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I’m back with another glitter themed post (I never thought I’d be saying that) and hopefully it’s in time for some of you festival lovers out there to stock up on some goodies! Today I’m going to be talking about the Essence Glitter Primer as well as two of their loose glitters; “Golden Nuggets” and “Star Child“. I’ve been loving and using Essence products for years now so I just knew these glitters would be good!

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I never used to use glitter whatsoever, in fact I was kind of terrified of it as it just looked so messy and annoying. Recently I’ve been trying some new things and I’m starting to love it! I feel like glitter completes a look and adds those finishing touches you were looking for. Glitter is so good for an extra glam look or for a summer party/festival – the possibilities are endless! I’ve always loved being creative with my makeup and these gorgeous loose glitters have allowed me to do just that!

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How cute is this packagaing? I love that they’re so travel friendly as I don’t want to be carying a huge pot of glitter. I also like that their in little jars rather than pots as it makes spills much less likely to happen. It’s also super easy to get exactly what you want out of the containers rather than have to deal with an excess amount of glitter on your brush/finger.


This is the “get your glitter on” glitter primer is transparent so you don’t have to worry about it showing up at all. It’s the perfect base for applying glitter – I’ve obviously used it with these loose glitters but I also used it with my MAC pigments and it worked a treat! It keeps the glitter stuck on for the day and I’ve had no issues with it sliding down my face – it stays put! I reckon I will buy a few of these and just keep them in stock as I think it works so well with all kinds of glitter and it’s definitely going to be a makeup staple!



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So here we have “01 Star Child” which is a beautiful loose silver glitter. Look how cute those little stars are! I think this one is perfect for a Christmas party with a red lip! It’s so pretty and classy looking and you can either pack it on and glow like a light bulb or just put a tad on your lid for a subtle sparkle. I’ve worn this into uni with just a tiny bit on and I received lots of compliments so I’ll definitely be wearing this again. It was very easy to apply and stayed put all day.




This is “06 Golden nuggets” and it’s definitely my favourite. I just LOVE how warm and sparkly it is. It’s like a party on your skin, I can’t stop using it. I’ve worn this into town and to a friend’s 21st and it stayed put for HOURS. I just love how great it is for summer, it’s definitely the perfect glitter for festivals! It makes such a statement to have this on the lid with some orange/brown eyeshadow, which is how I usually style it. Here, I just used a tiny bit of glitter on my lid and I was good to go. It caught the light when I was outside and I felt like a disney princess haha!


Overall, I think these are such great products. As someone who is still very new to glitter, I’m surprised at how much I love using them. If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your makeup looks or as a festival accessory I would 100% recommend giving these a try. They’re so easy to apply with the primer and they stay put for hours. They’re also really easy to remove – I just use my normal makeup wipes and the glitter is off in seconds! Let me know if you’ve tried any loose glitters and what you thought of them! Are there any that you swear by? I’ve linked all my social media below so come and say hi!

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