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I hope you’re all doing well! The day for fashion content on NinaLouiseLaw has finally arrived…welcome to my “updating my wardrobe” series! I’ve always been into fashion so writing about it is something that comes quite naturally to me, however, the whole posing and taking “proper” photos has always made me nervous. I’m the kind of person that usually hates every photo taken of me, so it has always been quite difficult for me to get fashion content that I don’t mind sharing with other people.

*This post contains some gifted items and affiliate links

However, this year I’m challenging myself to change that and push myself more – starting with this series! I will be sharing my new clothes and accessories with you, as well as showing how I style them. I’m also now working with the amazing I Saw It First over on my Instagram which means I will have lots more fashion content for you to see over there too – don’t forget to give me a follow! Even though some of these items are gifted, I’m under no obligation to include them in a blog post. If they happen to feature in a fashion post, that’s simply because I love them and want to share them with you all!

So this is the first outfit that I’ll be sharing with you! I’ve paired an oversized graphic tee with a tape belt for a streetwear vibe and then I’ve popped on some black mom jeans and chunky trainers. The first thing that attracted me to this oversized graphic t-shirt from I Saw It First was the bright and vibrant colours in the design. I love the mixture of neon and grey – it’s so eye catching. I like to tie a lot of my tops at the front as I think it makes them more flattering and creates some interesting shapes and lines. Sometimes it can be nice to wear something baggy and loose fitting but on the days where I actually want to see where my waist is, this is the best D.I.Y. hack! If you aren’t sure how to tie it so that it’s secure, there are loads of YouTube videos available that talk you through it and also show you different ways to tie your tops. The T-Shirt is also available in dark grey, white, sand and pink.


I am loving these utility-style, cuffed Mom jeans from Primark. I have to admit, Primark jeans truly are something else. There are so many different styles in store now, there’s something for everyone. The pricing is ridiculously good and they keep everything up-to-date and on trend. I bought these for under £15 and I wear them all the time. I like that there are belt loops so I can get them to sit on my waist properly and it keeps anything that I tuck into them in place all day! Primark annoyingly don’t sell their clothes online (sigh) so I can’t share this exact pair with you, but so many places are selling mom jeans and utility-style trousers these days, so I’m sure that loads more options are available.

Here, I’ve swapped the black jeans for my favourite pair of blue mom jeans and the tape belt for the yellow one that I also own. I bought them during my first year at university (three years ago now) and they’re still going strong which is great considering that they barely cost me anything. I quite like the way that it adds another bright pop of colour to the outfit – it looks kind of summery too. Again, as these jeans are from Primark I can’t share this exact pair with you but just about everywhere sells a blue pair of mom jeans so there’s lots of other options available. I’ve added some links below to some similar pairs!

Pull & Bear Slim Mom Jeans // Asos High Waisted Mom Jeans // Misguided Mom Jeans // Bershka Mom Jeans

I mean, we don’t all have the funds to purchase the infamous off-white tape belt, do we? This one from I Saw It First is pretty similar and you don’t have to sell your house in order to afford it. I purchased it in both black and in yellow as I feel like they’re such great accessories to have in my wardrobe and they give me so many options when it comes to colours and styling. If they bring any other colours out I will definitely be purchasing them!


What do you think of these outfits? Are they something you’d wear? What new pieces have you added too your wardrobe this summer? Let me know in the comments! I’ve put links to all of my social media down below and I’d love it if you would come and say hi!

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