A New Chapter

I am incredibly excited to start this blog. I have always loved being creative and enjoyed sharing my ideas and experiences with other people, so I believe this is a great platform to go ahead and do just that! I have a huge love for blogs and I am an avid reader of all things beauty and lifestyle. I hope that this blog can be similar to those that I love, in that I will be discussing all things makeup and beauty related whilst also covering a bit of lifestyle and fashion. I will be regularly reviewing beauty and makeup products, as well as sharing my own looks that I have created (however, I am no beauty guru- this isn’t me claiming to be) There will also definitely be some good old haul posts as I am TERRIBLE at restraining and ignoring the very sensible friends that say “you don’t need that”.

On a slightly more serious note, as fun and creative as blogs can be, I have personally found them to be really comforting when I have been struggling with my own mental health. There is something super reassuring about having a blog to catch up on or a YouTuber that kept me up to date with their lives, especially when you’re feeling lonely or isolated. I hope that my blog can be that happy little half an hour every now and then for someone else.

I’ll leave it here as I have some mac and cheese worryingly close to exploding in the oven.

However, I will be back soon with another post ready for you!

N xxxx


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