Lush are one of my favourite companies for beauty and skincare. I love the quality of their products, the huge range that they offer and also where they stand on animal testing (read about it here). They always impress me with their seasonal ranges but also with their more permanent products too like the Fluff Ease hair treatment, which I mentioned in my December 2017 Favourites post! If you didn’t know already, the Lush Snow Fairy scent is my all time favourite bath and shower range EVER. I also mentioned their shower gel in my December Favourites post too, so as you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan! They bring their Christmas goodies out in October/November and it’s literally like Christmas coming early every time for me. This year, they introduced some new bits in the Snow Fairy collection. I know these aren’t available online anymore but they are disappearing fast in their stores as they are on sale after Christmas. I have managed to accumulate a fair amount of their bits and pieces as you can see, so let’s take a look….


I used this body conditioner for the first time last year, and I was SO happy that it was available again this year. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated and also smelling of candyfloss which is a massive yes from me. It’s made with a fruity cherry infusion, moisturising mango and avocado butters which makes it perfect for tackling dry skin (which I get during Winter). All you have to do is smooth this over your skin in the bath or shower and wash it off for fabulous results.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset‘SNOW FAIRY COLD PRESSED SOAP’

This smells bloody amazing plus it’s loaded with organic cocoa butter and almond oil. The soap lathers so nicely and it’s really softening too. It’s got the same candy and bubblegum scent which leaves your hands smelling fab for hours. Lush reassured us that no fairies were harmed in the pressing of this soap (finally I’ll be able to sleep now).


For the first time ever, I actually didn’t like this Lush bath bomb. The smell was incredible however the ‘jelly’ aspect definitely isn’t for me. It dissolved as normal and then it created a sort of jelly-like layer on the surface of the water. All was well until these little jelly lumps started sticking to my body and all over the tub. I couldn’t get them off easily so I had to rub and scrub which wasn’t the most relaxing experience. I also found that I missed some of them too so when I got out to dry, they stained my towel. It’s such a shame that I didn’t enjoy this because this is my favourite range and I absolutely love a bath bomb. I would love to know whether you guys experienced this too or if you actually loved it!


I’ve been buying these for a while now as they seem to be on sale all year round. They only cost £2.50 which is a complete and utter bargain. I place these in my bath and leave them to melt in the hot water. These make my skin feel SO bloody soft, I’ve never known anything like it. They contain cocoa butter and coconut oil which are super hydrating – perfect for any dry skin days. Of course, they smell like cotton candy which is too good for me to turn down. They have loads of different bath melts/oils available so I would really recommend checking them out!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset‘MAGIC WAND’ BUBBLE BAR

This might be one of my favourite products. It’s so easy to use and it makes such a difference. I hold this under the tap as my bath is filling up for the most amazing bubbles. It smells like the typical cotton-candy scent that the Snow Fairy collection has too which only adds to my already amazing smelling bath! The best bit about this product is that it lasts so long as well so not only do you get lots and lots of bubble baths but you also get what you pay for! I would definitely suggest leaving it to dry in a dry place – sometimes when my shower hits it slightly it’ll use it up whilst I’m not paying attention! Also, if you aren’t a fan of glitter, this may not be for you…

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetSNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL

I absolutely LOVE using this. It makes me feel super soft and smelling like sweet vanilla and candy floss. I use this very sparingly and I still smell and feel amazing afterwards. It lathers up really easily too, so a little bit goes a long way! There are different sizes available so if you want one to travel with they have a baby size and if you’re like me and practically live on this stuff, they have bigger bottles available too. It has a tiny bit of shimmer to it too, which makes my skin look so much more alive as opposed to it’s normal dull self.

This collection is my absolutely favourite. I buy it every year and it’s always something that I look forward too. I was disappointed by the bath bomb however if there had been some sort of alternative bath bomb available that would’ve been great! I know that most Lush stores have sold their Snow Fairy collections in the Christmas sales but there’s a couple of bits still available online if you’re interested. I’m sure that Lush will come out with it again next year (if not I may cry) and that there will be some new additions too. Let me know if you liked this Lush review as I’m always trying things out by them and I would be happy to share more of my thoughts with you! I would also love to know what you guys thought of the Snow Fairy collection this year – go ahead and comment your opinions!

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  1. sparkles81

    Snow Fairy is one of my favorite scents ever … I actually liked the jelly bath bomb although it did take a wee while to get used too!

  2. Sarah Bailey

    You have just reminded me I forgot to pick up some of the body conditioners, I must remember when it comes back out as I loved it previously. I have one of the jelly bath bombs in the cupboard I was going to try it in a footbath wonder how that will work out.

  3. myrabevlife

    For some reason I have always thought Lush only had bath bombs and not shower gels, oils or even shops. Thanks for this post because now I want to try some body conditioner and shower gel

  4. rhianwestbury

    Snow fairy is one of my favourite scents too! I have the jelly bath bomb and now I’m a bit worried about how the jelly aspect is going to work x

  5. glamglitzgloss

    I love the sound of the Body Conditioner with the cherry and mango scents to it, and the Magic Wand is so cute. I never really go in to Lush as the smell is overwhelming but I have always loved the look of the Snow Fairy collection

  6. helerinablogs

    I’m Snow Fairy obsessed too. I have to stock up on enough to last me the year as I’m always so sad once its all gone and I can’t use anymore.
    We haven’t had good experiences of the jelly bombs either, I used the black one (I can’t remember its name) and my daughter used the Snow Fairy one. Both are quite weird to lay in and, especially the black one, really stain the bath…and towels…and tiles! It’s not very relaxing when you have to scrub the bathroom afterwards is it.

    • Nina Louise

      I know! I hate saying goodbye to the collection! They are odd aren’t they? They just feel strange and leave annoying residue on the bath so it takes ages to clean! I’m glad someone else agrees x

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