So it’s official, my winter wardrobe has practically doubled in size, but what’s wrong with a few more layers to keep you cosy during Winter? It’s definitely time to start whipping out the heavy-duty coats and super cosy jumpers. So, I have updated my collection (it was too hard to resist).

Also, I need to give credit where it’s due…and Primark has ACED it this year with their Autumn/Winter stock. If you don’t know already, Primark is extremely quick to pick up on the latest trends in fashion amongst many other things too. You can walk past a coat you wish you could afford in Topshop or Urban Outfitters, and by the time you’ve reached Primark, they have something conveniently similar at a fraction of the price. So, if there’s something you fancy that is a tad too pricey, or even if you reckon you could afford it, I urge you to check Primark out, as it is very likely they will have something similar in stock. The next two things will hopefully prove my point…

So the first item that I have to share with you is this black denim jacket with a borg lining. It cost me £20 which is extremely good value for a denim jacket, let alone one with a luxurious lining. I’ve only just been introduced to the ‘borg lining’ world and boy, it’s a good one. The best way I can describe the feel of it is that it’s like a faux sheepskin material and it’s INCREDIBLY soft. It also keeps you super warm and snug. There were a few other styles of this jacket when I was last in Primark and I have seen that they are still selling them so if this takes your fancy, you know what to do. I can’t explain how warm this thing is. It is SO cosy making it perfect for the cold Winter months to come!


The next thing that I have to show you is this pink borg lined padded coat, also from Primark. This might have to win the award for the softest thing I own. It feels like I get out of bed only to put my duvet back over me. It’s padded so it means if anything, I’m sweating (sorry if this is TMI) rather than suffering from severe teeth chattering and gigantic goosebumps. This cost £25 which is such a good deal if you look around the more expensive shops on the high street.


To be completely honest, I am a jumper girl all year round, but apparently, it becomes immediately acceptable to wear them all the time as soon as December rolls around, which I have ZERO problems with. I bought this black slightly cropped chenille jumper a couple of weeks ago and I am obsessed with it. The sleeves are kind of roll-hemmed which I thought looked a bit different. It’s also crew-necked which I love as it keeps me so warm. I was so shocked at how soft and luxury feeling this jumper was when I tried it on. They sell it in a gorgeous red colour and I think there’s a green one too. Although this was a more expensive purchase, the quality of the jumper makes up for it- I love it! Find it here.

In a majority of high street shops, for example, Topshop, you’re likely to find things like this for £70 and above so I grabbed these two as soon as I saw them as I knew they would be popular. The texture is that teddy bear material that’s been floating around for a while, it’s super soft and cosy which makes it perfect for Autumn and Winter! It’s comfy yet still looks chic, and that is a must for my wardrobe!

I recently bought these trainers and I’m having no regrets about it. Red is EVERYWHERE at the moment and these add such a great pop of colour to my outfits. They’re fun but also can look cool with a just plain black outfit, surprisingly they go with more than I thought they would! Find them here!

Let’s talk about these jeans. I basically live in skinny jeans and the skinner the better. However, I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them, they actually fit really well on my waist, but sometimes I like to bring them in a bit with a plain black belt (also bought from Primark for £2)

This bodysuit is a life saver. I have it in three colours (black and grey, black and burgundy, blue and red). I’m not exactly lacking in the boob area so I struggle to find things that fit me really well without showing too much. This bodysuit lets me feel confident when I’m out as I can wear it with anything and with any bra etc. Basically, it’s become a staple in my wardrobe. It’s also on and off in the sale at Pretty Little Thing and there are a few colours to choose from, find it here!

I was out shopping with my friend and we both spotted this at the same time, “THREE POUNDS” we squealed and off to the tills we skipped. The colour is so vibrant and autumnal, it looks so great with a plain or dark coloured outfit and suddenly there’s a POP of colour.

I love a basic t-shirt, especially when I can’t be bothered to plan an outfit, I can just chuck one on and I’m good to go. Recently I’ve developed a love for all things mustard coloured and this t-shirt lured me in straight away. I love the mix of colours and the retro vibes it has, and at £4.99, I think it’s a pretty good deal. Find it here.


I have linked everything that I am able to, however, the bits from Primark aren’t available online but you should still be able to find them in store! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if there are any new bits you have bought lately for winter.

N xxxx



    1. Literally they’re amazing! I’m trying to find places that have different colours, so far I have a mustard one and a blue one as well! Can never have too many x

  1. I sooo wish i had your wardrobe! Super jealous of you & your style! I NEED that jacket from primark too (the first denim one!). I will have a look next time i am in town! Thanks for the tips x

  2. I am always in lookout for a good Winter Update.. You post has given me an insight to whats in trend for the season.. I really loved your Mustard Handbag .. Will look for it when I visit next.

  3. Love the Borg jacket from Primark. I must be honest it’s usually so much of a scrum in our nearest one I tend to bypass it but there’s obviously some great stuff in there this season.

  4. I love Winter dressing with lots of cosy jumpers and plenty of layers. It looks like you’ve found some amazing pieces to make sure you’re ready for the colder weather!

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