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I’m back with another review (despite practically swimming in revision cards) and I’m really excited for this one because it’s a bit different to my usual go-tos in the makeup world. I was sent these gorgeous products a few weeks ago and I’ve been testing them out ever since and I’m definitely ready to spill the beans.

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Today I’m going to be talking about the Beauty Boulevard’s Glitter Lips range. Each lip kit retails at £12.50. I really love the packagaing of these! I like that the colour of each lip kit is shown on the outside, which makes life a lot easier. I also like that they look very sophisticated and luxurious with the glitter and the black mixed together! It’s also fab that they say the name of the product on each one so you know exactly which one is which when youre picking one out (or for the sake of getting a flatlay like me #bloggingproblems). Each kit comes with some Gloss Bonding Glue, a pot of glitter and an applicator brush. They claim to be waterproof, smudgeproof, easy to apply AND long-lasting (about 8 hours). Typically, I run at unbelievable speed from anything glittery, so I was really keen to see if these products could change that. If you want to hear my thoughts, keep reading!


First up we have this daring shade called “Purple Reign”. It’s pretty much just a vibrant and rich purple glitter with specks of pink and indigo within it. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it could be my new best friend at Halloween (I’m getting dark and glamorous witch vibes).

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Right, so this one is a bit hit and miss. The colour payoff is fantatsic and the sparkle is incredible BUT it was a nightmare to apply. I really struggled to hide my natural lip colour beneath it and because it’s such a dark colour, any gaps really stood out. I would recommend using a purple liquid lipstick before, maybe even mixing it with the glue to make the coverage slightly more even. I think this is a good product however with the right base, it could be even better. Either way, I’ll definitely be using this for Halloween!

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Here, we have “Midas Kiss”, a sparkly gold glitter that pretty much looks like champagne in a pot and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never considered using a gold lip product before but the more I looked at this, the more I wanted to try it.

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Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThis was the colour I was most nervous for but do you know what? I actually loved it! I think I’ll end up using this during summer when I’m being more creative with colour but also for festivals and concerts. I’ve never been one to jump on the glitter and festival combo but this product definitely has me considering it. It was easy to apply and it also looks really cool. There’s something interesting about using an unusual colour when it comes to lip products and I think I will have loads of fun playing around with it.

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Finally, we have “Diamond in the Buff”. This is a beautiful pink shade with an iridescent shift to it as well. This was the shade I was immediately drawn to and that’s probably because it doesn’t look too far off the lipsticks that I already use (minus the glitter).

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As you can see, the colour is much lighter than it appears in the pot – probably due to it being more spread out as opposed to packed together. It’s my favourite shade out of the three and I can see myself wearing this quite a lot which is saying something! I love that it could pass as a natural colour with a bit of sparkle to it so it’s not too dramatic or intense. Again, it was super easy to apply and any gaps that showed through didn’t make a difference. It ties in so beautifully with a sparkly eyemakeup look too (see above pic).

Overall, these are great products however it’s definitely worth keeping in mind what you would definitely wear and what you wouldn’t. “Purple Reign” was the shade I was most unsure about but I can definitely think of ways to make it more wearable. I’d say that it mostly comes down to figuring out how and when you’d wear them and whether or not they’re your thing. Although that being said, glitter isn’t for me whatsoever and I would still find occasions to wear these – particularly “Diamond in the Buff”. The quality, the application AND the durability of all of these products it very good and considering that’s what they guarantee, I think that’s a good deal. I’d definitely suggest giving yourself some extra time to apply these and time to remove them if it doesn’t go to plan before you head out somewhere. One thing I noticed was that they were a nightmare to remove quickly, so also keep that in mind when considering buying them – is that something you’re fussed about or do you not mind? I’d also suggest looking at all of the colours that ar available as there’s lots to choose from! Again, although these were sent to me, this review is completely my own and all thoughts and opinions are mine too!


Let me know what you think of these or if you’ve tried anything similar? Don’t forget to follow me on my social media – I’ve put the links below!

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