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I’m back with another review! This time, we’re taking a look at possibly one of the most talked about makeup products right now. I decided to take the plunge and raid the Makeup Revolution counter at my local Superdrug store. They’re newer products are usually sold out everywhere which drives me nuts because I’ve been desperate to get my hands on one of these for a few months now! A fellow blogging pal of mine (Becca – check out her blog here) tweeted about doing a massive Makeup Revolution order and it made me bite the bullet and risk heading into Superdrug for another hunt for this product and thank god I did but Becca, I blame you if I end up buying the whole bloomin’ range.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION FAST BASE FOUNDATION STICKToday I’m reviewing the Fast Base Foundation Stick* so let’s get into it. The packaging immediately pulled me in! This was always a given, as I’m a sucker for anything rose gold (it’s an addiction, a problem in-fact). The packaging is a gorgeous matte, nude colour – very similar, if not identical, to the Soph X palette (read my review here). The full range offers a whopping 18 shades and I hear that they are planning to expand this even further. It’s about time brands started doing this!

MAKEUP REVOLUTION FAST BASE FOUNDATION STICKI absolutely love that you can apply exactly the amount you need and the texture of it is goes on like a dream, it practically melts into the skin. I’ve always preferred a dewy finish to my foundation and this gave me exactly what I was looking for! I was a bit skeptical about the whole stick situation but it’s really surprised me. It’s so precise and it means that I don’t waste a lot of product, especially if it becomes an everyday foundation.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION FAST BASE FOUNDATION STICKI have fairly yellow-toned skin and let me tell you, it’s a nightmare trying to find the right shade of any foundation/concealer. Once I find something that works, I’m always nervous  about trying anything else as it’s so hard to find something to suit my skin tone. So I picked the shade F6 as this seemed pretty much perfect for me. It’s slightly too dark but honestly it blends out so well I can barely notice and nobody else has either! Swatching this was the first time I used the product and I was so shocked at just how creamy and smooth it felt on my skin! I didn’t have to desperately drag the stick around whatsoever, it was super easy! I blend it out with a beauty blender but sometimes I use a brush first to spread the product out a bit. I was left with a beautifully dewy finish which is always something I look for in foundations. It made me look healthy and energised and if that’s what you’re after, trust me, it’s worth trying out! The coverage is INSANE which I wasn’t expecting whatsoever. It hides blemishes, scarring and probably your biggest secrets. I 100% recommend this foundation and if you haven’t tried it yet you definitely should! Let me know what you think of this foundation in the comments.

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