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I hope you’re all doing well! Welcome to Blogmas Day 7! You may have noticed that here on Nina Louise Law, that I like to make Christmas last as long as possible – hence why I love doing Blogmas! I’ve been preparing since Easter (don’t judge me) and I’m pretty sure I was a Christmas decoration in my past life or at least an elf. This year, myself and my blogging bestie, Becca, have decided to create our own Christmas tag! It features ten quirky questions and we would LOVE it if you could answer them too! If you do decide to take part, make sure you link us and send it to us so that we can have a look! 

Weirdest family Christmas tradition?

So this is going to sound odd, but we usually stretch out the gifting as much as possible. For example, we’ll do a few on Christmas Eve, most on Christmas Day and then save some for Boxing Day – that way it lasts ages!

It’s Christmas Eve, what are you doing?

 I’m most likely doing any last minute wrapping and maybe grabbing some stuff in the sales (100% recommend buying your Christmas on the 24th as they’re nearly all on sale). If I’m not doing that, I’m stuffing my face with snacks (christmas tree shaped tortillas to be precise), whilst highlighting everything that I want to watch in the festive RadioTimes!

Top 3 Christmas dinner components?

  1. Roast potatoes – (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside)
  2. Pigs in Blankets – What’s not to love? 
  3. Yorkshire Pudding – It’s not very traditional of me, I know, but THEY ARE SO GOOD. 

 When do you decorate your house? November, the beginning of December, the week of Christmas?

I mean, if it was acceptable, I’d have them up all year but usually mid-November I start to fish them all out and start dotting them around the house. At university, my boyfriend and I put our tree up on the 5th November! It’s never too early in my opinion…

 Loved and loathed Christmas songs?

I love love LOVE Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me but I also love a bit of Elton John (apart from the New John Lewis advert – what were they thinking?) and of course I love it when Bublé returns every December (where is he for the rest of the year?!) The song that I hate and I know I will get so much stick for, is Fairytale of New York. I literally cannot stand it. It sounds like Friday night karaoke down the pub – not a fan. 

 One big present or lots of little things to open?

Mum and I have ALWAYS done lots of little things. We even do it for birthdays too! I think there’s something more exciting about being able to give someone lots of pressies rather than just one, it makes it last so much longer. Obviously, that means there’s more to open too! 

 What is your favourite Christmas decoration? (Include a photo if you have one)

I bought this little tea-light holder from a gift shop in Nottingham last year and since then I’ve bought a few more – I seem to have started collecting them…but just look at how cute and festive it is!

 Do you like to have a themed tree or one with a bit of everything?

We actually do a bit of both! We have one main Christmas tree that has a bit of everything on it, you know, the hand-me-downs, the whacky and the traditional. We also have a white tree (we call it Ben’s tree after my brother) that we decorate with red and gold decorations too!

Christmas pudding: yay or nay?

Absolutely NOT. For some reason, I get itchy thinking about it. I’m much more of a chocolates or cheesecakes kind of girl. 

What’s at the top of your Christmas wishlist this year?

I never really have a Christmas Wishlist, but given I’m a homeware freak, I love anything that I can use to cosy up my flat or my bedroom at home! Candles, cushions, bedding – yes please (adulting)

I tag – Esther // Rebecca Rose // Kara / Alix


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