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I hope you’re all doing well! It’s time for another Updating My Wardrobe post and today’s is all about quarter zips and utility mom jeans! I’m not sure what’s happening to me but my fashion sense has drastically changed in the last few months. Before summer, you would never have caught me wearing these kind of items but now I think I have an addiction to all things zips and utility. I think the way that streetwear has suddenly started trending in the female fashion world is slightly to blame here. My boyfriend absolutely loves that style so I’m already familiar with it to an extent – I just never thought it would suit me!

This sweatshirt was gifted to me from I Saw It First

First things first, I didn’t lose control of my bladder, a lens flare decided to target me in that specific area – you have to laugh… Typically, I don’t wear that much pink. I’m nearly always dressed in dark or muted tones so this sweatshirt is definitely out of my comfort zone but I love it! For me, the most appealing part is the way that the black zips are in contrast with the bright pink. I like combination of dark and light colours together plus it adds to that whole utility style that I’ve become obsessed with lately. Also I don’t mean to be dramatic, but having pockets that are actually real and aren’t just there for show is life changing. There is nothing worse than going to put something in a pocket that doesn’t exist. Fake news. Also, this sweatshirt is available in cream and grey which I also definitely need in my life. I’ve linked them in all colours below!

Pink // Cream // Grey

These trousers are officially my favourite thing in my wardrobe. I already have quite a few pairs of jeans but these are so unique and quirky that I just had to have them. They’re in the style of typical mom jeans but they have pockets and stitching on the legs that make them look like utility trousers. I found them in Primark for £17 and I’m already considering buying a back-up pair just incase (god forbid) something were to happen to them. They go with pretty much any shoes, tops, sweatshirts and coats. I love how easy they are to wear plus they’re actually super comfortable too! They can be dressed up or down – I’ve worn them to the supermarket and on nights out (gotta love a multitasker). There’s also belt loops (hell yes) so I can bring them in at the waist when I want a more flattering and fitted look. I’m currently searching for other colours to fuel addiction. Annoyingly, as they’re from Primark, I can’t provide a link to this exact pair but I’ve done my best to find and link some similar pieces below!

Carhartt – Jeans with Contrast Stitching // Liquor N Poker – Mom Jeans // ASOS Design – Utility Combat Trousers // Reclaimed Vintage – Utility Trousers

What do you think about the utility-style trend? Is it for you? Let me know in the comments! I’ve put links to all of my social media down below and I’d love it if you would come and say hi!

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