January was definitely a case of “blink and you’ll miss it”. Where did it go?! I definitely didn’t miss how cold and dark it was, I cannot wait for it to be warmer and lighter outside. I always feel like the weather has such an impact in how motivated and productive I am. However, I had some bits and pieces to get me through the month and I thought I should share my January favourites with you guys!

5071222420_6_1_1.jpgBeFunky CollageZara – Water Repellent Puffer Coat

If you have read my latest post, you’ll know I have been obsessed with this coat. It’s so comfy and warm and goes with most of my outfits so I end up wearing it practically every day. At first I thought it would be quite heavy but it literally feels like I’m carrying a marshmallow around with me! I bought it for £19.99 but it’s been reduced ever further and is currently on sale for £16.99 so if you want to grab it for yourself, you can find it here!


Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer

I’ve been using Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer since I first started out with makeup. It’s probably the makeup product I recommend the most too! I love the formula and the coverage – it’s my dream concealer and it only costs £4.19. I noticed that Collection had also released some colour correcting concealers too, so I simply had to try them out. Firstly, I picked up the green concealer because I’m always looking for products that cancel out any red flaws on my face! I absolutely live by this concealer whenever I have spots or red patches as it completely covers them up. I simply blend this in wherever it’s needed after priming my face and then I apply the rest of my makeup as usual afterwards. I also bought the yellow concealer in order to brighten my under-eyes as my deadlines can often leave me deprived! This fab product balanced out any purple toned flaws (in my case, dark circles under my eyes and small dark spots) on my face. Both of these only cost £4.19 too and there’s also lilac shade available.

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TRESemmé – Heat Defence Spray

I’m not sure why I ever stopped using this product to be honest. I used to use this when I first started using my hair straighteners which must be about 9 years ago now, so my hair has been put through a fair amount of heat since then! It’s so important to protect your hair and the difference that this product has on mine, makes it so easy to do! I do my normal hair routine in the shower (shampoo and conditioner) and then I keep my hair wrapped in a towel for about 20 minutes before I spray this on my hair. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how healthy my hair looks and how little damage I have since I started using this product – it’s great! You can get this heat defence spray here if you’re interested.




I absolutely LOVE the scent of this body mist. Over Christmas, I was wearing more cinnamon/vanilla based fragrances and I felt like January needed something more fresh and fruity. This body mist is deliciously sweet, combining notes of elderflower, rich double cream and pomegranate extract. At first I wasn’t too sure about this scent, as I normally go for something more floral, but this really grew on me and all of a sudden I couldn’t stop wearing it. If you’re into sweet and fresh fragrances, I would totally recommend you try this one out! It’s so affordable too, priced at £8 for a 100ml bottle. You can get this gorgeous body mist here!



I know, this is a tad random but honestly, I wouldn’t be being honest if I didn’t include this in my January Favourites. My boyfriend arrived with this when we came back for our second term at university and I have to admit, I didn’t think it was going to make a difference to our living room whatsoever. However, after opening it and leaving it for a little while it released a lovely subtle scent. I don’t particularly enjoy the more heavily scented products from Yankee Candle but I can definitely see myself buying more of these. There are lots of different scents available, all priced at £4.99– I will definitely be purchasing their Clean Cotton one as I think it would be perfect for our bathroom. If this sounds like something you’d like you can grab this product here!



I know, this is another random one but I have been LOVING using this gorgeous pencil case. This month has been all about revision for me so keeping organised has been super important. I spotted this in my local store on sale and I couldn’t resist! Turquoise is my favourite colour and by now you will probably know I love anything gold so the two combined is a no brainer – MUST BUY. I’m not entirely sure if this exact design is still available however they have some other gorgeous designs that I have seen, which you can check out here.



I have been using wash tape since I used to do arts and crafts with my mum as a little girl. However, recently I’ve found them so useful for making my revision notes stand out.  I also use them for the scrapbooks that my boyfriend and I have as they make the pages look more colourful and it adds a home-made style to them. I have been collecting washi tapes for quite some time now and I have purchased them from all kinds of places. However, my favourite places to look are Etsy, Amazon and Tiger.

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Soph X Eyeshadow Palette

I absolutely love Sophie’s channel and I was keen to support her when I heard about the launch of her products in collaboration with Makeup Revolution however, I must admit I didn’t think they would be as amazing as they are! I have been using this palette every single day. It has such a great variety of shades (24 in fact) and each are really pigmented too. It retails at £10 which is such good value for what you’re getting, especially as it is a drugstore palette too. If you want to see individual swatches of the shadows, check out my review here and you can find Sophie’s channel here. I rarely see this palette in stock so it might be worth checking it out on Superdrug’s website if you’re wanting to get hold of it!

Netflix Atypical.jpg


I happened to stumble across Atypical whilst searching for a new show to binge whilst making notes and I am so glad that I did! Atypical focuses on the life of an autistic teenage boy called Sam, a  who decides he wants to start dating. The series also follows his family members on this journey as they have to change their routines and allow Sam to become more independent. I think this series starts a much needed conversation and it explores subjects you might not usually come across – which is a great thing in my opinion! It’s 100% worth a watch, you can watch the trailer here if you want to find out more.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even if some of the bits and pieces included were slightly random! I love reading these type of posts so if any of you have favourites to recommend, let me know down in the comments! Apologies for the slow pace on my blog, I’ve been preparing for a stats exam (ew) but I should be back with a new post soon.

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