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Today is Papergang day! I absolutely love writing these reviews, they’re some of my favourite things to write about as I am a true stationery addict. This month’s items were so great and I cannot wait to share them with you. I always include a little bit of info about Papergang and what they’re all about so if you just want to see there review, keep scrolling until you see some photos!

Ohh Deer, a company I have SO much love for, was founded in order to allow illustrators and artists to showcase their work and find people that would be interested in buying their designs. The company sells the most amazing quirky and arty products – I simply can’t get enough. I love the fact that Ohh Deer offers artists the opportunity to get noticed and therefore get something back for all their hard work that otherwise we might not have seen. Some of their clients include Paperchase, ASOS, John Lewis and Oliver Bonas (my all-time favourite shop) and some of their collections have been specifically designed for the Tate Galleries and the Science Museum!


Ohh Deer decided to create a monthly subscription service for stationery addicts, such as myself called, PapergangEach month you will receive a box filled with brilliant papery goodies and desk accessories. Some examples are notebooks, greeting cards, wrapping paper and art prints. It costs £10.95 and then a £2.95 for shipping which in my opinion, after receiving their boxes, is a great deal. Every box has a different design and theme by a different artist and for every 4 boxes, 1 tree is planted in partnership with the fantastic charity, Tree aid. To find out more about their connection with this charity here.

I am a huge stationery addict and this subscription box is probably my favourite out of the many I am a part of. I always look forward to opening my box every month and using all my new bits and pieces! Most of the products you receive are exclusive the Papergang subscribers for a while before they get sold in Ohh Deer’s shop.

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The packaging for the May box is so gorgeous, with the cutest little doodles covering it (that pear is just adorabe). As soon as I saw the box I was desperate to see what was inside. This month’s box was in collaboration with Hello! Lucky, a fantastic design studio based in San Francisco. It was founded by sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle back in 2003 and have since been recognised for their fun and quirky designs. I love anything playful and vibrant so these guys are right up my street.

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Every month we receive a printed calendar as a bonus item and I really love them as they’re perfect for keeping on my desk in a cute little frame! I can’t bring myself to throw them out so by the end of the year I’ll be swimming in them. Also, no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, the print is actually slightly blurry – I promise it’s not my photography!

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You guys know what I’m like with notebooks – I have rather a few and I’m beyond addicted. Obviously, I was super pleased to find this gorgeous linen notebook in this month’s box! I love the message displayed on the cover – I need more things like that around to remind me to stay positive. If university has taught me anything, it’s that you can choose who and what you surround yourself with. Since pushing away anything that made me unhappy, I feel so so much better so this message is really important to me! It’s also really well-made and it just feels like a good notebook – you know? The cover is such a nice texture too, as it’s wrapped with a blue linen. Inside the notebook (front and back pages) there’s a collection of Hello! Lucky’s fun illustrations.

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2 x STICKER SHEETS – £1.95

I LOVE stickers and I have done since I was a kid. I used to collect them and stick them all over my dresser and bed frame, I still have some of those urges to this day and Papergang is my main supplier! For some reason I just need stickers in my life, even if they do just live in a box on my desk for a while before I actually can bear to use them. I can’t wait to stick these in my scrapbooks to brighten up the pages!

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SET OF 3 PATCHES – £8.95

Recently, I’ve been decorating my denim jackets with pins and patches like there’s no tomorrow, so I was so happy to see these adorable litttle goodies this month. I literally can’t wait to iron these onto the denim pieces that are waiting in my wardrobe. Patches  are so great for personalising your clothes, I love doing it to old denim jackets and bags because then it really feels like they’re my own! They’re also a great way to freshen up any clothes you’re getting a bit bored of.

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I LOVE getting cards in my Papergang boxes. They’re just so fab for when someone’s got a birthday etc and when you haven’t got time to nip out and get one. I love having a little collection of cards in my room and so far I’ve not missed any important dates thank to Papergang! This card is just so adorable, I love the message and the colours and I can already think of someone that would love to open this on their Birthday!

Overall, I’m so happy with my May Papergang box. All of these items are so great and I know that I’ll get so much use out of them! I love the cute and quirky little illustrations and I will definitely go and look at Hello! Lucky’s products as I’m particularly a fan of those little fruits with faces – what more could you want? This box values at £26.35 and considering I paid £13.90 (monthly subscription fee and postage) and as usual, that’s fantastic value! I’ve linked all of my social media down below so go and give me a follow and come and say hi!

N xxxx

If you would like to subscribe, my invite is here

If you want to know any more about Ohh Deer, click here!




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