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I’m so excited about this post! I’ve been waiting so long for this range to drop and now I can finally review it for you – plus I need an excuse to buy it all anyway. I’m too excited to ramble any further so let’s get straight into the post!

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Zoella has launched her new summer beauty range, Splash Botanics, which consists of seven brand new products. This range is absolutely beautiful, the packaging is amazing and the scents are to die for. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know how tropical print mad I am. I literally live and breathe for some banana leaves, succulents and all things fruity so this range immediately appealed to me. Not only does it appeal to me but it will certainly appeal to many as tropical prints are everywhere right now so hats off to the branding team for this range! The prices are all very reasonable too which I think is great as so many of her audience are students who will no doubt be on a budget (I abso-frickin-lutely am). As usual, it seems like so much thought went into this range and every individual product has been well thought out and planned to perfection. I think this is, hands down, Zoella Beauty’s best range yet.


Botanic’eau – Body Mist

I have been loving and using all of Zoe’s fragrances all year round (particularly Let’s Spritz) so I was extremely excited to get my hands on this! I’ve used all of her fragrances so far and I love them all! They’re all so lovely and because Zoe releases them with seasons in mind, there’s always one that’s perfect for you at any point in the year.

Firstly, this packaging is unreal – I love that you can see the beautiful tropical print through the bottle – this definitely reflects how creative Zoe and her team have been with this range in particular. The bottle looks so elegant and expensive that it could definitely pass as something other than a drugstore fragrance. It also happens to smell pretty damn good too, with a green, water and floral scent, featuring freesia and iris flours. It’s perfect for hot summer days as it feels so lightweight and fresh. It’s a fragrance for all occasions, I would wear it during the day as well as on a night out. It’s also only priced at £8 which is amazing vaue, given that it contains 45ml and a little bit goes a long way.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So Soft – Lip Oil

This might be my favourite thing in the range and given I’ve never really enjoyed using lip oils, that’s saying something! It’s cherry scented (my absolute favourite) and it’s enriched with almond, jojoba and argan oils so it’s super hydrating and moisturising. It doesn’t oily or sticky at all and it’s extremely lightweight – I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything when I have it on. After a few days of applying this product I’m already noticing a huge difference as my lips feel so much more nourished and soft. Zoe mentioned that she had been trying to make this perfect for so long and you can definitely tell by the formula as well as the packaging. I love having this in my handbag for on-the-go use as it’s very travel friendly too! It’s priced at £5 which I think is really great for such a nice quality product.



Lagoon Love – Bath Milk Powder

I loved the bath milk powder that Zoe bought out in the Snowella range so I knew this would be just as good, if not better! For a beautifully moisturising soak, simply empty the sachet under warm running water and swish it around until completely dissolved. It features hydrating coconut water and radiance-boosting lychee so obviously it smells fantastic! It’s priced at £3 per sachet.


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Make A Splash – Moisturising Body Wash

This is such an amazing product! It feels so thick and luxurious on the skin and the formula leaves me feeling fresh and moisturised! It’s so creamy too which I didn’t expect from a drugstore body wash. I tend to use this for shaving my legs as it lathers so nicely and it keeps my skin feeling silky soft afterwards. It’s also great for a morning shower as the fragrance is so refreshing and energising! Again, it features coconut water and lychee so the fragrance is the same as most of the other products in this range. It’s priced at £6 which is pretty good for a big bottle of product.


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Quench Me – Body Sorbet

I was so intrigued by the whole “sorbet” aspect as I’m always looking for new products to keep my skin moisturised all year round but I can’t say I’ve ever tried a “sorbet”. I genuinely love this product! The gel-like formula is so lightweight and fluffy and my skin absorbs it almost instantly. I absolutely hate applying thick and greasy moisturisers during summer so it was a relief to find something that’s almost like applying fluffy whipped cream to your skin. It practically glides on and I’ve been using A LOT at once. Very very impressed!



“Beautiful” – Cosmetic Bag

I seem to collect makeup bags. I don’t even travel that much and yet I have a drawer overflowing with them. However, that didn’t stop me purchasing this one! Look at that gorgeous tropical print! Even the zip is in the shap of a tiny leaf – what more could you want? It’s a great size too so I’ll definitely be taking this on holiday with me as I think I could fit a fair amount into it. It’s also really lovely quality which I think is why it’s priced at £10 – I would happily pay this for something that keeps more than £10 worth of products protected!


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I think this whole range is fantastic and there isn’t a single product that I don’t love or use regularly. The scent is also to die for, let alone the beautiful tropial packaging. Let me know what you think of this range in the comments! I’ve linked all of my social media below so come and say hi!


N xxxx

  1. Siyana

    I love the tropical design of this range, it gives me all the summer vibes! I’m excited to smell the body mist, hope it’s as lovely as it looks x

  2. Jasmine

    I’m really not a fan of Zoella but there’s no denying her products always look amazing. I’m really interested in the bath milk powder. Great review babes x

    • Nina Louise

      I completely get that, she’s not everyone’s cup of tea! However she’s definitely managed to win over lots of people with her products and they always look so professional and on trend so hats off to her! You should try the powder it’s amazing! xx

  3. Taylor

    Fab post! To be honest, I’ve been a little dubious about the last few releases from Zoella, but after reading this I’m going to pick up a few bits and see what I think!

    • Nina Louise

      Yes that calendar did have me thinking a bit but this release is definitely worth the money! I also think it’s given her and her team a chance to learn from their mistakes! Let me know what you think if you do try some x

  4. Anu

    I still haven’t tried anything from this range but I really want to! The lip oil is definitely on my list of beauty products to buy 🙂

  5. Charlotte Price

    The lip oil sounds heavenly! I’ve always suffered with really dry lips so this sounds perfect for me…I’ve heard so many people raving about this range but I’m yet to smell or try anything. The benefits of jojoba oil are amazing too xxx

    • Nina Louise

      It’s fab! I use it every day! I also love the scent of the range as well, it’s so fresh and fruity – perfect for summer x

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