Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, is my absolute favorite eyeshadow palette, as I mentioned in my review of its sister Subculture. It retails at a rather terrifying £43 so you’re probably expecting me to tell you that it’s made of gold – I’m afraid not. However, the high price suggests high quality and that I can guarantee. It’s the first permanent palette that Anastasia Beverly Hills has released, the palette has the most gorgeous velvety pink exterior which looks and feels so luxurious.

The palette is an essential in my collection. It contains 14 beautiful warm neutrals and berry tones which add a stunning pop of colour. It’s definitely the perfect eyeshadow palette for creating burgundy smokey eye looks. It’s mostly a matte palette, with 11 matte shades and 3 metallic shades. It also comes with a dual-ended soft blending brush which actually does a fab job. I’m usually not a fan of the brushes that come with palettes as I like to use my own, however, I’ve ended up using the brush every day!

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  • Tempera – “Velvety beige with an ultra-matte finish” –  A light nude colour with peachy tones, I use this for highlighting my brow and inner corners. It’s a great neutral shade. It’s lightly pigmented with mica for a subtle shimmer. It’s silky soft and easy to blend.
  • Golden Ochre – “Earthy yellow with an ultra-matte finish” – A matte shadow which is a muted beige/yellow colour with olive tones. This is so pigmented yet it blends so beautifully and I love using this in the crease.
  • Vermeer – “Iridescent shell with a metallic finish”  –  It’s such a lovely light shade to put on the inner corner of the lid as it’s a shimmery rose-quartz. It’s got slightly warm/peachy undertones to it too so it’s nice to build up, on the lid. The iridescent sheen of it catches the light which makes it gorgeous for nights out.
  • Buon Fresco – “Antique lavender with an ultra-matte finish” A fabulous and flirty matte lilac/mauve shade, so beautifully pigmented and creamy to blend out.
  • Antique Bronze – “Metallic sable with a satin finish” a shimmery brown with rusty red undertones. This is such a gorgeous colour, perfect for festive makeup looks!
  • Love Letter – “Raspberry with an ultra-matte finish” – A stunning red wine pink colour. It makes the best pink smokey eye ever and I use it on a daily basis. It’s a perfect berry tone for the winter months!
  • Cyprus Umber – “Dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish” – A dark brown matte shade with warm undertones. I use this almost every day to add some drama to the outer corner of my lid, I love it! It’s so pigmented too.
  • Raw Sienna – “Neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish” A dark matte yellowy brown with golden undertones. I love using this in the crease for more natural eye looks.
  • Burnt Orange – “A deep orange with an ultra-matte finish” – More of a rich orange shade than Raw Sienna.
  • Primavera – “Shimmery gold dust with a metallic finish” This is my favourite shade in the whole palette, it is PERFECT for putting in the middle of the lid for a spotlight look or for an inner corner highlight. It’s so pigmented and is even more intense when used with setting spray. You could probably use it as a highlighter too, it’s fabulous!
  • Red Ochre – “Sienna with an ultra-matte finish” – Another matte shadow. A beautiful burnt, rusty red shade. I love using this for festive looks to add a pop of red to my eye looks. Colourpop offer a fab dupe for this shade called Popular Demand.
  • Venetian Red – “Crimson with an ultra-matte finish” – A warm red with a matte finish, again fabulous for festive makeup looks.
  • Warm Taupe – “Earthy gray with an ultra-matte finish” – A beige shade with yellow undertones.
  • Realgar – “Brick with an ultra-matte finish” – A rusty red matte shade with subtle warm undertones, really pigmented yet so buttery and easy to blend out. It has subtle warm undertones too.

A look I wear pretty much every day at the moment:


In Conclusion…

I would definitely recommend this palette to those that love using warm tones and enjoys creating more neutral looks but aren’t afraid to use a pop of colour every now and again. For a palette that features mostly matte shadows, they all apply fantastically and are buttery and easy to blend. I have yet to experience any issues with blending out any of the shades. No shades have become patchy either, which to me suggests that every shade was created with very high quality in mind. It’s one of the most pigmented palettes I own, you merely have to tap the shadows lightly and you’ll have picked up plenty.

In my opinion, it’s worth every penny as the shadows are of such high quality and there’s a fantastic variety of shades included in the palette. It’s a really versatile palette as it can be used for daytime and nighttime looks If you’re more adventurous with shadows, however, I would suggest maybe going for the subculture palette, which I reviewed on Blogmas Day 8.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this palette and found it helpful if you were trying to make your mind up about it! I have reviewed other makeup products here on my site so feel free to have a peek x

Of course, I have included some cheaper alternatives to this palette for those of you that don’t fancy searching high and low for £43 to splash on it:

  1. Morphe – Fall into the Frost palette – £23.50
  2. Makeup RevolutionNew-trals vs. Neutrals palette£6.99

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  1. This is such a fantastic review. The colours are really lovely, you can tell that it’s a really decent product. Love your make up too, perfect for Christmas party season!

  2. That is a bit pricey but I love the colours, and if they are good quality it’s is worth paying for! I have had cheap eye shadow pallets in the past but the powder breaks up, which is annoying.

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