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I hope you’re all doing well! So I am a lover of all things interior design related and I thought it would be worth writing about a few of my favourite places to go for these things. I will also add a few photos of items I have purchased from each shop, as well as a link to their site. I hope this helps anyone else with an addiction for homeware shopping.


Tiger is a Danish design store which sells incredible quirky knick-knacks and decor items. A large majority of its products are under £5 making it super affordable, especially for students. It’s been described as “an Ikea marketplace on speed” by Maureen Hinton, a retail analyst in Conlumino- (The Guardian’s Article About Tiger) The products are always beautifully made and are of fantastic quality. They sell just about everything, from brightly coloured kitchenware to wonderful washi tape, comfy cushions to multicoloured mason jars, tempting trinkets to playful partyware. When I said everything, I meant it. I recommend this shop to anyone who enjoys buying Scandinavian, Danish or Nordic-themed decor at an affordable price. The stock changes frequently so there’s always on trend products whilst also giving you something new to have a nosey at on a regular basis.

What more could you want?!


My bedroom at university, has a Scandi inspired theme, with lots of mustard yellows and turquoises with abstract chevron patterns galore. I have found the Tiger stores to be most helpful when finding bits and pieces to add to my room. Although I bought these items earlier this year and they are no longer available, they are always selling similar products all year round, so this will still give you an accurate idea of what they have on offer. Nothing below cost more than £4, the mugs being £1 each, as were the tealight holders. My boyfriend and I use these practically every day as they slot in perfectly with my Scandi-inspired theme.


I do a lot of bullet journaling and scrapbooking which means I regularly use and need supplies. This is where Tiger comes in as the hero once again as they sell beautiful stationary and arts and crafts equipment.

This washi tape pair only set me back £1 which is such great value! I use them all the time in my bullet journal and scrapbook. They have a variety of colours too and they’re still being sold so launch yourself full speed at your local store immediately, if not sooner.

The notebooks are one of my favourite things about Tiger. The mini ones above cost £2 or less and any larger ones will always be under £5. They have new ones in regularly which I usually end up buying. Even if you don’t need them, it’s somehow worth buying them anyway to put them in that pile of derelict items in the corner.


In my opinion, these guys are the homeware Gods. They have products to suit every budget and they sell just about everything. They always have lots of unique bits and pieces, which is something I look for when I go shopping for homeware. I like to have things people are unlikely to have seen before! If you’re similar to me in that sense – this is your place. For those who don’t know, HomeSense is the homeware brand within T.K. Maxx stores. So usually, you’ll either find a standalone HomeSense store or a section of a T.K. Maxx store will be selling their products.

BeFunky Collage

Something I seem to be drawn to every time I enter one of their stores is their beautiful boxes. They all have such stunning patterns and textures and rarely cost more than £6. Their larger boxes which I have purchased (no photos, sorry) have cost me somewhere around £10. I have never seen anything like these for the price that they are and for anyone looking for quirky and affordable storage, this is your best bet. I use these boxes to store my scrapbooking equipment and materials. I am not a fan of clear boxes, like the ones you can get in a container store or cheaply at markets. I hate the way they show the world what you have inside them so this offers a great alternative in that you have privacy as well as it’s patterned exterior to compliment your room. They do so many different sizes, tiny boxes that would be perfect for holding jewellery and larger ones for photos or memories (you get the picture, the possibilities are endless).

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My boyfriend wanted to decorate our kitchen with retro-style bits and bobs and TK. Maxx was the first place we looked. They have a fantastic range of kitchenware but amongst it, we found some real gems in the exact style we were looking for. All of the items in the photo (left) cost us less than £5 each yet they don’t look cheap or tacky. Since buying these I have also noticed they sell vintage themed tins, cooking oil bottles and cereal boxes, all affordably priced. So if retro is your style, I would definitely take a look.

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The candle section of any shop is quite literally a matter of life or death for my bank account. However, in Homesense, it reaches a whole new level. They always have loads of candles, all organised in colour order (drools). I cant remember entering one of these shops without leaving with at least one flammable pot of joy. Not only do they offer a fantastic range of scents but they are also beautifully packaged. The candles on the right are just some of many I have purchased in the last couple of years. The “sparkling champagne” candle is by a company called DW Home (definitely check them out here -however, they are much cheaper in T.K. Maxx shops) A majority of my candles are by this company and they are INCREDIBLE and they always cost £2.99 which is so much more affordable than the likes of Yankee Candle, for example.

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I get through so many black fineliners due to regular bullet journaling and scrapbooking. When I saw these I practically threw myself at them. They cost me less than £6 and that is a BARGAIN if I may say so myself. The different sized nibs mean I can use them for just about anything. There is always lots of stationary in their stores, so there is plenty more of where these come from. The journal, on the other hand, has got to be one of my favourite finds. It’s designed so uniquely and each page has a different layout. I haven’t seen anything like this priced sensibly ANYWHERE. It only cost £3 which would have been rude to turn down (my excuse for most purchases). There’s usually at least two shelves filled with notebooks of all different shapes and sizes which are perfect for any stationary hoarders out there or even to look for unique little gifts.

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Finally, I have to tell you about their homeware. The majority of my finds are back at home, ho, ever these two are in my flat at university. The cushion cost me £14 and although I know, there are definitely cheaper alternatives, I had been looking for something exactly like this and hadn’t found it anywhere. If you are looking for something specific, I feel like Homsense is the place to be as it always seems to help me find things that I have searched high and low for. The vase cost me £4 and it looks so much more expensive than that. I sometimes put a candle inside it or fill it with some flowers and it adds such a nice homely vibe to our living room. I know they also sell a lot more of these in all kinds of styles so I would definitely recommend having a browse.

Although some of these items will no longer be available, these two stores are constantly changing and updating their stock so I can assure you that there’s plenty more of where all of this came from! This post was more to show you why I love these stores so much as opposed to it being a haul. I hope this has been interesting or at the very least helpful- especially if you haven’t had the chance to check either of these amazing places out yet!

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  2. thesparklenest

    Great choices, I totally agree! I’m lucky that there aren’t either of these stores very near me as I’d be shopping there far too much! I did visit TK Maxx back in October and stocked up on Christmas candles, they’re DW home ones, were really affordable and smell AMAZING! And my son had a play house from Tiger back in the summer which was days and days of fun for about £20!

  3. Jen

    Loving the ideas you have shown here, lots of inspiration. Homesense looks wonderful, with so many great ideas to spruce your home up. I’m sure I could spend hours looking and chosing lovely things.

  4. helerinablogs

    You have so many gorgeous housey things. I’m obsessed with Homesense, we’ve got a shop just 5 minutes away. The storage boxes always end up coming home with me too!
    I’ve never been in Flying Tiger, we don’t have one here but I always love seeing what people buy from there.

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