I love making my bedroom feel warm and cosy, especially when it’s so cold and dark outside! As you all know, I am a lover of all things homeware and decor so Christmas is my excuse to buy some more! Christmas is only a week away and I have bought some festive bits and bobs to jazz up my room and I thought I would share these with you so that you can grab them in time for the occasion!

IMG_1244.JPGPrimark Glitter Tealights -These tealights are so glam looking and they make a nice change from the normal ones I use. I love the colours they come in too as they match the copper/gold aesthetic of my room perfectly!

IMG_1245Asda 3ft White Christmas Tree – I have always wanted a mini Christmas tree for my bedroom so when I saw this I had to get it. I specifically wanted a 3ft tree, so there were enough branches to decorate but it wouldn’t be towering over me. I went for a white tree because it looked so pretty with my rose gold/pink baubles!

IMG_1249Primark Pack of 25 Rose Gold/Gold/Pink/Purple Baubles – I thought that these might look quite tacky but once on the tree with some fairy lights an tinsel, the overall effect was actually lovely and really luxe!

IMG_1251Sainsbury’s Polar Bear Tealight Holder – I was so shocked at how discounted so much of the Christmas homeware was! I couldn’t believe this was only £2.50 given it’s of a reasonable size and can fit four tealights in! I would really recommend having a look at the home sections near you as there are loads of great bits and pieces!

IMG_1252Dunelm Cinnamon Cake Tealights – As you know, I am a candle addict and when I saw these I couldn’t leave them behind. They smell amazing. I have been a fan of Dunelm’s Churchgate Fragrances range for a long time, particularly the salted caramel candles! They also have Chocolate Orange, Frosted Mint, and Winter Berries! If you want to see what else I recommend, check out my Autumnal and Winter candles posts!

IMG_1253Homesense – Glittery Glass Bowl – I love a good trip to Homesense, it’s very rare that I don’t end up buying something either. After about an hour of browsing my local store, my boyfriend was desperately attempting to lead me to the tills in order to actually leave. All was going to plan until I spotted this. It’s so beautifully made, I haven’t seen anything like it. I looked at my boyfriend and we both thought the same thing “this is going to be expensive” IT WAS £2.99 PEOPLE. This is why Homesense is my favourite store (I actually have a post about this).


Primark – Copper Christmas Tree Light – I actually got this light quite a while ago. They still have it in stock – do not fear! I love how industrial it looks and of course, it’s has a copper finish so it’s win-win.

IMG_1256PoundLand – Ceramic Santa Decorations – I thought these were so sweet and they look adorable on my windowsill! I like the handmade element to them as well, it looks like something I would’ve made to put out for Santa when I was younger.

IMG_1258Tiger – Mini Gold Snowglobe – This was something my boyfriend held up in the air from across the store – he chose right! I’ve never actually had a snowglobe, I’m not sure why as they’re so sweet and festive. You may also see a miniature mushroom and some suspiciously small berries in the photo. These are actually part of a candle ring that I also bought from Tiger! I also have a post about why I love Tiger so much too!

I’d love to know if you have bought any little bits and pieces for your rooms/homes so do let me know in the comments!

N xxxx

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