The Grinning Gourds Pack


Ghouls are crawling, leaves are falling, Disney’s calling! The Disney Grinning Gourds collection includes 5 photo editing presets for the Mobile Lightroom App. This pack is designed to enhance your photography, particularly shots of the place where dreams really do come true; Disneyland! In just one click your photos will look gourd-geous! Create rich, warm and spooky photo edits with the “Disney Grinning Gourds” presets. These presets will give your photos the perfect Halloween makeover, particularly enhancing any oranges, browns and reds. Be sure to use these presets on any shots of the grinning gourds and pretty pumpkins around the park as they’re bound to look frightfully fabulous – even if they don’t turn into a carriage for you. Don’t be a scaredy cat, trick or treat yourself and give these presets a try!


The Disney Grinning Gourds collection is perfect for bloggers, Instagram lovers, photographers and most of all – Disney Dreamers! You don’t have to be a pro to get something out of these packs either, whether it’s to make those vacation photos look even better or whether you want to prepare a framed gift for the grandparents – these presets will help you out! If you’re heading to Disneyland this Autumn, be sure to stock up on all of my Disney preset packs beforehand! This pack includes 5 Presets for Mobile Lightroom Users as well as an installation guide to help you get started straight away.

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