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I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve been doing a lot of volunteering over the last couple of weeks so I’ve been a busy bee but nothing can stop me throwing myself at a new Makeup Revolution launch! Today, I’m reviewing the Courage palette from the Wild Animal range. These really caught my eye because the packaging looks amazing but also the variety of shades included is amazing! I just knew I would get a lot out of these palettes so I may have purchased them all… at least that means you guys have three new reviews to read! I’ve included lots of photos and swatches to help you make your mind cup – be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

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This packaging for this palette is just gorgeous. It’s similar to their usual plastic style casing however it does feel very weighty and luxurious which I love. It just feels like a good quality palette and that’s before I’ve even opened it and seen the shades! Given that leopard print has made a comeback this year, it feels very fitting to have a whole palette kitted out in such a bold design. How much is it? The Courage Palette retails at £10 which such a great price for 18 eyeshadows. Where can you buy it? You can get hold of the Courage Palette from Makeup Revolution’s website itself or through Superdrug (which does student discount and has a point system too) or Beauty Bay!


Makeup Revolution treated us to 13 shimmers and 5 mattes, as well as a massive mirror that takes up the other half of the palette! I’m kind of disappointed that the shades don’t have names as it makes life a whole lot easier, particularly as a blogger when it comes to reviewing and recommending shades. In terms of the colour scheme, this is the dreamiest of warm, bronze and golden palettes. I know it’s July but imagine using this in Autumn! It’s just so damn pretty. I’m a warm-toned kind of girl too so I can see myself using all of these shades – even that khaki one too!


Given that the shades aren’t named (sigh), I can’t really talk you through them all in my usual style. However, I do have some favourites that I’ve just got to mention! In this row, the shimmer shades are so soft and smooth. The mattes are also very pigmented and easy to blend. I really like this formula. My favourites from this row are the second, third and fourth shades!


This is definitely my favourite row in the palette, it’s like Autumn in six shades. The first four are mind-blowing, particularly that red/cherry one. It’s so pigmented it’s unbelievable. I cannot believe this is included in a £10 palette! The matte shade second from the bottom was ever so slightly patchy but I expect with a bit of bending and building it will look fine. The last gold shade is also absolutely gorgeous and it feels so buttery!


This row is probably my least favourite. The matte shades are so pigmented, especially that first one! It’s a proper chocolatey brown and I really enjoy using shades like this to smoke out my makeup looks. It also looks makes such a difference when I apply this along the waterline too! My eyes look so much wider and greener. The third shade is gorgeous, it’s quite unique too as it’s a cool toned bronze with silver flecks in it and I don’t think I have a shade like it in my collection. I love the khaki shade here too as I really want to start using more greens in my makeup looks! I feel like khaki is a safe place to start as it’s not too in your face and I reckon I might be able to pull it off!


I think this is a great palette. It only costs £10 and you get 18 shades to play with. A majority of the shades included are shimmers but I’m glad they’ve included some mattes in there too as it means full looks can be created from just using the one palette and if you like to travel light, that makes a huge difference. If you’re into browns, coppers and burgundies, this is a palette that I’m sure you will enjoy. The formula of the shimmer shades is absolute madness – I honestly don’t know how they do it but I’m more than happy to pay this kind of price instead of the £40-£50 that some brands are asking for! The packaging hasn’t let me down either, it’s their usual style but the design and the gold exterior makes it look and feel so luxurious. There’s also a huge mirror included which always comes in handy.

In terms of what I don’t like, I have very little to say. I think one or two of the mattes could do with being a little less patchy but overall, they’re easy to build and blend so I’m not too bothered. I also would have liked the shades to have names as I find that easier as a blogger but also it’s just an extra detail that I often enjoy about palettes (maybe I’m weird).

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