m planning on being as fluffy as possible from head to toe on Christmas Day! Also, I feel that it’s compulsory to be wearing a pair of fluffy socks. It’s a must.

What games will you be playing?

For me, the gaming will officially begin on Boxing Day at my boyfriend’s as his family seem to have every game under the sun! We usually play Monopoly at some point and I’m sure there will be another chance for me to read the correct clues during Cluedo this year… last time, believe it or not, I spent an hour or so reading clues from the wrong page so when I confidently announced “it was the monkey with the pipe”, I didn’t get the congratulations that I was expecting – given there wasn’t supposed to be a monkey or a pipe involved in the scenario whatsoever…

What will you be eating?

We’ve never really done a big Christmas meal at home. I tend to have lots of snacks and nibbles throughout the day instead. I’m sure I will be stuffing my face with all of the savouries; lots of Pringles, cheese, crackers and of course pigs in blankets. I’m sure I will devour some sweet treats too and there has to be some Lindt chocolate in there somewhere. Also, I’ve only just fallen in love with Terry’s Chocolate oranges and now I’m totally hooked so I will absolutely be noshing on one of those, that’s one of my 5 a day sorted…

What will you be drinking?

I don’t really drink alcohol anymore so I definitely won’t be getting wonky on the day. However I might treat myself to a glass of white with dinner (I’m absolutely wild, I know). There’s no doubt that I will probably manage to consume about ten cups of tea throughout the day – not to mention at least one hot chocolate with all of the trimmings. I’ve actually purchased a candy cane flavoured syrup to add to my concoctions which I am buzzing to use!

What will you be watching?

Just before Christmas Eve, we like to flick through the festive edition of the RadioTimes (could we get any more British?!) and highlight anything we want to watch! On Christmas Day we’ll most likely be watching whatever the TV schedule is treating us to! Also, OBVIOUSLY I will be watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special because there is no way I’m missing out on that. I’m so flipping excited for it!

What do you hope to find under the tree on Christmas Day?

I’ve never done the whole “Christmas list” thing so I don’t usually hope for anything specific each year! I quite like having no expectations as then everything is a surprise and it’s also fun to see what people give you with no hints or clues! However, it’s always lovely to receive bits for pamper nights at home as I get through bubble bath and bath bombs like there’s no tomorrow!

Who will you be spending the day with?

I’m spending Christmas Day with my mum this year!

When will you be opening your presents?

We don’t tend to have a “present opening” time on Christmas Day. It’s usually when we can manage to find a gap in the TV schedule so we don’t miss any Christmas specials or movies! We also like to make our present opening last all day so it’s not over really quickly. Sometimes we even save some back for Boxing Day to keep the festivities going!

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