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I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve been well and truly slapped across the face with third year! It’s here in all of it’s sobbing, sweating and panicking glory. I’ve spent the last few days chasing around my supervisor in order to figure out my dissertation. One day, I found him having breakfast next door and then another time I had to get a toddler to him me find him (that turned into half an hour of babysitting instead) so I’m sure you can tell I’m having a FABULOUS time dealing with that. I don’t like it when he turns up and I don’t like it when he doesn’t so that doesn’t leave me with very much, does it?  You would have thought that with the amount university costs us, we would be given, at least, a competent member of staff to help us through the hardest part – but apparently not! Anyway, rant over! Today’s post is another Birchbox review! I’ve included some information about what Birchbox actually is, how much it costs and other important info below but if you’re just here for the review, keep scrolling!

Birchbox is a UK beauty subscription service that sends beauty boxes to their subscribers containing 5 goodies every month. You don’t have to worry about lifelong commitments or any contracts, you can cancel anytime with a monthly subscription – no fuss whatsoever! The monthly subscription costs only £10 per month plus £2.95 P&P! You can edit your beauty profile on their site in order to ensure you get sent products that are suitable for your skin/hair type and personal preferences. Birchbox is so great for discovering new brands and products. I have been subscribed to Birchbox for a long time now and I look forward to receiving their boxes every month. I’ve gone on to buy lots of the things I’ve received because I have loved them so much. Every box you receive is beautifully packaged, some months are designed and inspired by artists and companies. I use some of the older boxes to store makeup in too as the designs are too pretty to throw away!


This month’s box is focused on winding down in preparation for the transition from summer into autumn. I’m so excited to slow down a bit, as these last few months have been hectic! I’m looking forward to having cosy evenings in with all the autumnal scented candles on the go – anyone else? I think these products are going to be perfect for this season! It’s usually at this time of year that my skin needs the most help. How gorgeous is this box? I love the phrase as well as the floral design, I will definitely be using this one for storage!


BeautyPro – Thermotherapy Warming Silver Foil Mask – RRP £5.95*

Well we all know I love a good face mask. I’m always looking for new ones to try and so I was really pleased to find this one in my box this month! I’ve never tried a sheet mask before so I’m really keen to see what this one does for my skin. It targets tired and dehydrated skin to leave you with a “youthful glow” which sounds pretty promising and it’s during Autumn that my skin needs the most moisture! It suggests leaving it on for 20 minutes which is perfect for when I’m in the bath or whilst I’m chilling in bed. It’s a self-warming mask, great for nights in on those really cold evenings after I have to walk home from university. Also, can we all just acknowlegde that it’s silver?!


Gallinée – Hydrating Face Cream – RRP £34.90 (Full Size)

It’s a no from me already. When it comes to putting something on my face, I want it to smell good. If it’s going on my feet or something then I’m not particulalry fussed but when it’s right up in my grill, I don’t want something that smells like dodgy milk mixed with fake tan… well that’s what I get every time I try this cream. I just can’t get past it! It’s such a shame because like I mentioned earlier, I need as much hydration as possible at this time of year so I probably would have liked it had it not been for the smell. I have to say that it left my skin feeling moisturised but I won’t be reaching for it any time soon, nor would I pay that price for a full sized version either!


Winky Lux – Disco Gloss in Far Out – RRP £13

Me: oh dear god no, not another unicorn themed makeup product, get away from me, absolutely not, EW

Also me: *adds straight into makeup collection*

Right so I was totally mistaken about this product. When I first saw it, I practically threw it across the room in a state of panic as I HATE glittery crazy coloured products – they just aren’t my thing. Basciallu, anything that reminds me of this really annoying unicorn phase that the world is having is a no from me. I decided to try it anyway and I’m so glad I did! Once applied to your lips, it’s pH adjusting formula reveals a lovely glossy effect – no purple to be seen anywhere! It completely transforms when I apply it and now I’m obsessed. The glitter doesn’t look too crazy plus it smells of coconut and vanilla!

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Daily Concepts – Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge – RRP £6 (Full Size)

I’m so excited about this! I feel like charcoal skincare products have become very popular in the last few months and they’re all over the shelves now. I often use charcoal masks to draw out impurities and to keep my skin really clean and clear. We all love a multitasker and this sponge happens to be a 2-in-1! It acts as a body wash as well as an exfoliator – which will save me so much time in the shower.


Number 4 – Lumiere d’Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect – RRP £26.25

I normally avoid leave-in products as I don’t usually have time to sit and wait for something to get to work. However, since being at university, where breakdowns are more regular than breakfast, I’ve learnt to make time. Nothing is more important than slowing down and making sure you take care of yourself. Whether that’s running a hot bath, putting a face mask on or using some leave-in conditioner! Self-care, people – do it! Apparently this spray is great for strengthening, repairing and detangling as well as taming flyaways! I don’t tend to get tangled hair but I do need something to keep it strong as I’m always using curlers and straighteners on it. I’ve used a hair product from this brand before and I loved it so I have high hopes for this one.


Joop! – Wow! Woman Eau de Toilette – RRP £39

I’ve never tried any Joop scents before so I’m really interested to see how often I end up wearing this one. It smells absolutely amazing! The fragrance features rose, peonies, amber, patchouli and raspberry. I’ve never come across anything like it before, it’s musky but fruity at the same time. It’s definitely going to be one of my favourite scents over the festive periods – it’s gorgeous! It’s also a scent I can see myself wearing day and night too!

This month’s box had a bit of everything – makeup, skincare, haircare and even a fragrance too! It’s always nice to discover some new products as well as revisit some familiar brands and this box had a great mixture of the two. I’m looking forward to using all of these bits and pieces when the weather gets a lot colder and I’m in need of some cosy pamper evenings. The only thing that I know I definitely won’t be using is the Gallinée Face Cream as I just can’t get past the smell. With subcription boxes, I am lenient when it comes to anything that I don’t particularly like – they can’t get it right every single time! The products inside the October box, together, are worth roughly £125 which is crazy! Although one of the products isn’t for me and some of the products are sample sizes, I wouldn’t have been able to try them with my student budget anyway so I’m grateful for the opportunity in the first place. The subscription costs me £12.95 per month, which always works out at fantastic value. Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? Which is your favourite?

N xxxx

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